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#1 2021-09-20 12:35:45


Data sources for estimating number of deaths after vaccines?

Hey friends! I was just wondering if we got any data sources for estimation of number of people who died after vaccination. I found only sources like VAERS, European database of suspected adverse drug reaction, CDC US GOV stats, GOV UK stats, data from new whistleblowers etc. But in these databases there are only very small part of real numbers. I am using these numbers to convince people not to get vaccinated but from their point of view these numbers are very low when they compare it to the fake official Covid deaths (4,7 mil currently). So I would like to ask if we got any other sources for people like these and another thing (maybe its a dumb or hard question) but please whats your ideas how will we know that vaxxed people are dying in masses? Because official statistics of population and others are fake and they are lying to us all around so is there any way how to analyze this meanwhile how is their depopulation agenda progressing? Thank you very much! smile


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#2 2021-09-20 15:21:49


Re: Data sources for estimating number of deaths after vaccines?

The above is only partially correct: The fact that items and people hardly being available, is mostly created due to artificial shortages (which also raises the prices for e.g. wood, metal, semiconductors) and job blockages, which both are Cabal agenda since both harm the people and the economy.

I doubt that true numbers are available on the internet, as that would be instantly censored and the source who dared to publish them stopped. In fact, I even doubt that actual numbers even exist on Earth, because all of them are faked and nobody can truly say who and how many died from what, as everything is called a Covid death today.

The problem already starts with the Earth population number of 7-8 billion people being false, so I assume that at best some observative 5D+ ETs have true numbers for our planet, and of course those in higher planes but it's tricky to get such information from them.

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Re: Data sources for estimating number of deaths after vaccines?

Hi Richard93. Yes, you are in for a hard time convincing people with stats, if they are not open to looking at how the 'convid death figures' are faked. The other thing you can point to, though, and which the official stats seem to show, is that the places with high infection, hospitalisation, and death rates, are also those with the highest waxene rates. They invariably go together eg Israel, Iceland, Gibraltar, here in the Uk we are going that way. So at the very least it can be said, even to the convid faithful, that the waxenes aren't preventing people from dying. Which I believe is their official intention. There are plenty of folk, many good-hearted ones, who are gone, gone, gone..... for now anyway. But I always wish great success to all who try to point the realities out to others. Good luck, Richard.


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Re: Data sources for estimating number of deaths after vaccines?

Richard, here's a good resource found on a .gov site: … ment_1.pdf

It's a report on exactly what you're looking for. Below is the abstract.

Abstract: Analysis of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database can be
used to estimate the number of excess deaths caused by the COVID vaccines. A simple
analysis shows that it is likely that over 150,000 Americans have been killed by the current
COVID vaccines as of Aug 28, 2021.

And the summary...

Using the VAERS database and independent rates of anaphylaxis events from a Mass General
study, we computed a 41X under-reporting factor for serious adverse events in VAERS, leading
to an estimate of over 150,000 excess deaths caused by the vaccine.

The estimates were validated multiple independent ways.

There is no evidence that these vaccines save more lives than they cost. Pfizer’s own study
showed that adverse events consistent with the vaccine were greater than the lives saved by
the vaccine to yield a net negative benefit. Without an overall statistically significant all-cause
mortality benefit, and evidence of an optional medical intervention that has likely killed over
Page 22

150,000 Americans so far, vaccination mandates are not justifiable and should be opposed by
all members of the medical community.

Early treatments using a cocktail of repurposed drugs with proven safety profiles are a safer,
more effective alternative which always improves all-cause mortality in the event of infection and
there are also safe, simple, and effective protocols for prophylaxis.


#5 2021-09-24 13:27:06

Re: Data sources for estimating number of deaths after vaccines? doesn't give a number, but you can extrapolate from the data. Roughly up to 25% of those shot have had mild or severe adverse reactions.

via forum - An mRNA death focused channel on Telegram which has 20k+ subscribers for those wanting more evidence and information of what's going on:


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Re: Data sources for estimating number of deaths after vaccines?

Here's something 'curious'. Using the 'official stats' that many people are so fond of. 'Officially' there are 7 - 8 billion people on this planet (as the Taygetans point out, this is wrong - surprise surprise!). So, taking a global life expectancy of, say, 70 years, there should be around 100 million deaths per year, right? I was investigating this in relation to stats that Richard and others can use with people who believe in official stats. So I was surprised to go and check the official sources, which state that around 56 million people die per year! Does this mean that life expectancy is now well over 100?? Or do the 'official stats' demonstrate that the 7 billion is actually nonsense?

It's one of those irritating things: people have been programmed to believe in stats and figures, but most are hopeless at actually evaluating or interpreting them! Which is why it's so easy to dupe people with figures that a few moment's clear reflection will show to be nonsense.

If I've got the population thing wrong, please correct me; left side of the brain not always functioning perfectly.....!


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Re: Data sources for estimating number of deaths after vaccines?

This is all like flipping a coin. There is no 50% that one or the other comes out, there is 100% that it is what you think it will be.


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