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#1 2021-10-03 04:42:09

From China

White light application method reference

Hello, gosia! The following text is my own protection method after being indirectly attacked by negative entities in April. Please transfer it to Yazhi for me to see how it works! Does it apply to most people?

       Imagine that the bright white light gradually radiates from the inside to the outside and adheres to the human body. The visualizing object can be yourself, and it can be synchronized with family (or house, object or animal).

       Key points of visualization: while visualizing the gradual radiation of bright white light from inside to outside, it also visualizes that white light will destroy the dark matter in the visualizing object in the process of gradual radiation.

       This method can also be used to clean up negative thoughts or thoughts in the brain. If the first visualization ends when cleaning up negative thoughts or thoughts, the negative thoughts or thoughts may come back; It doesn't matter. When you come back, you also visualize the bright white light gradually radiating from the inside to the outside, and destroy negative thoughts or ideas. If you are counterattacked again for the second time, think again for the third time in the same way (the brightness of white light is doubled step by step) until there is no negative thinking or thought (generally 5-8 times).

       According to my own application test, it is really effective. When I apply it for 5-8 times, negative thoughts or thoughts have disappeared; And the body has a feeling of heat, which is warm and soft.       

(The above words are translated from Chinese to English by online translation tools. I hope the meaning doesn't deviate too much )


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