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#1 2020-10-01 21:53:09

Interesting extraterrestrial races

If it fits in this place, I'd like to post some information about extraterrestrial races here and hear what you feel fascination towards.

Information about the YahYel race:
I'm glad someone reposted this video. It was originally up on Universe Inside You channel two years ago.

They appear to be the descendants of our ancestors who left this planet very long time ago. Looking forward to interacting with the members. Also I love the heads. Their channelings have been easy to understand.

I would say Urmah, YahYel and Alpha Draconians feel close to me where I am today.

Film footage videos of Zeta Reticuli from Ivan0135 YouTube Channel: … hJfWw5UcDw … sp=sharing
(Two members of Zeta Reticuli and photographs of spacecraft in air and on land)

Zeta Reticuli also have aesthetically shaped heads and arms which I am fond of.

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