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#1 2021-12-19 20:28:58


Maybe we have something we can teach the Taygetans.

I believe the information CA is presenting is way more important than anyone realizes. When I see/hear synchronicities with the Q drops I get excited. I'd like to see the Taygetan team take a page out of the Q/Socratic playbook. If you have information you want to share, or you feel is in the best interest of a people that are oppressed (humans). Yet you are bound by laws or in the case of the Q drops (National Security) or Taygetans Cosmic/Federation Law. You educate through questions and answers. The Taygetans are more than capable of following a method of teaching through breadcrumbs. Design a set of questions in which the answers we learn/discover/research for ourselves open up obvious doors to more questions. The goal here has always been for US to break free from this slavery on our own. But so many excuses have been made on the basis of either Federation Law or the "Humans will always expect a savior" if they do not do this themselves. I actually agree with this concept. If we want to be a responsible galactic race with all the respect and authority that comes along with that, we should solve our own problems. That does not mean we can not have guidance. The Q operation was presented to humanity as a set of questions and research topics. Once the people started to understand the project, it exploded and became a world-wide effort. What the Q project is doing here on the ground goes hand in hand with what the Taygetans are trying to do on another level. The method works and should shield them from breaking any laws. Gosia and the Taygetans have an opportunity to change up their teaching methods and synch with a method that is working.

This is just my personal opinion. No offense to anyone an Love everything you are doing for Humanity regardless.



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