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#1 2021-09-12 20:27:17

You are limited by your own intransigence

Most people don't realize the constraints they set themselves into, especially on a mental level.

How far are you willing to let go of your known beliefs of what is and what is not?

The Swaruu team has done a great job in deconstructing many of the status quo beliefs, especially regarding the alien bureaucracy and perfidy in regards to humankind.
Yet, there is so much more to unveil.

How defensive do you get when your beliefs are resisted or denied, in a social environment?

That is a clear measure of inner work to do. For those who're interested, of course.

This message isn't supposed to come across as peremptory, instead of, as a suggestion.
If it doesn't resonate with you: by all means, keep being and doing what you've been used to.


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