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#1 2021-11-14 16:06:49


Give yourselves a pat on the back.

I've seen some desperation going on in the comments and I want to remind you all that this mission is not easy, especially in this crucial point in time.

If it helps, Aneeka has said that it is actually us who are dolwn here now, who are more qualified than the people who are in the Toleka for example.

So we really need to give us a pat on the back for how well we have done already given how much trauma we are suffering because afterall, we are the minority at this moment who really know the bigger picture. Like it's easy for those people who just know that there's satanists who need to be taken out, they don't know what the jab does in detail for example or how the GF is abusive in their permissiveness or maybe even direct participation.

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You manifest what you assume, not what you think. Your fears become reality because you ASSUME them into reality. Assumption is more active form of manifesting and liken to laser precise form of manifestation where as the law of mirrors is a more passive form of manifestation.


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