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#1 2021-11-27 14:16:20

Let’s take a Guess

I remember Gosia mentioned about changing the term and not use “Holographic Society”
in one of her recent interview with Jean Claude - Mystic003.

Let’s take a guess what would it be?

I’ll start:
- Infinity & Beyond Society
- Free People Society
- Humanity Towards Full Liberation Society

What’s your guess?

Thanks to all smile

Love, Peace & Unity.


#2 2021-11-27 14:19:04


Re: Let’s take a Guess

Funny idea this ! And while I am not one to speculate what name will be chosen - that is up to the people, after all -, I would go for a properly descriptive name for such government system:

Cooperative Self-empowered Self-government

Helping people to self-empower and liberate themselves, and by that ultimately the whole planet and beyond. See my profile for means to connect.


#3 2021-11-27 14:26:38


Re: Let’s take a Guess

Self-responsible Society?

Self-governed Society?

Love based Society?

Interstellar Society?

Supercool Society? smile

I don't know.

(I am still in beta so trust your own intuition and guidance about what you just read cause some of it may be bullpoop. This is a warning Iol - Vega)

"This class of beings that are fractals of the Source, that are the Source itself from the position of each one of them, are highly scalar beings, who think on many levels and have many levels of consciousness. Not just one." - Yazhi


#4 2021-11-27 19:15:00

Re: Let’s take a Guess

Self-responsible society sounds good to me. But for PR purposes, it probably ought to be something more catchy smile

The road appears when you need it.


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