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Chem-plane attacks and more

Hello everyone. I've kept silent ~ not because of my own personal desire, but I digress..... However, tonight, just now, I've finally been hit with the last time I should have to endure the type of attacks I'm experiencing and I mean CHEMICAL!!! This is VERY real and VERY SERIOUSLY HAPPENING! As just now, I was outside doing what I do ….. Alone, everyone is asleep yet once I exercise then begin to meditate, BAM! Not 1, but 2 of those stinking planes come exactly over my head and spray the freaking stuff and ONLY over my head!  What the crud dude!  (I'm sorry, I'm jut a little sick of this, that's all so let me explain)  I already deal with an ENORMOUS amount of attacks daily which are unbelievably impossible to describe and something I would NEVER wish on my worst enemy. Of course, I've never really considered myself to have “enemies” ~ I just don't hold that type of mindset but apparently, I am an “enemy” to others as I've somehow become the recipient of massive negative attention which comes in the form of surveillance planes, birds and chemical weapons from the sprays which are a 100% deliberate attack on me personally. Please understand as I write this, I am in no way wanting to come across as “egotistical” or something as it is NOT in my nature at ALL to hold those type of ideas so when I tell you these things, I'm coming from a place of the reality that I am experiencing and even experiments I've performed to verify these personal attacks.

I do know I am either one of the Taygetans who incarnated here or I'm one of another positive races who came with the training prior to incarnating. I've always known I was like “reporting” to someone or somewhere else through my entire life and question rather or not this existence right now is an actual repeat or if I'm just remembering the “training” to such a degree that I believe it's me repeating the life. Regardless, I don't remember “who” I am but do feel I'm possibly someone of more value than even I could imagine. I tell you this because I believe the ones we call “They” know exactly who I am or maybe where I come from etc and it's somehow related to our frequency which can be seen from above.

I know this will probably become very long if I am to describe the reasons why I'm now in the situation  I find myself to be so please bare with me and understand, this is extremely difficult because negativity isn't my expertise and I don't like to represent myself in such a way however, I've been alone in this for so very long now that I have no choice but to reach out for assistance. Maybe just the action of expressing the various things I'm encountering will help but it's a lot.

Back around the 2015 time frame (give or take) I began to notice NONSTOP planes and other craft that would CONSTANTLY fly over my house and black helicopters, other helicopters or craft that I can't even describe as it's not in my vocabulary to understand the difference in some of these things but I was very naive, still holding the “Jesus” belief system (outwardly although the real, inside me didn't resonate so much) and I even created this huge sign out of Christmas lights aimed up to the sky saying “Jesus Can Save You” (~hee hee~) I didn't know who or what I was talking to ~ I just thought it was in a way, funny because I enjoyed the interaction as I watched these MANY craft come over and I would take pictures of them etc.  I had NO CLUE about the extent of what it is we are dealing with back then so this was all just innocent on my part but I gotta say, the footage of video or pictures etc would produce these huge ~ huge lights from under the craft as they would fly over. Sometimes red, sometimes white and almost like the craft themselves were taking pictures. I can't say for sure but it wasn't like a constant light they would show.  More so a flash of some sort produced once flying over. I became extremely involved in filming using telescopes, various cameras and more and do have a great deal of footage but it was 2018 when something happened.

I lived with my husband and 3 sons in this house I described above but somehow, 2018 came along and I began to feel “not right” is the only way to describe it.  The relationship with my husband was NEVER one of a benefit and although I'd never been really “happy” I could at least perform functions and had some sort of purpose maybe ~ I struggle for the correct descriptions here for explanation but it is of importance so bare with me as I work through this storyline. What I will describe has both positive yet perhaps negative reasons behind what is going on. The positive side is I did something I NEVER would have ever dreamed of doing which was leave my husband and move back in with my parents. I say “never would have done” because I was still “asleep” at that time so the programming of my life being as it was, wife of abusive husband, was still in full effect yet I feel like I was almost “moved” supernaturally. HA!  I don't know what else to call it but that because I felt as if I was in a fog of sorts and just somehow, woke up living back with my parents. I have amazing parents and our whole family are musicians so we've always had a family band in which I am a lead singer. Music is our life but when I say “something happened” I mean something has happened that has stripped me of the joy of expression and music and passion for anything. I would say it's the move but I know it is not. I'm talking something much deeper and seemingly more negative in its way as I do not feel I am “me” anymore.

Please don't read into my words as if I'm expressing egotistical ideas because I no longer have time for anything but expression of truth and the truth is ~ I KNOW myself to be here on this planet as some form of energetic positive node. I can feel the joy, the love, the childlike nature as it flows out of me because I've never rid myself of the child like expression or fallen victim to the “3D” caged mind yet am now thinking it is this very trait, this childlike joy of expression that has brought upon a very real darkness which includes the surveillance planes, birds and yes ~ MULTIPLE chem-plane attacks. When I say chem-plane attacks, I do not mean the type of chemtrails or planes we see all of the time now with the lines in the skies etc.  I mean some form of craft that appear out of nowhere and spray intentionally and directly over my head with the intent on their part for whatever they're spraying to land in, on and around me. That's EXACTLY what just happened now!  Sometimes these chemicals are of orange or red looking colors, sometimes white but most certainly being done as a DIRECT personal attack as these planes shouldn't ever be allowed to even be this close to land, much less over a person! I do have LOADS of footage but that would be of multiple “regular” chem-planes which are a constant but the ones I'm referring to are so quick and come from out of nowhere that I don't even have time to grab a camera.

I have not lost my mind, I have done multiple “tests” or experiments using frequencies of both me personally and frequencies through technological devices. I promise you ~ something is wrong! It's as if I want to do all sorts of things but my body, my physical body won't.  I find myself “stuck” as in literally stuck, frozen, off in some form of daze where I have to literally force myself to “snap out of it” then continue walking, for example. Going anywhere, doing anything, ACTING as I would normally want to act seems well, hijacked! I realize we can have “entities”and am sure something is going on there but what I am describing is FAR WORSE than “entities” as it's the physicality being attacked somehow and it is becoming so very difficult for me to even carry on like this.

I am not the type who usually falls into sadness but this is growing worse and worse to the point where it's SO extremely, overwhelmingly torturous that my every day existence is merely survival through the misery, seeking anything that will bring comfort, anything that can restore passion, fighting myself for rights to myself!  This is very VERY sick, wrong, awful and I only wish there was someone who understood the intensity of torment I'm talking about.

I realize how the “law of attraction” works and how our thoughts create etc but I'm also someone coming from a family line whose motto is “Accent the Positive” and known to be uplifting for others. I can't have negative thoughts for long as they just don't stick around here (~hee hee~) which has me even more concerned because there is no reason I should be experiencing such extreme disconnect and I just can't express how sad I am inside where you could even understand the magnitude of what I'm attempting to describe. I go to sleep but wake up and it's like the most awful, awful unload of “NOOOOO” followed by tears and tears and more tears because I woke up and I'm here once more.

I live out in the country on land in Texas with a pond, forest, all of the most amazing animals and critters etc with a perfect view of the Sun and then all planets etc which make their path right out our back door. I'm a born and raised Texan so basically, I'm not in nature ~ I am nature! I work with crystals daily, meditate constantly but find it very hard to even leave my property to do the basics like shopping! It's as if I'm somehow forced to just stay put right here.  This is just so difficult to feel like I'm explaining properly where it's truly understood.  I know there are “cabal” who read this forum because awhile back, I wrote and explained how I remembered living this life before and I explained what happened that time but soon after posting those stories, I was psychically invaded HEAVILY and it was NOT something I appreciated at all. But I also don't appreciate being “targeted” if you want to call it that ~ I just don't know anymore but I can't continue much longer in this manner either. Rather or not it is me being hijacked (against my will ~ not consented!) through use of their graphene technology is certainly on the table for discussion especially since many of my personal experiments would HAVE to have a form of SOMETHING involved in order for some of the results I'm getting to be achieved.  Experiments involving frequencies and exercise! Also intense focus, that brings in many of the birds I've mentioned. Not focus on birds, just focus as if like meditating.

I could go on but have certainly said enough. I'm not even sure if there are answers for me at this point. But I gotta say, I am 49 years old. Although I realize we each make our own decisions ~ “free-will universe” supposedly, for all 49 years … ALL of them.... Not ONCE have I lived making decisions that would be considered “real, authentic Gina” and what I mean is absolutely every single decision, from marriage, to children, to choices for personal desires, you name it ~ EVERY SINGLE THING has been 100% OPPOSITE of what the “Real Gina” would do! Everything! Almost as if every decision was on purpose made to be directly opposite of my true self! Now don't get me wrong with the children stuff, we're all adults here so let's be adult in the discussion. Of course I LOVE my children! But what I mean is in the life itself. I'm 49 years old and only now ~ ONLY NOW am I “awake” only now am I able to understand anything to a degree necessary to make proper decisions and I can tell you that each and every single thing I've gone through has been 100% opposite of any regular decision I would normally make!  That is a very long time to EXIST in a false existence that represents NOTHING of who you really are so to now “wake up” to what's happening only to be paralyzed basically causing me to not even be able to be “real Gina” if I wanted to is not only frustrating, it's down right evil at the core!  This hurts my feelings deeply as I want nothing but to go home yet ~ I am “Home” according to other people's perceptions. For me, this place is NOT Home, regardless of how comfortable the environment ~ Home is where the heart is and my Heart longs for the HOME IT BELONGS TO!

Are we supposed to just continue like this? If our bodies are “infected” with the graphene or we're continually being coated in the stuff from the sprays and more, do we have to kill the bodies or just wait for the product to do it for us?   When people talk of the Sun giving Solar Flares, could that provide a sorta world wide “emp” to knock it out of everyone? Do our “higher self equivalents” KNOW the misery we may feel or experience?  Do they realize the extent to what it is we're experiencing because this is not good.  Don't get me wrong, even living a life 100% opposite of “real Gina” hasn't killed my spirit. Nor do the attacks, nor do the chem-planes, nor do the entities, nor does the tremendous amount of loneliness ~ I STILL express my joy in the air (then get sprayed ~hee hee~) I STILL get the videos of UFOs that I  film daily posted (eventually) I STILL share information (regardless of the intense amount of pressure I feel placed on me to stay silent) and I will continue to cheer on the birds and the planes as they fly over (even though they're up to no good ~hee hee~) But there comes a point when enough is enough, a soul or person, a point of attention ~ call it what you want, can only take so much and for me, that point passed by a long time ago so please, from the bottom of my heart I am seeking, asking, needing real intervention because helping a civilization is one thing, but that's not what's happening at all!  It's more like falling for a trap where they are now taking advantage at our expense and this just isn't right.  Regardless of any person, or being, no one should ever have to endure this ~ ever!   Thank you for allowing me to vent if nothing else. I sorta hope none of you have similar stories because this has been awful and truly, I wouldn't want for others to be experiencing the same. But bringing this full circle I've gotta ask ~ What is up with these chem-planes attacking citizens?  Are any of you experiencing the same?


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