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Re: The Vaccinated and lost signal to Source

Albert wrote:

I have watched a video, dated 2005, which was a presentation of vaccine trials on “religious fanaticsm”. They claimed to be able to isolate and destroy the part of the brain that connects with God. The stated goal, in 2005, was to eliminate religious fanatics/terrorist by vacinnating people. They evaluated their results by seeing how people react when they read or are read religious/spiritual material.

I found the short, 4 minute video, I referred to early in this thread of the Pentagon presentation from 2005 about the vaccine trials to separate one from a higher source - sold as a way to eliminate religious… by destroying the vmat2 gene.

I contend that this, or some variant, has been used on police forces for years and this is why law enforcement in some countries show police brutally treating their fellow citizens by going primal (so to speak) on the weak and helpless without remorse. A healthy human has a failsafe mechanism through the quality of empathy. Remove empathy and you remove connection to each other. I further contend that this has been a big part of their plan all along - meaning it is less about killing off the people and more about getting the people to kill each other. So do not get a shot, and try as much as possible not hold hate, as hate is food for the parasites

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Re: The Vaccinated and lost signal to Source

Jeffwasher wrote:

I agree with you, now their is an agreement, I am trying to make sense of all this. Yazhi was saying that the people who were jabbed, over time, their connection or signal to source will get lower and lower and may even become almost close to non-existent.

The way I am interpreting your answer is that, even if those jabbed people awaken and became conscious, they could in fact maintain or still increase their frequency with source through their choice. Yes?

This is hard to tell because it truly depends on the type of jab they got and how they live, think and raise their frequency. This means that while in theory everything can be overcome via consciousness, for most people doing so is out of reach at this time and will take time to grow into - time which they due to the jab might not have left.

Luckily there are other means as well to help with this problem: A sufficiently highly developed benevolent consciousness is able to either reduce the required time, delay the jab effect or even clear it as a whole (all of which needs to be desired by the Higher Self). But I couldn't elaborate details about such on this public platform.

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