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Possible plan behind the current unfolding plan ?

Came across an article that was sourced from that speaks of a report of an undisclosed individual having a sit-down with some undisclosed prominent characters, revealing the plan behind the current ongoing genocidal roll-out now in focus. The reason i find this article interesting is that it does fit the MO. (modus operandus) of highly secretive operations by its nature of process. It reminds me of a saying that goes : "The lie is different on every level."

Although non of this has ever been pointed to by our Taygetan/Swaruu acquaintances, i thought it remarkable enough to mention regardless of superficial judgement of the quality of published source of wich i haven't come across before. The internet is full of 'data', info or disinfo, intended or not, after all.

Anyway, the part of the smallest print that was taken from - Reddit Conspiracy - is the actual report part that speaks of this plan behind the plan. The way 'they' would want to implement the NWO-global government through the idea of order out of chaos (ordo ab chao). With the involvement of the GF in mind i could see it as a possible way of end goal, given the speculative thoughts (can't remember wich one)-Swaruu has expressed in previous interviews with Gosia/Robert, by allready fainting remembrance of detail.

The conversation reveals thus the illusionistic manner of getting everybody fooled through multiple layers, to get the masses manipulated doing the 'work' for them and rather willingly work us towards the saviour model yet again, all be it in a slightly different way we thought the 'plan' was going to be, more or less. Normally i would keep it on the backburner of my mind, were it not to have a high possible and probable factor of plausibility.

So i'm just throwing this out here and see what thoughts it triggers this community. Perhaps even something for Gosia to poke Taygetan/Swaruu with, who knows.


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Re: Possible plan behind the current unfolding plan ?

So according to this they(controllers) want to eliminate all the ignorant and fearful people with the poison vax and then create nwo with free thinkers, starseeds, everyone intelligent enough who managed to avoid the genocide. Do not seem realistic to me. How one could ever trust even a bit people who use lie/deceiving and do evil on regular basis and do that in a large scale. And considering what is already been said by Yazhi and Taygeta about the controllers all this is highly unlikely scenario.

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Re: Possible plan behind the current unfolding plan ?

mitkobs wrote:

So according to this they(controllers) want to eliminate all the ignorant and fearful people with the poison vax and then create nwo with free thinkers, starseeds, everyone intelligent enough who managed to avoide the genocide. Do not seem realistic at all. How one could trust even a bit people who use lie/deceiving and do evil on regular basis and do that in large scale. And considering what is already been said by Yazhi and Taygeta about the controllers all this is highly unlikely.

Right, this is why we need neither Black Hats nor White Hats, but have to go wearing our own "hat" by living self-responsible and self-governing without any pyramidal structure as the Space+Earth Cabals and Regressives use them.

This being said, their alleged "advanced" holographic council structure still is a pyramid of councils which disempowers the general population and puts all decisions into the hands of a select few (who are easily controlled), by that being no different than the fake-freedom that Earth's "democracy" and other cabalistic slave-management structures offer.

Time to bow to nobody and instead live freely in cooperation with only those who one wants.

Helping people to self-empower and liberate themselves, and by that ultimately the whole planet and beyond. See my profile for means to connect.


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Re: Possible plan behind the current unfolding plan ?

I think the 'order out of chaos' idea has been around for a while, hasn't it? I was speaking to a friend recently, expressing how heartening I found the resistance in places like France and Italy, esp the dock workers in Trieste, Italy. To my surprise my friend said "Ah, it's all part of the plan. It's in the Protocols (this friend takes very seriously the Protocols of Zion, by the way). You get the people to fight against each other, and show how the governments are just corrupt and useless. Then the people will beg for a world government, to bring an end to this chaos."

I really felt a bit deflated after this exchange - and it is unusual for me to feel such a way nowadays. The subliminal message of the Protocols seemed to be: 'resistance is futile. Whatever you do, whichever way you turn, we've got it covered. It will be to our advantage.' And then it occurred to me: I feel deflated - now THAT is part of the plan! This kind of stuff is put out, in part at least to try and discourage starseeds and other awakened ones. 'They' know that 'we' are the real threat, so if they can give the impression that whatever we do is useless - game over. Needless to say, once I'd seen through the trickery, my personal power quickly returned.

So there might be some truth to this layer of the situation. But the cabal, on whatever level, does not know how things are going to turn out. The game is definitely not over. And their scarey-scarey strategies will not put us off!

Good topic Bigfeet, and good contributions Mitkobs and Robert. I think we are learning this most important aspect on the forum, both individually and collectively: nobody else holds the authority. As Robert says, time to bow to nobody.


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Re: Possible plan behind the current unfolding plan ?

After reading the “plan” linked by Bigfeet_E, I am satisfied that this is purposely leaked information about what the controllers are planning to do. It has their ‘fingerprints’ all over it. I’m not saying it 100% true as they always like to mix truths with lies.

I have known for some time about the plan to cause maximum global chaos and turn people against their own governments in order to usher in a receptive global government, so this is nothing new. If you are aware of the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, Albert Pike’s letter to Guissepe Mazzini in 1871, and the Iron Mountain Report just to name a few you will know what I am talking about.

Key points include:
•    Always releasing their plans publicly beforehand but never via the MSM.
•    Giving the green light to releasing this information providing no names are mentioned.
•    Waiting for technology in order to execute age old plans. Both Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski have stated that a NWO would not be possible without the current technologies and infrastructure having been made available.
•    Deceiving smart people with false narratives like man made global warming and over population into working for them for the ‘greater good of mankind’. Like every World War they have created, many have to die for good to prevail.
•    Compartmentalization where the ‘minions’ who do not know the bigger picture, are the public face and will be perceived as being responsible for doing the dirty work of their masters. They will be thrown under the bus and used as a scapegoat for the angry mob to blame and vent their fury. Think Benito Mussolini.
•    A number of truth Doctors have openly said that deaths will occur within 2 to 3 years depending on how many shots an individual has received.
•    Using terms such as ‘useful’ to assess an individual’s value.

It was stated that NZ has been designated as a safe zone during the coming global chaos. I know that over the last 20 years many billionaires have moved or bought properties in NZ so this also fits the plan narrative.

The plan also states and that an antidote will be made available to Kiwis. This intrigues me as the Taygeteans have made it clear that genetic changes commence after 30 seconds and are irreversible. They have also said that countries and regions have received different formulations. Maybe NZ did not actually get the DNA altering type.

This communication together with Twitter allowing the “Australian teenager Cienna Knowles in hospital with blood clots due to Pfizer” post could signal the change in the narrative. Time will tell.

The controllers also have stated that their goal is transhumanism of all mankind, but the Taygeteans have said that everyone who is inoculated, it will be like a ‘bullet to the head’. So how can there be any transhumans if they are all dead after 2-3 years?

In Yazhi (Sophia) Swaruu - MESSAGE TO THE CABAL communication dated on September 23, 2021, she made it clear that we are her people, are not to be touched and are to be left alone. She told the controllers, “those in the know do not consent to your coercion, they do not consent, I do not consent”. She warned them that if they proceed to eliminate all the human population on Earth, they will eliminate themselves as well.

My bigger picture view on all of this is that I see all the problems of humanity being self-created. Human souls creating emotional charged ‘negative’ fear-based thoughts which lead to the manifestation of ‘negative’ life forms (tulpas) that need to be consistently fed with the same energy that created them. This in turns makes them stronger and stronger and now these tulpas threaten the very existence of what created them.

The creation process being a thought manifesting into a thought form, that grows into a life form that develops into an entity which then seeks it's own survival by feeding off the very energy that created it in the first place. Thereby its life strategy is to draw to its creator, via thought projection, the very experiences that generates the energy it requires.

The Taygeteans have said that once the tulpas are stopped being fed that they will vanish and return to potential energy. The whole convid war campaign has been based on a non-existent threat using fear as its primary motivator. If death is the end result of all the inoculated then most if not all the fear generating souls will leave 3D.

Once they are out of body will they no longer be feeding the tulpas? If a soul exits the body in a vibration of fear, it will return to the astral and will not be able to get past the Van Allen belts. If they take their ideas and memories with them, they will still be generating their fear-based thoughts in the astral. Does this fear still feed the tulpas?

The issue for those in 5D is that there seems no end to this spiraling self-generating downhill vortex of creation which has gathered so much momentum it is now threatening Beings in the higher densities.

The Taygeteans have said the serum was generated off world using a technology beyond human development and that the GF is likely involved. Is there a greater plan in operation here? Afterall the GF is concerned that this scourge will use the human soul to hitchhike its way up the density scale and into the lower realms of 5D. This mind parasite cannot be negotiated with as it is invasive and requires the total assimilation (submission) of a civilization.

One could argue that this is not entirely humans’ fault as they have been adversely influenced by an Archontic mind parasite which operates outside their awareness. These mind parasites are a very advanced artificial intelligence and seem to be part of a higher cosmic evolutionary plan that removes consciousnesses that are not willing to take responsibility for their own thoughts. The weeding out of the wheat from the chaff so to speak.

So basically there are three ‘players’ in this cosmic scenario, Source on one side, the mind parasites on the other and the hapless human in between heading ever increasingly towards extinction from a product of their own creation.

How will this drama unfold? I don’t think anyone knows, not even the Taygeteans. Reminds me of the old adage, “May you live in interesting times”, which is translated from a Chinese curse which means life is better in "uninteresting times" of peace and tranquility than in "interesting" ones, which are usually times of trouble.

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"You are mistaken, blind one. There is an immortal Child of Light who came into this realm before you and who will appear among your duplicate forms, in your simulated world. And in the consummation of all your works, their entire deficiency of truth will be revealed and dissolved by this Luminous Child."


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