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"Foundation of the Youth": Real or not?

Hi all. I have just found a yoga-teaching book called "Foundation of the Youth" by Peter Kelder, which is said to make the practitioner "be young" forever.

Here is its introduction:

Foundation of the Youth was first known in 1939, in Peter Kelder's book "The Eye of Revelation" - as a very simple miracle secret, consisting of only 5 movements, or called as the lamas Tibet is the five consciousnesses. The seven energy centers that the lamas refer to are the seven chakras according to the concept of traditional Eastern medicine. In connection with modern Western medicine, the chakras are considered by some researchers to be the metaphysical counterparts of the endocrine glands, with equivalent positions and roles. The actual benefits of Fountain of Youth include: abundant vitality; mental clarity, peace, relaxation; strong muscles; good night; deep breath; improved comprehensive health, less minor illnesses; youthful and flexible physique; weight loss; improve marital life.

Have anybody here practiced this? Is it work? These exercises based a lot on the way we breathe, or to say, use the way we breathe to make we become stronger, healthier and younger - so I believed it is important during this current war. (You can google for the 5 "movements")

Here is a short summary for the first book (please skip it if you don't want to get spoiled) :

In a chance meeting between the author Kelder and the old colonel Bradford at the park many years ago revealed part of the story later. The colonel was as old as Kelder predicted, about 70 years old, bald, and had to constantly use a cane. In addition, every time he met him, he seemed to want to tell Kelder a secret, but he was still afraid, but due to Kelder's movement, the colonel finally revealed the secret of "Foundation of the Youth" the secret to keeping his identity forever youth, slowing down the human aging process of Tibetan monks. After that, Colonel Bradford said goodbye to Kelder and went to India to find out the secret of this strange phenomenon. After 4 years of being gone, one day, the colonel finally returned with a new face.

“Instead of in front of me was a pale old man, hunched over a cane, now a tall, straight man with a robust face and thick, slightly dew point black hair.”

Strange and a bit surprising, not believing that it was the colonel, Kelder was dumbfounded when he was reminded by the colonel and the two finally happily talked. However, the Kelders still had two guests, so the conversation was paused and arranged for a date. One of them was surprised and when asked said:

“Ah, he doesn't look forty. But from the story, I guess he was at least forty."

Later, the author went to see the colonel and he revealed that since he came to the monastery in Tibet, he had not seen any old people, they looked at him as if he was "an old man". After a period of study and being taught by the lamas "Foundation of the Youth", he became younger and once looked in the mirror and felt that he was 15 years younger, without using a cane, not getting tired.... After that, the colonel continued to tell him about the lectures, the insights he had learned about how people can slow down the aging process, become young and healthy compared to their age. The secrets of the acupuncture points, that just need to affect the 7 chakras (acupressure points) to be able to affect the transformation and rejuvenation of the body….

P/s: Sorry if my English was too weird

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