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#1 2021-10-26 09:31:24

From China

Van Allen Belts Swarun x knows, of course the Federation knows better

In our daily life, food (snacks) and water (drinks) without exception add a large number of toxic synthetic additives, including natural spices (including toxins) used by people in cooking food, such as star anise (this is only one of them) Fluoride in daily necessities toothpaste is the same. There are also many... These toxins accumulate in the human body in large quantities, which will cause damage to the human brain and ideological obstacles, making people irritable, irritable and paranoid... This is the key to the problem. The people of the Federation cannot not know, and even the people of the Federation are involved.
   Here, I would like to solemnly ask aneeka, Athena and Yazhi, do you really want to provide assistance? If so, I can tell you that it's no use just saying a few words in low altitude orbit. It's really no use for most people. But the vast majority of people with low consciousness have a common characteristic, that is, "worship"..... This is the key

  ( Ask gosa to convey it for me. thank you!)


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