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Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown

Hi All,

I'm new to posting here and I very rarely post on the internet. It's been many years since I posted on a forum. Today I will however, because this site and its members do intrigue me.

Warning: This will be a sad and frustrated, lengthy post. If you don't want to potentially feel sad and frustrated, or if you don't like long messages, then you might want to skip it.

As a get to know me briefly bit, I'm a fifty-five year old male. I've spent over twenty years in the alternative scene in near every conceivable area, with tens of thousands of pages/audio/video, of all manner of alt subjects covered, under my belt. There's very few alt theories/info I've not read or heard of.

The point is, I'm not a newbie by any stretch. I've also listened to quite a few of the messages here, but not all of them. I've also read many of your forum posts while lurking. There are certainly some fascinating people here.

So, some deep things are bothering me. I doubt anyone has answers, the very same answers I imagine we are all looking for. Nevertheless, here is my message and questions.

I recently lost my mother to the papaya. The memorial was today. She was elderly but fine in her health until post papaya. After that, a sudden terrible case of shingles and viral encephalitis of her brain and spine. (Both common reactions post papaya especially for the elderly.)

She died slowly over two weeks in horrific pain, screaming 24/7, so much so, that they could not stop the pain with drugs. That was on top of the convulsions and severe seizures. Even in hospice flooded with morphine, etc., still the pain went on to the bitter end, which also was very ugly, seeing her die in such a manner. : (

My mother was truly one of the sweetest souls alive. I'm confident, all of you and the ET's also, would have loved her.

She always cared about others far more than herself. A truly remarkable person. She didn't deserve what happened for any reason. And such is the case I imagine for many of the other millions affected by papaya, etc.

In addition, my siblings, father, only daughter, grand kids, and even all of my wife's family, all have had papaya. All of them are wonderful, highly intelligent, responsible people, all making the world a better place.

However, they are just not the type to read what for them would be alien/cabal type conspiracy theories, to learn through back woods type sites to avoid the papaya. How would they even know to look initially?

Only a small portion of us like to read this sort of alternative info. But, because others don't have interest, but are still awesome people, they must die or be disabled for life by papaya/Cabal, etc.? This is messed up.

There are actually anti papaya people that wish death on all pro papaya people, calling them stupid sheep worthy of death, etc. WTF?

Anyway, is what happened to my mother in store for all of my family (or yours) in various ways and various times? Seems that way from my studies. Why?

What about me? I've been alternative thinking most of my adult life. I mostly eat real whole foods. I'm deeply alt spiritual and into extraterrestrials, channelings, NDE's, etc. I never have taken any papayas as an adult. I use alternative medicines/healing, on and on.

BUT, I got Covid in October (and my wife), and I ended up in the hospital because I could not breathe.

Upon my initial arrival, when I was completely out of it, they gave me Remdesivir, AND they gave me the P C R swab. (My wife told me all of this later.)

So, as it turns out, apparently Remdesivir is an insidious drug that is meant to kill us. And, the P C R swab has hydrogels, graphene, and other nano type toxins in various studies.

Example: … Nz9Foz2uNY

Thus, even I, who studies all of these types of things with a passion, avoiding being j a b b e d like the plague, even I have been doused in the brain with graphene and other crap from the swab without my conscious knowing.

The messages I've read on this site say in not so many words, that for those who took papaya, (graphene/etc.) you are screwed. The graphene, etc., changes your DNA and there's nothing that can be done. There's nothing anyone can do, even up there in space.

Well, so, the same toxic stuff is in the swab per my understanding. So, no matter my dedication to all I said above, I am screwed. All of my family no matter how good of people they are, are screwed. All of your "papaya-ed" loved ones are screwed.

Then, it gets even worse, as in, ALL of us are screwed.

Graphene per my understanding is in any of the following:

- Saline solutions used medically for all manner of medical and dental procedures.
- Novocaine for dentistry
- Highly likely many other basic medications
- All manner of foods, drinks, alcohol, and tobacco
- It's in the meats also, as I'm sure you all know about magnetic meats
- It's in the air and in the ground
- I've not heard this, but I will bet it's also in all manner of personal care products
- Not to mention shedding, or kissing a loved one, sex, etc.

(I won't get into 5G, but I'm sure you all know about this as well and all the correlations with graphene.)

So, if the above is true, then all of us will have quite a bit of graphene in us after years of being exposed to my list above.

Nearly everyone now days has some degree of intestinal permeability (leaky gut) due to glyphosate, antibiotics, etc. Thus, the graphene would get through our digestive area and into our blood, organs and brains. Breathing it in also would get it into us.

Thus, if what is said on this site is true, that once the graphene is in you, your DNA is changed forever, then I don't see any hope for any of us, unless you have lived as a hermit deep in the forest for the last thirty years, and even then it might be in you.

I suppose I'm frustrated a lot with what the extraterrestrials here say, and other channelers also. That this is the big shift, the big split, between the papaya people and the others.

Well, per the above statements, the way I see it is, there are only papaya people down here imo if graphene/nano is the main issue. All of us will have it in us. It cannot be avoided.

I guess if people from the stars are just above talking to us, it seems to me, if you could traverse the universe, you would have the technology to undo this travesty being done to humanity. Maybe I'm wrong.

The extraterrestrials on this site, and the channelers/ET's on other sites, all say it is our problem to deal with.

Well, that's fine, but what if it was a giant sneak attack and it's simply too late to deal with by any of us? I mean really, what are we supposed to do? What hope is there to get advanced nano technology and it's changes to our DNA out of us?

Some feel we should transcend 5G, graphene, etc., via our vibrational rates. Stay out of fear, all that stuff I'm sure you guys know about.

But, how do you "raise your vibration", "stay out of fear", etc., when it looks like your entire family is going to be killed or have already been killed. And, even you yourself were tricked into taking this crap while you were sick and out of it, in my case.

Let's not forget, in the years ahead, when billions are dead, all the complex systems of society will shut down with no properly skilled operators to run them.

It will literally become Mad Max world. How many of us truly can live through that sort of scenario? No water, food, power, gasoline, and everyone fighting everyone to have the last of the supplies.

The spiritual and historical educational lessons, and many other topics on this site, and on many other sites, are truly wonderful information, but severely lacking in practicality for what I see as our genuine reality we will be living through.

The deaths of those we love, the death of our human society, and ultimately the deaths of ourselves in likely awful ways. Then, a dash of transhumanism/slavery for those remaining few in Mad Max world.

Some psychics claim that this is just the way it is. That many of us signed a pre-life contract to take the papaya, etc., for the big split.

But, again, it looks to me that if this is the case, then we all signed on to take the papaya and graphene, etc., per the above. And again, 5G will be everywhere also.

And, I truly doubt my mom would have signed anything that would have caused her to suffer so horrifically. This stuff is real once you see it in person.

We. Need. Solutions.

I'm really at wits end on all of this... Sometimes I just want to look for the nearest cliff.

But... then I remember that NDE's/tunnel of light, likely are false tricks of the light and the Greys will just mind wipe me post death and send me back down here. I mean seriously, to me, this is a real prison planet and I'm having my doubts we can escape it, ever. I try to be positive, to consciously create a better world, but man, I don't see how to beat this.

Bring on transhumanism I guess. : (

Thank you for listening/reading. Sorry for the sad rant, but it's truly how I feel right now and I needed to say it all to someone who would get what I'm talking about.


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Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown

Thanks for such a great first post, lostsole, and welcome! smile

First off, I think you should relax re. the graphene in everything and putting yourself in the same boat as the vaxxed. There is obviously something in the papayas that is much more harmful. It seems they are installing an operating system via the shots. The graphene in products may support that system but is not the system itself (is my laymans take on it). We're not all doomed ;-)

I'm really sorry to hear about your mother! I lost my mother recently but not via the shot. That's a horrific story! There really is a continuous stream of (usually private) horror going on right now.

We're all going to need to get used to death and people we love dying. It's already heartbreaking and will continue to be, but hearts that break can also break open, and that's what this planet needs most right now.

The solution is non-compliance. With everything that is not supportive of freedom.
The solution is community and support networks, in real life, not just on the internet. If you are not part of a group making this happen in your area, find one or start one yourself. Find one other person, have clear intent, and the rest will magnetise to you.

Relax about death as well. There won't be any Greys to divert you when you die. You'll go where you are a frequency match so make sure you cultivate your frequency in a positive direction now and you'll be just fine smile
(keep watching the Taygetan material. It'll help you lose the fear and uncertainty of that big unknown)

Much love to you x

Most experiences are unsayable, they happen in a space that no word has ever entered    Rainer Maria Rilke


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Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown

Thank you DarkOwl for your condolences and for as positive a spin as you can put on everything. I also am deeply sorry you lost your mother. : ( It's very, very... hard isn't it.

If in the future we are losing our children, grand kids, etc., I'm not sure I can take it. I know my wife won't be able to. She'll be out in the car with a hose attached to the exhaust.

I do believe firmly what you said that we will have to get used to death en mass and many already are having to, but can the survivors really do it, get used to that many gone, especially their loves ones, maybe all of them? I don't know?

However, I did like what you said here. "but hearts that break can also break open, and that's what this planet needs most right now."

Like I said about the systems collapsing, can we get used to that and survive it? I believe the "millions of unemployed" are actually dead or disabled from papaya. They can't come back to work. It will get worse, likely much worse.

Anyway, I'm sorry for my post to be so sad and questioning, but I can't seem to escape this energy for now.

You may be right that the swab vs the actual papaya is not as bad or causative of the full onslaught of trouble. I truly hope for myself that is true or all of us that have been partially exposed.

I very much agree also about non compliance and in my own way am doing what I can in my own circles. So far there's been zero magnetization to me, and in fact, near everyone has been repelled, even when I give them tiny doses of truth behind the "wizard's curtain." Some people seem literally under a hypnotic spell. Truth be told, I was under the same spell for a few months when the "virus" first arrived.

Anyway, I will persist with educating where I can, etc. As I said though, it is so frustrating that the wonderful people in my life just can't seem to see this one big thing that will do them in. And I even get why they don't see it or won't hear it. Had I had a slightly different life path, I might be one of them.

I will continue to listen to the Taygetan materials. It's very interesting, some of the best I've heard and I've heard a lot.

I don't know on the greys though. For the last two decades I've read thousands of Near Death Experiences and I had my afterlife beliefs cemented down by that study. Then I started running across the various people who gave some pretty good evidence of the light being a trick. Even some NDE's back it up, not to mention ancient religions/texts, etc. I of course don't want it to be that way, and I hope further research at this site will dampen that negative afterlife belief. So, again, I will persist with learning more here.

And, perhaps someday I can find my way out of this dark place and get back to bringing a positive spin to this planet that needs it so much right now.

Thanks for the love and I offer the same in return. : )


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Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown

Is going far away from hi tech wave's "area" a good idea? I mean if yes there've been a lot of graphene inside us so why don't we just go to some random mountain or forest and stay there? Nano is inside but if we are ouside of those tower area, they can not imput the signal, do they? Or that wave have already surrounded all places?

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Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown

itriedmybest11 wrote:

Is going far away from hi tech wave's "area" a good idea? I mean if yes there've been a lot of graphene inside us so why don't we just go to some random mountain or forest and stay there? Nano is inside but if we are ouside of those tower area, they can not imput the signal, do they? Or that wave have already surrounded all places?

Yes, that will help - though getting rid of the graphene through living healthy will help too; not that one can live healthy really in typical 5G areas anyways. As for myself, I decided that the regressive "civilized" word equals "toxified and radiated" and thus for the most part left the "civilized world" with tremendous results.

But you can also empower yourself to be stronger than those waves via own energetic shielding, which requires changing one's lifestyle away from all the industrial fake-food and other unhealthy products. Not that healthy food is buyable/growable in a city really anyways, as bio/organic is the best to get and it is only "better" than the real crap foods (if using raw ingredients and not preprocessed stuff).

Also, the graphene and the other substances will be extrected from your body over time, hence the constant need for "booster shots".

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Helping people to self-empower and liberate themselves, and by that ultimately the whole planet and beyond. See my profile for means to connect.


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Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown

Robert369 wrote:

Also, the graphene and the other substances will be extrected from your body over time, hence the constant need for "booster shots".

First time hearing this. I thought graphene is unextractable, like the James Bond movie have said?

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Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown

itriedmybest11 wrote:
Robert369 wrote:

Also, the graphene and the other substances will be extrected from your body over time, hence the constant need for "booster shots".

First time hearing this. I thought graphene is unextractable, like the James Bond movie have said?

Yes, I am aware they said it there and even the Taygetans say so.

But we need to understand how graphene works:

  • Graphene is merely a chemical molecule (e.g. graphene oxide or hydroxide) which gets its "AI structure" from 5G and thus is merely "ballast" in your blood without it. Insofar getting out of 5G reach is helpful - but it is needed anyways if one wants to live healthy.

  • As everything, the substance has a resonance frequency, which can be used to break it apart into its base elements, which then can be excreted.

  • Also, it is possible to use positive waves to form an "AI structure" that heals the body from within from all the damage that the Cabals have caused to our bodies.

Helping people to self-empower and liberate themselves, and by that ultimately the whole planet and beyond. See my profile for means to connect.


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Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown

Lostsole, welcome! I was sorry to read about your mother, I hope you are managing to cope with that situation the best. I would like to second what Dark Owl had to say in reply to your initial message.

As well as the element of personal grieving - for the loss of someone as close as your mum in your case - it seems to me that many of us have undergone, or are undergoing, a more general grieving process. This is about the loss of (almost) everything from the past. Lives are going, society is changing, the old will never be restored. Of course, the old was a mix of the good, the bad, and the ugly, but it will never return, and that stimulates a natural feeling of loss, and grieving. I think it helps to recognise this process - it helps us to get on with what we need to do for the present and the future. Hold it like a baby in a corner of our heart, and then just get on with our valuable work...


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Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown


Thank you for the welcome and condolences. Much appreciated. : ) I'm coping a little better today.

On your main points, I agree completely. There very much is a general grieving process for all that is changing. I keep my wife informed on everything going on, and thus both of us are lamenting the coming loss of the old at times.

Also as you say, the old can be both good and bad, and no matter the bad parts, is still comfortable. An "old shoe."

So, it's scary frankly, all of this. As implied earlier, my wife is terrified of losing her child, grand kids, siblings, etc. Me also. In reality, will we really be able to deal with that in a rational way, or you folks also? I don't know?

What if loss of income threat vs papaya hits our area? All this stuff is chilling.

But, all that said, I've always been a futurist at heart, as in looking more at what lies ahead rather than the type to cling to the past. So, yes, your points have merit for me. At times I'm excited for new potentials.

I do wish that we could figure out just how much of a percentage of the nano/graphene is truly bad for all of us who are getting lighter doses. Can our body burden of these substances be measured somehow?

At what point if any does graphene change us too much? Can that ever be measured?

Or, as DarkOwl implied, does it actually need the full papaya to really be damaging? I'm currently doing all I know to dampen the effects of graphene. Ozone IV's, NAC, Quercetin, D, C, Iodine, Coll. Silver, etc.

Can graphene, etc., be chelated like a heavy metal and in the same manner as say mercury, etc.?

How much will 5G be in the mix and affecting us? Will 5G assemble nano circuitry in our bodies with the graphene only or again, does it need the papaya components also, for certain?

On the 5G note, I have all wireless items off in my home. (Is that good enough or will a visit to town assemble micro circuitry in my body?) All we get is some bleed through from neighbors. Still, is that too much? How to know? I even turn off the power at night when I sleep to rebuild my microbiome from any body voltage damage during the day.

So many questions...

Well, before I write another novel, I will stop. Thank you again for your comment.

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Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown

Robert369 wrote:

As for myself, I decided that the regressive "civilized" word equals "toxified and radiated" and thus for the most part left the "civilized world" with tremendous results.

Concepts are similar to geometric structures in some respects. The defining aspects are what limit them to their surrounding concepts. And the aspects can be considered like dimensions or coordinate systems - the 'space' or 'room' - where the concept resides. However, these are seldom orthogonal, cartesian, coordinate systems, where any triangle inequality criterion applies; each aspect is usually a concept in itself, which makes the landscape of concepts a very diverse and exciting terrain.

Discuss the message, not the messenger.


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Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown


You may be a little too far into the doom and gloom right now. The whole papaya ordeal is terrible, I know, and with how close it's affected you and your family no one can blame you for having such an outlook.

However, I would like to suggest that the damage and its manifestation may not turn out like you think. Billions won't die in the next few years. If at all it will more likely be over the course of decades, slowly enough that the average person will not notice, and in the case that they do the die off will be supported by a  narrative such as global warming. Life will go on for the average person. They may never realize the true cause. They will be ignorant to the bigger picture, and so life for them can still be happy. The vast majority so far seem to be minimally affected by the papaya, so perhaps your outlook shouldn't be so grim.

I've been coming to these terms myself lately. The papaya may be like many of the other things lost to the general population over time. Like education, spirituality, heritage, history, art, and health. In many ways modern man is fallen from those that came before, yet for the most part life carries on as normal. Remember it's you who dooms in contrast to those around you. Because you see things they do not. To them nothing has really changed. Life continues in its innocence. Tragedy may very well hit, but don't let that stop you from experiencing the joy of the moments shared with those you love. Of course you should continue to take responsibility in the ways that you do. Just don't beat yourself up so much along the way.


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Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown

Hi ikigai,

I liked your message and to be honest, at times I have that outlook. So far, it was just my mom and it was clear cut. My Dad isn't doing so well health wise, new heart stuff, etc., but it's hard to say if it's the 3rd papaya for certain. I mean he's 84, so...

My daughter has new bruising she didn't have before 3rd papaya? Who knows?

Everyone else in the family and my wife's family is fine so far, or at least they have not told us anything. I imagine this is the case for others at this forum, that they are not seeing anything obvious yet with friends and family.

However, then if I go looking for latest V a e r s info or E u d r a v i g i l a n c e info, or papaya injury sites, then I worry myself all over again.

But yeah, you could be right and some scientists and doctors say so. This could be spread out over many years of slowly failing immune systems to the point I or you, may be second guessing what if anything is going on even with our knowledge. Or, maybe the vast majority will be minimally affected as you said. Maybe a papaya cure will be found?

Your first part of the last paragraph made me think of something I told my wife the other day.

We humans often only think in terms of the now and measure our reality by that. For instance, when the doctor takes your blood and tells you that your various tests are normal, he's measuring you against a median of a sick population that eats crap, etc. But the patient feels good about himself that he's "normal."

Or, There's the story of this photo of fisherman posed with their catch a century ago. The fish were as big as they were. Many decades later the old photo was forgotten and new photos had fisherman with big smiles, but fish were only a foot or two long. That was their new normal and they were excited about something that was so much less. They also didn't see how much their environment was damaged from before.

So yes, that is us in various ways. I agree completely we are fallen from who we were in certain ways, but some of us are rising up from that I think.

I'm finding this "fallen" thing out as I learn to can food for food storage for the first time. Lol.

In response to your last bit, yes on that as well. I chose to take the red pill and there are consequences.

But, as you say, try and let the others live their lives and be happy with them in the moment. Love them in the moment. After all, this reality is just a fiction anyway made up of waves, particles and space. Maybe don't let it strike so deep, right?

I've actually recently stopped educating people I know on papaya stuff. It was just bringing them down or making them think I'm off my rocker. They either didn't want to know, or refused to believe or both. So, I said to myself, let it go, let them live their lives. What happens happens, and I don't know for absolute sure on any of this anyway.

That's my long way of saying I agree with you and I appreciate your thoughts on the matter. : )

However, all that said, I will continue to prepare for the worst myself like with food storage, long term power backup, etc. Just. In. Case.

I'm editing this message to clarify something to not sound contradictory. Earlier in the thread I said I would keep teaching people and here I'm saying I have stopped. What I mean by those statements, is I will keep teaching and supporting those who are open to anti papaya, etc., and wish to learn more. But, I'm done trying to convince those who have their mind made up that anti paypa, etc., is bad.

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Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown

Well, I just read the latest Aneeka graphene message and think I slipped down a few pegs of hope. Sigh...

But, thanks for asking those questions regardless Robert. Better to have a realistic view than false unicorns and rainbows.

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Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown

lostsole wrote:

Well, I just read the latest Aneeka graphene message and think I slipped down a few pegs of hope. Sigh...

But, thanks for asking those questions regardless Robert. Better to have a realistic view than false unicorns and rainbows.

This is from a conversation Robert had with Aneeke a few days ago in Spanish (translated below). Not sure if that is what you read but I am including it for others to read.


Despejando Enigmas
09 January 2022
Video link.- … nt=channel

Anéeka of Temmer.- You know what? I cannot answer questions about enzymes and cancers in detail if I do not have study subjects and laboratory samples from the subjects. I only have computer models, simulations, which, although detailed, are not the “terrain”, like a map it is not the terrain.

Robert.- I can imagine Anéeka.

Anéeka of Temmer.- What I see is that they ask if it has the same etiology, graphene. So they want me to provide solutions at the cellular chemical level of the patients to help them, and there I have no information to share. What I must say as an explanation is that the vaccine with all its components will make it more evident with all its components or will attack the weak points of each person where they already had a previous problem, the symptoms will manifest there. Then each person will react differently, they will have different symptoms to the vaccine, and since they are different they will not relate it to the vaccine as the cause, but everything comes from there.

Robert.- Each person will react differently.

Anéeka of Temmer.- Again, and with all good intentions, they want to help each patient individually, it is understandable, but they keep trying to solve the symptoms, not solving the cause, and the cause is the vaccine. If you don’t want that result, then don’t put it in, period. But with all my technology there is not much I can do from here.

Robert.- But they should know that once vaccinated there is no going back, of course! Do not do it, period.

Anéeka of Temmer.- It is what we have shouted for more than a year.

Robert.- Yes, you don’t do miracles, besides the vaccine is VOLUNTARY.

Anéeka of Temmer.- Once set, it is a constant progression of accumulation of evils until the final outcome: DEATH, and we cannot reverse it even from here. The vaccine is designed to cause a progressive collapse of the human body, the fact that some die immediately is testament to how toxic it is, but the intention by design of the vaccine is a progressive accumulation of diseases throughout the body over time leading to death. Time and type of evil that will depend on each subject, progressively manifesting in their personal weak points, so if a person has chronic kidney problems, it will manifest there first, and those with heart problems, there, and those with immunological or diabetic problems those problems will increase.

Robert.- Yes, and the more doses you take, the faster all that will go.

Anéeka of Temmer.-That’s right, exactly.

Robert.- The solution is not to get vaccinated. There are no silver bullets.

Anéeka of Temmer.- We also saw something, you will understand why it is delicate. We found that there is an apparent degradation of active graphene in the body, but we do not know to what degree. According to other researchers that we saw looking for reference for what we saw here in the computerized model, graphene degrades after three months, which is why they push to put in more doses.
The problem is that if people know this they will say that getting vaccinated is not that bad, the problem is this too, and this is information from our Toleka laboratory, not from human sources: It is not that there is a degradation of graphene, as indicated by the terrestrial data that even share a body mechanism with which it is eliminated, wrong by the way, according to our data. It is not a degradation of the injected graphene, but rather that the material or the amount of the injected graphene has been assimilated or has found its place in the tissues of the human body, so they need more doses to cause the total change of the DNA in a more accelerated way and not with the normal process of cell duplication.
So the graphene is not degrading, it has only been attached to the tissues and they need to put more into people so that there is a saturation of the material in the cells. Then young people will have a greater chance of being able to assimilate the genetic change and become soulless, remotely controlled biological robots, while the elderly and weak, or those with genetic or physical problems will be destined for extermination. With this, the type of biology or the type or human genetic variant that can assimilate the transhumanist change is filtered, filtering them from the rest of the Lyrian human population.
In other words, the vaccines are destined to find those who have certain genetic characteristics that are useful to the controllers. And those are the ones that have an affinity with the reptilian races and Maitré among other variants and with other names like Vlash, for example, making people their hybrids and under their control. It is a filtering system to exterminate and remove the seeds of the so-called positive races from the Earth and leave only the human components that are genetically related to themselves, do I explain myself?

Robert.- Yes, there will be regressive seeds that will be compatible with those vaccines. This is an invasion.

Anéeka of Temmer.- Graphene is not being degraded, it is being used as designed and more material is needed. So, already said like this, with this information already more complete, I think that it could be said to the public. The tricky part is that they do not end up thinking that because it degrades it is safe if they put it in more than three months ago, because it is not like that. A single dose can be lethal and will depend on who is inside.

Robert.- And clearly say that there is no remedy once inoculated. Yes, who’s in these bio suits. Well, graphene doesn’t break down, it adapts and finds a place in the body and needs more and more doses.

Anéeka of Temmer.- Yes.

Robert.- Let them see that this is bad. DO NOT GET VACCINATED ANY MORE. No one is going to be responsible for the side effects since it is VOLUNTARY and that they are going to continue vaccinating them because their bodies need more graphene so that they can mutate faster.

Anéeka of Temmer.- Saying that the body eliminates it is irresponsible. I do not doubt that it eliminates it to some extent, the body from the beginning tries to do that, and it will eliminate a portion, but not all, and the rest is that which has already adapted and entered the cells, and the surplus that they would detect since the body is eliminating it, is that which has already fulfilled its mission.

Robert.- And one question: do you know what graphene index the body supports before suddenly

Anéeka of Temmer.- It depends on each organism. There is no index, for some the simple contact with a vaccinated person, with whatever the little that is passed by the rubbing of the cheeks in a greeting kiss can be fatal, for others they need more doses, many injections and all that, It depends on the biology of each person.

Robert.- Yes, it will come out like the Morgellons*, through the eyes and on any side or part of the body.

Anéeka of Temmer.- In part they are, yes, the body trying to eliminate graphene. Once vaccinated there is no solution. It is that they fight against specific symptoms that appear in each vaccinee, when the problem is complete and total, it is not my fault, but the truth is that they are far gone.

(*) Morgellons disease or syndrome
Also known as: skin creeping disease
A controversial and poorly understood skin condition characterized by the presence of small fibers embedded or
emerging from the skin. Treatments can help control the disease there is no known cure. Infrequently requires lab tests or scans May last for years or a lifetime

* * *

Transcribed by an Toni Ruiz of Sociedad Taygeta Documentary Fund … oup_header
English translation by SpaceMonkey of Taygetean Disclosure - English Transcripts

Most experiences are unsayable, they happen in a space that no word has ever entered    Rainer Maria Rilke


#15 2022-01-12 07:58:12


Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown

Hello Beautiful Spirit,

We have heard that this world is a dream. And we have been told that we each are identifying as an "avatar" that doesn't really exist. We are not the avatars in Truth -- we are whole, complete beams of Light in full connection with Source.

Here are some tidbits from Swaruu in "Why Do We Suffer." (#25)

"People in the Matrix, that 3d Matrix or this 5d Matrix are not living in a world. The world is the result of their thoughts. It's a mirror, an exact mirror of their thoughts. What you focus on, you get."

"You've been hacked by the negative ones to make you manifest hurtful things and suffering in general. That's the Matrix hack. They are good people, but even being good people, if they are still in the VICTIM MODE and focusing on the wrong things, then that's what they will get."

"Remember, you must be on guard always! You must always be watching over your thoughts, frequency, and reactions. If you ramble off, then your rambling thoughts will take over your life."

"You must focus on what you want, not on what you don't want."

So what do "we" want? Our egos (false identity) want the material world. But the material world is an escape from our Truth!  because our Truth is not the temporary form in the Matrix of time, space, and death cult.

Our Truth is Source connection always, receiving from Source and giving what we receive -- Life and Love. Our Truth is eternal Oneness with Source and Creation. Swaruu has explained how the 5d matrix world (that she dreams) was hijacked to be severely limited into a simulation which is the 3d matrix world (what we dream).

Our Truth is that we are each Sovereign and yet Whole in Source. We are perfect ideas in the Mind of God. We have not left that Truth. We only think we are "here" in the dream of separation. Swaruu has explained that transcending duality is recognizing contradictory thoughts, such as that you experience feelings of helplessness and suffering as the 3d avatar, but you recognize that your essence, your higher self, your Truth, is your Self, where no suffering can ever be. She says "You manifest whatever you focus on. So if it's suffering, then it will be more suffering." So why do we suffer? because we CHOOSE it, but we don't realize it. We think the outside world is imposing itself on us. We think we are suffering its effects. How do we free ourselves from these beliefs and thoughts?

When we ask for help from Source Intelligence and allow to be shown -- when we make a space in our minds to see things differently -- when we observe that our thoughts are not our truth but only programming, then we are led "home" in a gentle path. But we must be willing to release the fear, guilt, anger, and oppression that Swaruu describes in transcript "#24. Karma." We need each other because we are all connected. There is an etheric realm from which matter emanates, but we don't see it! That's why we can't know by ourselves in this 3d dream, but Source Intelligence will guide us. That's the beauty of it; that's the reason for waking up in the morning; that's the knowing we remind ourselves and each other of in each moment. Thanks for posting.


#16 2022-01-12 13:41:00


Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown

I'm sorry, but death is also an exit mechanism, according to the soul agreement. Therefore, whether you have gained experience is the most important. There is no death, we are just intertwined harmonics, it exists forever. We need to find out at the metaphysical level. So Yazhi said that the important thing is not to change DNA and destroy the body, because it is temporary. The real control is the long-term mental control, which makes you afraid and limited. Reduce the human frequency through large-scale injection, so as to complete the permanent change of DNA.

We need to change the focus of consciousness. Realize that life is eternal. Don't stick to your old identity. Otherwise, it brings strong duality and will suppress the expansion of our consciousness.


#17 2022-01-12 16:52:48


Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown

Hi all,

DarkOwl, yes, that is the message I was referring to. Thank you for putting it up here. I didn't even think to do that. It was interesting, albeit depressing.

Sandy_Beach, I enjoyed your post. I'm not sure if I have read the message you are drawing from, but generally, I resonate with your entire post. As I indicated in the start of the thread, I've covered many spiritual tangents over many years from channels, ET's, etc. So, everything you/they said in your message I felt has merit to me.

For me personally, altering my perception constantly to think and perceive in the manner you/they say, is often easier said than done. I get sucked back into the illusion, suffering, victim mode, etc., and ramble off as you say far too easily. Something I need to work on further. I question often where the actual threshold is of this mass consciousness reality vs my own creative thoughts and what can practically, genuinely, be changed by the way I think. I can drive myself nutty trying to figure it out at times.

But, there are those times that I can calm my thoughts down and find peace, or see the wider source/no ego perspective as you say, and realize in those moments there is nothing to figure out. Rather, just point myself in the broad direction where I want to go (thoughts wise) and let the universe paint me that way in its own divine strokes and timing. But, staying in that peaceful place is difficult, especially of late.

So, I do understand what all was said in your post. It's more a matter of applying it daily, so the reminder was helpful for me, and I'm sure for others here. Thank you.

WXMM, I could say the same above to your message. I appreciate your thoughts and I agree with what you/they said. I will add that I used to believe we came here as souls to "grow" and mature in our experiences. Now, I think perhaps our core existence here is simply to experience unique things for experience's sake. (Much as it can suck at times.) I no longer believe our souls need to "grow" as they are already perfect to source.

I also like the way you worded this. "There is no death, we are just intertwined harmonics, it exists forever."


#18 2022-01-12 17:09:04


Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown

Perhaps a stupid question in general in relation to the new message above from Aneeka. The question is in regards to this Aneeka statement.

"Anéeka of Temmer.- You know what? I cannot answer questions about enzymes and cancers in detail if I do not have study subjects and laboratory samples from the subjects. I only have computer models, simulations, which, although detailed, are not the “terrain”, like a map it is not the terrain."

I wondered as I lay awake last night, if the Greys and other ET's have been coming here for eons and taking thousands, perhaps millions of humans aboard their ships for various purposes, then why can't the Taygetans pick up a Papayaed person (willing participant) and a partially exposed person, like myself or similarly exposed, for instance, and do all the tests they need to do?

I imagine she would say because the Federation would not allow it, but again, that doesn't seem to stop all the other ET's who take or experiment on us.

Or, at the very least come down and take human samples, or have someone here take human samples and get those samples to them in the same manner they were able to test the papayas in the first place. 

I guess I don't get the stumbling block here.


#19 2022-01-13 00:28:55


Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown

Hi Grivehn,

Thank you sincerely for the condolences on our family tragedy. And yeah, I know I'm not alone. So many people lost these last couple of years. Very sad times indeed. But, I am trying to handle my grief with balance, at least just lately. Been focusing on food storage and survival stuff as indicated earlier, trying not to think of Mom or death in general.

Also, since you said I'm not alone, have you suffered a terrible loss in your family?

On the rest of your message, I don't have much of a response really, other than to say it was an interesting set of perspectives. I suppose at times we as humans think we matter more than perhaps we do to other races and beings out there.

You said, "Either way, this is all the help humanity is getting. Take it or leave it, the others dont even give this much."

I think you are right, take it or leave it. : /

Thanks for your thoughts!


#20 2022-01-13 12:53:21


Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown

Grivehn, I'm sorry to hear of your loss also. sad Be it friend or family, it makes no difference the hurt we go through. The blood clot issue sure seems to be the big killer world wide. I'm hoping my Dad's new "heart murmur" isn't a bad sign.

You mentioned she was a kind person. This is what I mean when I say why? There's so many wonderful people being hurt by this that would never have a clue in a million years about the sort of things we at this forum read or know, but just because they have that one shortcoming of knowledge, they take the papaya and get royally screwed. So brutally unfair.

You said, "There is some speak going about humans being some 'Chosen ones' destined to enlighten the entire galaxy, if only we can just save ourselves first. Who knows how much of it is true, or its just giving false hope."

A lot of the channels I've read for decades now, basically all say this in general. I've wondered if it's all BS or not. So, I agree with your sentiments.

You said, "Now its unavoidable. For all the losses, discrimination, hard situations and suffering, thank your higher selves, I guess."

This comment made me think of something I read over at (Great site and well worth reading the numerous theories he has on NDE's the light and many other topics.)

This lady below claims to be psychic and has something to say about higher selves/souls, etc. I pasted in a snippet, but there's quite a bit more to her rant if you care to read it. I'm not vouching for her. I just thought it was interesting. … g-NDE.html


"Excuses about Karma don't move me. I am a nice person and most people are. Souls don't like us and many don't even know how to operate us. I am disgusted that not one Guide will come down here and console me for what occurred . . . and explain it, or show me love or consideration.

Here is how it works: They are told it is a School or Game. The Game on The Limitation Plane.  Earth School. One-third of our lives WE are asleep. They are not veiled and that is play time, the creeps.

We are NOT Souls. Only part of our consciousness is their consciousness. I found my Soul to be unlike me and set up a rather vengeful retaliation program. Gotta love the Programming part, eh? What a crock!  Well, we can also undo a lot of that programming, Stewart Swerdlow tries to help people do that all the time.

The Demiurge in fact DOES have to do what he does - I know him all too well. There is a balance which MUST be kept, It IS his Game. It was never meant to be.  He has copies of Akashic Records, which can be taken out JUST LIKE NETFLIX and he sticks poor Souls in various characters and THEY are forced to lead lives of HELL, not to mention he puts some of his "demons" (negative polarity beings) in the roles of people who were supposed to be Helpful, or a Soulmate or a Friend or a Karmic Intersection meant to allow us to teach a lesson, etc.  Just the opposite will occur.  Those intersections will be terrible. Mine were obvious! I just deconstructed my entire Life Plan in Baltmore.

The Game has been hacked, in other words.  Akashic Records are NOT safe and inviolate. 

The Demiurge's name is "Maratona."  Call him that. He HATES it.  Maratona's Armada!  (Satan's Army)

You know what they call us? "Marionette Amore!"  "Love Puppets."

He can mess with us any which way he pleases. Yes, we can cancel the contracts ALL SOULS MUST MAKE WITH HIM or they cannot Game here. Think Holo-video Game. We already have this coming in the Human World. Why doubt it exists? The entire world is a Holographic Universe (Universal Games) and "Source" is NOT "All That Is.”  Those Hollywood movies are SO obvious, too!

Souls trapped in one of those "Games" are in a Life Movie already lived by other Souls. They claim they are using those Lives as Video Instructions. B.S.  They get ENERGY out of OUR SUFFERING.  Period! The poor human "characters" have NO CLUE why "life sucks and then you die," "most men live lives of quiet desperation."  Guess why!

I pray for DEATH, I tell you. Rod Sterling cannot beat THIS story. Your Soul is your WORST enemy!  The Light is only a frequency of vibration which FEELS GOOD to Souls, so they are taught that is “love” and Souls are often Firefly Entities. Why would they care about us?

I was one.  They are impossible to understand.  And I am pretty darn good at communicating with them!

We cannot think the way they do.  It is not possible. We have short lives!

Man has been messed with for ages. Now they have the Internet. Our lives are ALL scripted, filmed, rehearsed, reviewed, previewed, you-name-it.

We can break the Game. I keep trying. Everything is MIND. All of it.

I HATE "The Light" - because they OWE me an explanation of what happened to me at my legally owned home - so awful and malevolent and sadistic I had to move and auction off all my stuff! If it were not for my daughter I'd be dead now.

I was dead. Dead. Dead for good.  Not a true NDE. Dead."

This NDE about the Demiurge is also quite interesting. … cript.html

Sorry again you lost your friend.


#21 2022-01-15 17:38:05


Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown

Hi Grivehn,

I nodded my head while reading your entire message. Many great points. I think we are similar in perspectives. It's not that I want to be cynical, negative or ultra questioning. In fact, years into my NDE study, I was very positive in my thinking, in that despite this life sucks, at least the after life should be pretty cool, I thought back then. Then, I found all the tricked by the light stuff and other alt theories that potentially blew apart the NDE vision of happy fluffy bunnies post death.

The prison planet concepts, or the humans are criminals from other planets sent here for misbehaving, etc. etc., sort of hypotheses makes a lot more rational sense given how this world is and has been. I'll admit to not having gone through all of this sites ideas on post life, but I imagine they have yet another interesting take on it to throw in the growing pile of at times widely differing potentials.

So many theories from so many beings out there, beings that we each ourselves can't see nor hear directly to verify. Us common folk have to trust the messengers, the psychics, channelers, etc. And, even if we could all see and hear these beings directly, could we trust them then? People on Earth lie constantly to our face. Who to trust, really?

I want to trust, but perhaps too much at times, letting my guard down. And even if I could trust, which one of the many "how it is beyond life, or up there in space" theories do I buy into? Like religion, there are so many ideas about it in the alt arena.

In the tricked by the light theory, it burned me up that possibly the greys would put on a "family member suit" and pretend to be a deceased loved one in an NDE and then force you back into Earth life, because, you know, "you have work left to do." Really, who's work? Who says? So much for free will. Most NDE'ers want to stay in the light but are shoved right back into their bodies.

If interested, here's a person that did a great deep dive summary on the matrix/demiurge/light trick, etc. It is probably the theory that holds the most water for me personally, but as you imply, who the f__ck knows? … _10_years/

Here's an NDE below that freaked me out at the time, about the possible, unpleasant incarnation wheel.

Weird thing was, shortly after reading the wheel NDE, I was on a psychedelic site where the forum members were talking about using the drug salvia divinorum, and several of them described seeing the same sort of wheel in their trips. Very strange.

Maybe don't check just yet. I'll try not to myself. : ) Thanks for your message!


#22 2022-01-16 08:27:39


Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown

OP, nearly everything you said described my state of mind right now. I haven't directly experienced anyone close dying, however, I see the writing on the wall and know it will happen soon. Just a few minutes ago I was texting one of my closest friends. They had a kidney issue last week and just found out they they are also diabetic now. While we were talking about it, they mentioned that their immune system feels weaker and that they've been getting colds more often. They said this on their own. I didn't ask about it. This is someone who works out every day, eats healthy, and was in much better physical shape than me up until they took the papayas. It's sobering to realize this is all really happening.

In regards to your Mad Max scenario. Yeah, I think that's more or less what's in store for us. A supposed "Elite Insider" posted an "AMA" on 4chan's /pol/ boards a few days ago. Similar to the Taygetans, even without absolute proof, the information they provided intuitively felt authentic and fell directly in line with Gosia's videos... especially the one covering the Vatican's control structure, concepts of which they touched on.

Anyways, they said that 2025 is when this is projected to reach its peak. However, that deaths will greatly accelerate as this year progresses. I know people like us often talk about how it's odd that the "Controllers" would poison their own sheep while letting the smart ones escape the vaccines. But, the implication was that chances are few will survive even if they're unvaxxed in all the chaos. They said this was designed to be a challenging test that only the strongest would survive... a very Cabal way to describe mass genocide.

Regardless of if that's exactly what happens or not, I think it's guaranteed that very tough times are in store for us. I'm not afraid, though (at least I try not to be). We are the top .1% who have the inside knowledge of what is coming. All your family and friends who can't even begin to absorb this information will be caught off guard. They're the ones I worry for because I don't want them to suffer.


#23 2022-01-16 15:29:43


Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown

Hi Pymander,

Pretty freaky about your friend for sure. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope it turns out to be nothing. I would offer hopeful words, but... : (

I think I mentioned earlier in the thread my daughter and father now have new weird blood related issues, bruising and heart concerns. I have to force all of this stuff out of my mind to even function.

In regards to your Mad Max comments, that is interesting about the insider, in a depressing way. Those 2025 predictions you mentioned all seem quite possible given what is going on. I myself have felt there's about a two to three year window.

As said earlier, I'm trying to prep where and how I can, but I already had bad immune system issues long before this papaya mess, so I doubt I'll have the health and fortitude to survive the "challenging test," even with being prepped up a bit.

I think my two biggest concerns are first, the banking system/money being shut down by the Cabal. I've heard they recently did a "practice run" of this. (Like they did an operation before papaya as well.) I don't remember what the operations were called. (Memory failing is one of my immune problems.) And, then I've heard they may shut down the grid. Both potentials are terrifying. Those are where I start hoping that all of this isn't really going to happen.

I just looked into solar + battery for my home, and to really replace all power will be $60K, maybe $40K if I use a lot less power post grid down. So much money for an "if." I might do a whole house natural gas generator for 10K. Anyway, this isn't a prepper's forum, so I'll leave it at that. I do live in a small, tight knit Mormon town in rural Idaho, USA, so hopefully a community like this might fare a bit better than other places post SHTF.

As for fear of impending doom, I float in and out of it. I'll have a day I'm fine, perhaps telling myself this above is all conspiracy theory and not real. Ha! But, then the reality of it creeps back in, my stomach starts hurting and then it feels like cement blocks are on my shoulders again. So, up and down, up and down, on all of this all the time now.

The hope I'll offer for today, is I read a lot of different sites and opinions on papaya, etc., and there's a sense on several of those sites that the tide is changing, that people are waking up in far greater numbers to what is going on. Maybe that will help? But, even so, massive numbers have been papayaed already, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks for your message!


#24 2022-01-16 16:05:08


Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown


You said, "Doesnt tell you what you want to hear, but some cold, harsh truths. Telling how it is."

That is exactly why I am here also listening to the Taygetans. Although I admit to hoping some of what they say are not truths. But...

You said, "About NDE's as you eloquently shortened it, no personal experiences to add, so its all hearsay to me."

I actually created a theory about NDE's years ago that I sent to Jeff Long the head of NDERF and the author of several renowned NDE books. The theory is called "Opposite Theory." Jeff liked the ideas and said he would include some of them in a future book.

The ideas take a full essay to relay normally, but in brief, in the theory I attempt to prove the NDE is a genuine out of body experience in a new way. The principle is based on people coming out of the experience knowing what they could not possibly know before, (especially children) and more importantly, they come out with beliefs and experiences completely opposite of their life conditioning. And, we are talking in the thousands of NDE's I've read.

I've thought about this for decades and can't fathom how the experiences are not real. But, as mentioned, now I see them as maybe not such a good thing, real or not.

Three quick opposite theory examples: (There are quite a few more)

- Life review process is completely the opposite of a born again Christian's life conditioning of heaven, hell and judgement, as well as most other people's after life views.

Life reviews are CRAZY different (and consistent) from what anyone would expect or be able to conjure up in their standard human brains.

- Telepathy is used in ALL NDE's. This is completely opposite of all people's life conditioning. Everyone talks with their mouth in life, so if the NDE were just a hallucination, then why not talk with their mouths?

- 360 degree vision. Many NDE'ers experience this. Why? Their entire lives they see with two eyes straight ahead. If the NDE is a hallucination, why do many experiencers have this same 360 degree vision opposite of their conditioning?

It's pretty interesting and at least proves to me absolutely that we do go on after we die, but to what?

I imagine I'm derailing my own thread's topics, so I'll shut up now. Lol.

You said, "Trying to enjoy myself as usual in alternative worlds, as this one brings me little to no joy whatsoever."

I'm taking the above as "gaming." If that is correct, I'm doing the same! PS5 is finally arriving shortly! There's one thing to be happy about!

I also liked your kick the grey's ass comment. I've been planning the same. There's a pro OBE guy on Tricked by the Light, and he talks extensively about his numerous experiences battling the greys and their memory wiping attempts while out of body.

I've appreciated our communication. Hope your day is decent, all things considered.


#25 2022-01-17 17:12:23


Re: Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown


I would send a private message to ask this as it is not relevant to this thread, but I don't see that this forum has that functionality. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I would like to ask you a question or two about your writing. I set my email to visible temporarily if you care to share anything about your writing. I assume my email should be visible in my profile now.

I'm asking because of a project I'm working on that involves writing and media. No big deal if you don't wish to share anything further.


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