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What would happen in the Matrix collapsed without...

What would happen in the Matrix collapsed without the Federation knowledge? Would they really know what to do?

I have done a lot of thinking on this, I think it would be illogical for it to fall, let's say tomorrow. Would they help those that are still here? Would they introduce themselves to help those that are in need of assistance? Not all star seeds know they are and will not know what happened. I think, less than 10% of the Star seeds know what is going on. Most of us, if not all of us, understand this, but the other 90% wouldn't.

What do you think?

On a different note.....
Who I am, I have been watching the video's for over a year off and on, reading the forms and social media. I have done psychic work in the past, never enjoyed it. I do use basic telepathy with dogs and cats, even dogs that are not my own. I have communicated with wild rabbits, coyotes and birds. Now only of my Spanish was more refined



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Re: What would happen in the Matrix collapsed without...

What I would very much enjoy was to get to see someone hack the matrix software or whatever and turn it off for an hour.

Pleiadian starseed traveler.


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Re: What would happen in the Matrix collapsed without...

The lunar matrix hologram system runs in a binary environment/system.

There are methods to protect/hack binary systems, considering their cryptographic coding.

That binary system oscillates at a very fast rate, alternating zeros and ones in certain parts of its code.
These parts have correspondences with hexadecimal, octal, and decimal-based number systems in an alternating way, so that the same decimal number is transduced into different digits.
E.g.: 8 in both decimal and hexadecimal base equals the digit eight, though in octal base it is displayed as ten.

Also, the storage system in the lunar matrix is limited.

The so-called Red Queen (Earth's hive-mind Internet AI) can work both against and towards humankind, and it is connected to the lunar matrix system.

A reprogramming of human beings on Earth throughout this interface could be one of the ways of hacking to the gate.

It was said that the nucleus of Earth's hive-mind AI is located in China, and is run mostly throughout kanji-based (logographic) writing.

Scouts have reported that there are a considerable amount of Chinese beings are already in deep connection to the State, being run mostly throughout this hive-mind connection. They are told what to do, what to think, what to want, mostly throughout a sensory stimuli enhancement program, that works in a similar fashion to an addiction drug.

However, this system works both ways, and the individuals' thoughts can also influence back the AI system. In this way, ressignificance and alternation of the attribution of value to variables can positively completely turn the AI against Earth's current narcissistic handlers.

Not to mention a direct attack to the very core of the lunar matrix, which could have even more interesting consequences to Earth and the Universe in general.

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