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Re: The Taygetans and the 'deceptive/seductive et' claim

janne wrote:

I have been watching Cosmic Agency for couple of months now and I can’t pick up any deception from Gosia, so I am sure that at least she believes that her Taygetan contact is authentic and their information is pure. I really want to keep believing that too.

I got an idea to get a third perspective form farsight institute that uses blinded remote viewing to source their information. I made a request that if they could help to validate authenticity of Taygetans and their information. Let’s hope that they can help to do it and put all our minds at ease.

There are 2 things to say about this:

1) remote viewing is like channeling, filtered through the minds of the viewers and then subject to analytic overlay. Even if the viewers are blind, their information is put together into conclusions by someone who is not blind. Case in point would be Farsights remote viewing of objects on the Moon. Even though the blind remote viewers are describing nicely, the Andromedans and a battle damaged spacecraft, Courtney still knows his remote viewers are looking at an object on the Moon, so he can't reach the conclusion that the Moon he knows doesn't exist:

2) My opinion of Farsight is that they are cabal (they're based in Atlanta, and talk to the galactic federation, plus their videos are full of disinformation) and so any project of theirs about this contact would end up the same way as Kim Gougen, Candian Awareness (this thread), Elena Danaan and many others I'm sure... it would be an attack.

Don't give your power away to any authority, make up your own mind. I've found that you can discern this contacts information, but not using sources that are part of some control agenda, which is most of alternative media.


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Scott Summers

Re: The Taygetans and the 'deceptive/seductive et' claim

Wahinionthebeach, Ro,

Both of you are 100% on point. Agreed.

I guess it’s the season to “seek approval for your beliefs”. In other words, delegate your authority to someone else (Farsight, Kim G, Elena D, Canadian dude, etc...)

Anything but seeking the truth within yourself. You should never do that! Why, you may discover your personal power to create reality!! Better delegate this to the “experts” pls. Also, pls check with the WEF, UN and 3 letter agencies. They know better, ok?

Btw, has everyone forgotten how wrong Farsight was about the so-called elites meeting in Antarctica to surrender to the ETs?

Athena called BS on that. So, who turned out to be correct?

(To the 3 letter folks: Is it my imagination or are you running out of credible “alternative sources” to attack/diminish the Taygetan project?

I mean, they’re all tainted. Wait, I have an idea how to rehabilitate their reputations...

You should get them to attack one another! Elena D should discredit Kim G, Canadian dude should go after Farsight, etc..

That way it’s not so freaking obvious they are all gunning for the Taygetan project.

Think about it. You’re welcome big_smile )

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Re: The Taygetans and the 'deceptive/seductive et' claim

I love to see, and to participate in, the learning of the art of discernment as it has been evolving on the forum over recent times. It's something of a collective project that has been dumped on us, and we are the better for it! A collective of super sleuths ...... love and greetings to all matrix-busting reality detectives. Sherlock Holmes would be impressed.....


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Re: The Taygetans and the 'deceptive/seductive et' claim

DarkOwl wrote:
mose wrote:

Of course there are things from Taygetans i am watchful... For i have feeling today they can be 'this' and tomorrow 'something else'.... For instance, 'the Jesus Christ' thing... Dismissing the 'Historical Jesus'... I am neither a Christian nor religious, but i have lived to sense and appreciate the 'Christ Mission'.... Saying 'he didn't exist' truly feels like someone is playing games... Maybe this is what the Taygetans refer to as 'Taste of their own Medicine' -- showdown with the Cabal and the controlling institutions....

The research and work of Joseph Atwill "Caesar's Messiah", and Richard Carrier "On the Historicity of Jesus: Why We Might Have Reason for Doubt" support the Taygetans claim about the biblical character Jesus. They would be at least familiar with Atwell's thesis as it supports theirs.

To my understanding it was never explicitly stated in the 4 part volume on 'Jesus', that the man never existed.
What i heard was about the religious frontman that was created by theologist scribes (etc). At some point it is even spoken that this message about it is their take on it. The emphysis being on what is been fabricated/altered in their 'bible' book(s) in where the tales are portraying the 'man/messiah' as they do.

To me that only says they do not have enough 'data' about the actual story about the man Yeshua Ben Youssef (or something in that nature). At least that is what i heard. Makes me also wonder how a telepathic connection or avenue was not really brought as a means of verification. I got the inpression they left the 'existence' of the physical man in question void on purpose, perhaps doing so not to open this can of worms. I see many people noww thinking and pointing: "Taygetans say he never existed !" Wich to i usually apply that they speak of the popular story being false. Quite a difference if you ask me.


About the Canadian guy Anthony himself:

He's good at describing and expressing himself. I go along with his views ... to an extend.
I too detected some red flags that i do not agree with. The emphysis on pride has a darker side and perhaps it rears its head ever so often. Observations like : "The Theta don't give a shit about humans, especially the weak ones." - doesn't help much either giving it with a condesending undertone of disgust. Now i understand a repellant for those who like to act as bad apples, but the generalising brings it a step too far. Similarly he does it in that Taygeta video, the generalising. I of course have pointed this out on his comment section, and i saw a familiar name ( ro2778 ) commenting a similar view. Ro got an answer from him declaring that those Tay's contacts through digital medium is AI ... It is also interesting to see wich comments he gives a 'heart' respons. Some are facepalm worthy. In overall i see the balance power/compassion somewhat tainted, for now.

Nevertheless i do like many of his vids, interesting at least.
As usual i will take what i want and have my own thoughts about the rest.
My interest has taken a dive though, and that i view as just a natural effect.
Nothing new.


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Re: The Taygetans and the 'deceptive/seductive et' claim

If such person(Jesus) existed the story in the New Testament do not portrayed him and his life, neither this story happened in the time that is supposed to be. From the information provided by Swaruu she said that she checked logs on her ship going back in time and searching for such person and it seems at the supposed time of existence no one living in the region knew about him.

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Du An

Re: The Taygetans and the 'deceptive/seductive et' claim

DarkOwl wrote:

Anthony from Canadian Awareness has an hour long video coming up about the Taygetans, taking the line the Taygetans are deceptive ets.
I have had email contact with him so know this is his position.
My feeling was, that he is not familiar with the material personally and is being fed this viewpoint from a higher-up/handler)

There is a group claiming to be Taygetans who post on Twitter, and their posts are also carried on a website called Disclosure News Italia, which is where I saw them. The information is channeled by someone named Judith.

They are your basic love and light fluff so I pay little if any attention to them. However, back when the papayas were being rolled out, I noted one of their postings received a lot of comments so I wondered what the kerfuffle was about. They said [paraphrasing] "It's okay to take the papaya now, we have neutralized all the batches on earth."

I was shocked by the danger this statement represented, said so in a comment, and was immediately banned from the site. There are definitely some deceptive groups out there hoping we'll use our free will to destroy ourselves; at this stage of the game we cannot overestimate the value of a finely honed discernment meter.

The greatest myth of all is that myths are myths.


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Re: The Taygetans and the 'deceptive/seductive et' claim

ro2778 wrote:

Re: Remote Viewing

Dr. Brown is no longer doing Remote Viewing, but community theatre. Remote Viewing is nothing like the channeled nonsense they float on their Prime esoterica sight. Courtney jumped the shark long ago and even his personal sessions from Cosmic Voyage were LAX in RV protocol. He calls it squeaky clean, which means nothing and most of his viewers are so quantum entangled with Dr. Courtney GFW is great NEWthink, they are unable to pierce the Truth in any targets. It's like Hitler saying, "Hey Look, everyone supports me, so I must be right!"

Farsight is NOT doing RV, and RV is a 50 year old dinosaur who needs to die. In my TAP RV course I use the Toleka AS a target to see if my student viewers can discern where they are. We have gotten several different parts of the ship in sessions and NOTHING points to it being a fantasy target. Truly seasoned professionals can parse fact from BS in a session, and my method identifies screen memory, lies and deception.

Back to the CA, I felt like even their initials were designed to subvert Cosmic Agency and the video was made without full understanding of the enemy (being Cosmic Agency), or how they communicate, or what their messages have detailed over 4 years. Lots of YT rambles of late are regurgitating talking points from other sites, while Zooming with more than one person.

No one had the production quality OR the insight that Cosmic Agency has. It isn't just their information but the delivery and thank you Gosia and team for putting forth unique information in such a quality manner.


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