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#1 2021-10-04 03:28:32

How to check myself for the VCC and PCR affects

I created this topic to ask for a way to know if I had influenced by the PCR or VCC or not.

This is for a specific case: My father and my mother took the PCR test, I did not take it, but I accidentally used the same drinking cups with them.
Is there anyway to check if the nano articles which harm my soul were inside me or not? Thank you

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#2 2021-10-04 06:31:53


Re: How to check myself for the VCC and PCR affects

From what you describe this happened only occasionally, thus there is no need for fear or panic at this point, but the problem should be addressed and avoided in the future as to prevent permanent harm.

Please be aware that there is more nasty stuff in the jab than "just" the nano-particles that are in the PCR test, and those can be eliminated through various means, especially since via indirect contact (e.g. as you described saliva remains on a mug, etc.) you can only receive very few of them, if any at all.

The regular PCR swab test is more meant to destroy the blood-brain barrier via application of toxins and nano-particles/bots deep inside the head, but to my knowledge is doesn't carry e.g. mRNA or all the other poisons of the jab.

As for testing: Nano-particles are very small and will not be visible in small amounts, thus to measure them without a high level lab one would need to concentrate them e.g. via magnets. But doing this is not actually helpful for your health, as the concentration may lead to blood stream issues.

Insofar I advise not to try to do any such but simply "wait it out" and be more mindful about sharing anything with your parents. The body will eject those nano-particles/bots over time - hence the need of constant booster jabs ! - and this can be improved by using various substances, e.g. NanoSoma or using various others (which I already posted about).

Also, not living in a 5G area, generally avoiding any radiation (3-5G antennas and phones, WiFi, etc.) and using an EMP device (hard to come by if not being able to build such on one's own, which might be dangerous) will keep/make nano-bots inactive. In addition, eating and living healthy will boost your immune system to easier get rid of the crap.

As with all health advice, anything beyond this reply I cannot advise in public since it requires way more personal information about your current health status. Thus, while bringing up this question in this forum might be helpful for the general public, you know where to ask if you need a more detailed advice.

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Re: How to check myself for the VCC and PCR affects

I took PCR tests last year, I don't know why but I'm different now, I stopped as I became more aware of how they were effecting me.

I noticed when ever I used them, I would feel a rush, as if I had taken some form of medication or chemical. Then I would get a sore throat and feel a bit like I was comming down with some illness. I had the home tests too and my partner used one and noticed the smell on the swab and that it also felt to them like a chemical rush after using them. So I stopped and stopped completely after using a magnifying camera up my nose, found some of the filliments people have seen on the swabs when using a microscope, only one moved slightly. I freaked out and never used them again. I just lie and report that I've used the home tests when work asks me.

Don't know what long term effects are, but I don't think it's something to be afraid of, just avoid.


#4 2021-10-06 16:20:56


Re: How to check myself for the VCC and PCR affects

Yeah, there are toxins in everything these days. It's best not to fear these things, stress will make you ill and make it easier for a negative mental spiral down, in the same way they who created this fear pandemic want you to be. You can live healthier, eat healthy, look after your body, research everything you put into your body, you are what you put into yourself, like a furnace burning it needs good feul. Keep the positive light and protect yourself when you need to release negative emotions in a healthy way, protect yourself with your imagination of protection and crystals I feel have alot of loving energy too, they can do the work for you but take care of them. Crystal shops, some of them I found are good at finding amulets or wearable crystals that you can use.

Edit: I don't recommend using PCR tests or any tests for this fakedemic. I used to have PCR tests and home tests kits, then I had a look up my nose with a magnifying camera, and found the metal worm like filements, and my hair stood on end when seeing one squarm still as the rest looked dead, THIS WAS NOT HAIR. Then not long after this, I see there is a tech that has been made on tech news, that uses these worm like nano bot filements for a new way to inject medicine into the body. These looked exactly the same as what I saw and what has been spread about what is in the swabs and some masks etc.

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