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My year with the Taygetans

It was a year ago I first stumbled across the Cosmic Agency YouTube channel and life has never been quite the same since (in all the best ways of course!) smile

For someone who has searched for truth, knowledge and a more expanded view all my life, discovering the Taygetans has been a veritable Alladins cave of delights!

A year later, I feel much more of a galactic human and much more ready for contact. The Taygetans have lifted a veil that has allowed so many of us starseeds to have much greater certainty and clarity as to who we really are.

There is still much for me to digest. The wisdom embedded in the Swaruu’s metaphysical teachings will take time to work it’s magic, needing much contemplation, meditation and re-listening to fully embody it’s essence. The multi-dimensional depth of that knowledge is profound!

But I feel now I have integrated enough to now want to pass it on to others and for them to be as transformed as I have been by the information. I’m talking more about it with others and am encouraged by the response. I started to talking to a guy the other day who told me he “had no idea anything like this existed” and was wide-eyed and pulled out a notebook to take notes!

The rising of the Pleiades in NZ marks the start of the Maori New Year and is called Matariki in Maori. That date is now a public holiday in NZ with 2022 being the first year it will be recognised. While an obvious political stunt on the part of our Dear Leader, I love the fact the Pleiades is going to be in the consciousness of the entire nation once a year and I plan to capitalise on that and use it to our advantage!

To any Taygetan who may be reading this I want to say this:
Thank-you for coming into our lives in such a powerful and graceful way.
You have set a fire in our hearts which has connected us with you in ways that will ripple throughout time.
Many of us are eager to work with you, meet you as equals and get done what needs doing on this beautiful but troubled planet.
We love you and know you love us!
Together we’ll change the world smile
Your brother
Dark Owl xoxo
<3 <3 <3

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