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Shadow Work – The Way Out of the 3D Matrix

If you are currently overwhelmed by what’s happening in the world and you are not sure what to do, consider focusing some of your time on doing shadow work. Shadow work together with other spiritual practices will assist you to raise your vibration and change your perception of reality. It will elevate you towards a frequency of attracting more of what you want in this life and the next. Taking personal responsibility and doing your own shadow work will be one of the most spiritually rewarding tasks that you could ever perform for both yourself and the collective as a whole.

“In a spiritual concept, a fully enlightened person is defined as one who has no shadows.” Swarru of Erra

We are 5D beings having 3D experience. The problem is that living in 3D brings our minds down into that level of thinking and we get caught up in the inverted programming of the matrix. Our present reactions determine our future experiences and by continually reacting to unwanted experiences, we can get caught in a downward spiral of adverse effects to the point of exhaustion and despair. In essence we become subject to our reality when it should be the other way around. This is how people become 'broken shoes' beaten down into submission by the 3D mind control. The good news is that with focused consciousness, a strong will together with a disciplined, determined mind we can turn our lives around from being a victim with broken shoes into the true creators that we all are.

We came into 3D to experience being a creator so we may as well learn to be good at it rather than 'banging around in the dark' sometimes getting it right and most times not. Giving up is only escaping from yourself and being in a state of denial prevents you from the opportunity to attract solutions. Our thoughts influence our frequency and our frequency determines where we reincarnate next. A number of forum members have expressed the desire to reincarnate as a Taygetan but how many realise that Taygetans are high in a 5D frequency band bordering on 6D? If you desire to reincarnate as a higher frequency being in the next life the opportunity to raise your frequency is in this life time.

It is the frequency of the soul, its thoughts, that will determine where that soul will reincarnate next. Yazhi (Sophia) Swaruu

By learning to embrace and transform the contrast, we raise our vibration to match our desires as experiencing what you don’t want gives you clarity to know what you do want. This is one of the main reasons we are living in a 3D duality matrix, to experience contrast and discover what it is that we want and what we want is where our focus of attention needs to be. The problem is that most people's attention is focused on what they don't want (i.e. their problems/fears/regrets etc.) and that is what they continue to manifest in their reality.

“It is not that these people (those who are not able to find joy in life) are depressed or sick. Nothing is wrong with them. It is just that they are ill adapted and tired of living in a completely disruptive and toxic society. However only they can do something about it, what works for one does not work for another. Only that person can find their way. No one else can walk their path.” Yazhi (Sophia) Swaruu

Conscious vs Unconscious Thoughts

Contrary to what many believe, it is not what we consciously think that creates our reality but the unconscious programs or thought forms that are running 24/7. It is estimated that the conscious mind can only process 7 plus or minus 2 bits of information per second whereas the unconscious mind can process hundreds of millions of bits of information per second. Think of an iceberg where what you can see, the tip, is the conscious mind.

Conscious thoughts have a short attention span and cannot hold enough duration of focus to override what we are thinking unconsciously. Try to consciously breathe and see how long you last. It is not long before something else attracts your attention and your unconscious processes take over. These are the same processes that create your experiences whether they are wanted or unwanted. Trying to use conscious thinking to wrestle with unconscious programs is exhausting and limited in its effectiveness. There are better ways to use your consciousness to achieve this.

The way to get more of your unconscious mind working towards what you want is through shadow work. The process of shadow work itself is not difficult to learn but does require commitment and constant vigilance of your responses to your experiences. How do we know what unwanted thoughts to target if these thoughts are unconscious and outside of our awareness? We target these thoughts via our emotions. This is how ‘we get out ahead of it’, by paying attention to the way we feel in any given moment. If we ignore the way we feel it will sooner or later manifest as an unwanted experience.

There are no limits to what a soul, or Source can do. All it has to do is think it with enough enthusiasm. Yazhi (Sophia) Swaruu

Low Frequency Thought Forms

Our unconscious minds contain low frequency thought forms, created by us in reaction to unwanted events. Operating in the background they are the cause of our unwanted emotions and experiences. These thought forms act as vibrational anchors and affect our point of attraction keeping us locked into the 3D vibrational mindset continually attracting unwanted events into our lives. It’s a vicious cycle and it’s no wonder more and more people are afflicted with mental health problems.

What is happening is the unwanted emotion you are experiencing is being expressed by an unconscious low frequency thought form. Its purpose is to bring your thoughts down to the frequency of its creation so it can be ‘fed’ (loosh). As you are a creator you have created this thought form with low vibrational thoughts and emotions (trauma) and now it is seeking its own survival by constantly attracting into your reality experiences that ‘feed it’ and thus keeping it sustained and over time, more powerful.

This is how we manifest ‘Tulpas’ into our existence. A thought becomes a thought form, which evolves into a life form, which then seeks its own survival to become an independent entity (tulpa). Whether the Tulpa is ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ is determined by the vibrational environment in which it was created, a thought form created with fear will bring into your experience that very emotion as opposed to a thought form created with a higher vibration.

So, instead of letting the unwanted emotion bring your thoughts down (which is what it would normally do) you interrupt this vicious downward cycle and think of thoughts of a higher vibration and you will start to change the vibration of that unconscious thought form. Our minds are more powerful than we realise, it’s just that we are not using them in the most beneficial way.

You are your higher self. You are Mind, and in this mind that you are you have everything within your reach. The ideas, Desires, etc. It's just a matter of focusing. Yazhi (Sophia) Swaruu

Shadow Work – The Process

A precursor to the manifestation process is your emotions, specifically how you are feeling in any given moment. Everything exists in cycles including emotions. It is this contrast in emotions that we can use as our indicator of the shadow work that needs to be done. Our emotions are an indicator because the unconscious mind communicates to us through our emotions.

The process of shadow work starts the moment you become aware of any unwanted emotions. The first step is to try to associate the trigger. If you can establish a cause and effect you can bring this shadow into the light of your conscious awareness and make the decision to change it into more of what you want to experience. This may take many attempts but persistence pays and there are a number of techniques that can help depending on what works for you but it is constant repetition of the association you want to change that is the key to successful shadow work. Unconscious mind programming is reinforced through repetition. This is how the controllers manipulate our minds so we collectively create what they want. If they can do it successfully to get what they want then so can we. The processes are the same only it's you who is in control of the programming.

If you are unable to establish an association, acknowledge and identify the emotion and move it up the emotional scale* to a better feeling emotion. You do this by focusing on something that feels better and giving yourself some soothing self-talk.  As your goal is to reprogram your unconscious it is important to be thinking higher frequency thoughts as it is these thoughts that will raise the vibration of the unconscious thought form.

What you say to yourself is up to you, anything that will soothe you into feeling a little better such as, ‘I know I’m feeling fearful at the moment but this will soon pass'. If you find it too difficult a jump to think of positive thoughts then think of thoughts that are constructive towards what you want to achieve. Just talk yourself up the emotional scale to a better feeling emotion. The higher you can go the better because your emotions (vibration) will be where you last left them.

1.    Aware/acknowledge unwanted feelings
2.    Conscious decision to make changes
3.    Focus on what you want
4.    Associate cause/effect trigger
5.    Raise vibration of how you are feeling to a better feeling emotion
6.    Soothing yourself with positive/constructive self-talk with confirmation of what you want.
7.    Constant repetition of the association you want to change.

The ultimate challenge of living in the 3D matrix is to overcome the mind control and get our minds back into a 5D consciousness state. When we are steady in a 5D vibrational mindset we are no longer subject to reality but rather reality is subject to us. Therefore, the object of being here to experience a 3D reality, is to become the 'master creators of our reality' where we are no longer adversely affected by events being orchestrated in 3D.

Ask yourself, from a higher perspective, ‘what do I have to lose? I can't 'die'. The 3D matrix is an illusion and the only thing that is real is my experience and all I will take with me into the next life are my ideas.’ Better quality ideas mean a better quality experience. So, the quality of your experience is directly related to the ideas that you will carry with you into your 5D life. What else could be more important?

Why Awakened Common People have Power and Responsibility - Yázhí Swaruu - September 26, 2020

Gosia: I would like to learn more about how to think in the elevated way so that I can influence many points in this sphere at once.

Yazhi: You already do. And the famous topic that gets tiring, the shadow work. That few if not nobody does. Because it is annoying. Raising your consciousness, your understanding makes your thinking produce progressively higher and higher scalar effects. And strong. Therefore, working on themselves, on improving themselves as people, results in their thoughts and actions coming from those thoughts becoming stronger and stronger. The higher understanding and perception of densities a consciousness is, the more influence it will have with its thoughts and actions on the whole, in an exponential way. It also implies that you acquire progressively more responsibility for what is happening.

You are never one person. But a collective. Who is called you, who observes is the result of all the consciousnesses that forms you. The higher you are on the scale of perception of consciousness, the higher you are as in your existential density-dimension, you will be more and more the result of a collective of consciousnesses, the ones that form you. So, a person or a consciousness living on a higher density-dimensional existential plane would be a collective. Or it will have the same influence as a collective of individuals in a lower density.

For more information
*Search Emotional scale as described by Abraham-Hicks
Read what the Taygetans say about Shadow Work … ct-taygeta

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