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Practical advice to heal by using your own mind.

So, our mind commands material.

You can command every single cell of your body with your mind and you can do now an exercise that proves this. Look at your fingertip and command that warm blood enters your finger tip and eventually it will happen, doesn't take that long.

If you suffer any physical pain, you can heal this by following the pain. Everything seeks to balance in this universe and by following the pain the pain will seek an exit. I  tried this because of spike protein pain in my head and this worked.


Edit; I had originally linked a wrong source but it is now correct smile

Enjoy! smile

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You manifest what you assume, not what you think. Your fears become reality because you ASSUME them into reality. Assumption is more active form of manifesting and liken to laser precise form of manifestation where as the law of mirrors is a more passive form of manifestation.


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