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#1 2021-11-19 13:49:50

Glossary, Terminologies and it’s meaning

Hello everyone and the Taygetan Team,

My apologies, I’m just a new member and still learning Cosmic Agency, Taygetan/Plaedians knowledge, etc
So basically, would like to know if there’ll be someone that can help or put up, or contribute in this thread about the terminologies being used in transcripts or videos so it’s easy to tap and understand more and expand our knowledge.

I had so many questions in mind and I think it will be easy to look up and gather them all in just one thread here,
rather then googling things and could come up with misinterpretations or misunderstandings.

It would be greatly appreciated by new member like me smile

spirituality, metaphysics, ancient history, alien life, health, soul, technology,
matrix, orbit of the Earth, Federation, Extraterrestrial Diclosure, Free Energy, Quantum Mechanics, Reductionism, Materialism, Determinism, 3D reality, 5D perception,
(is “D” stands for density or dimension? Some people call it “dimension”),
Cabal, Illuminati, Jesuits, Syndicates, Dracos, Satanists, Annunaki, Secret Society, Ascension to the 5D,
Elites, Red Queen, Clones, frequency, vibration, duality, sacred geometry, Flat Earth, Kardashov Scale, Nuclear Energy,
And so on…

Sorry if this sound so annoying

Thanks again Team smile

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Love, Peace & Unity.


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