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us court says vaccinated people are now "products" or "goods"

The US Supreme Court ruled that vaccinated people around the world are now "products", or patented goods, and are no longer human under US law.
  By vaccinating with modified DNA or RNA, a person ceases to be a human and becomes the property of the patentee of the mRNA vaccine.  Their genome is no longer human, but "trans-human", a category that does not exist in human rights.
  The characteristics of the natural man and all rights that result from them are lost.  This applies to the whole world.
  SOURCE of this decision of the US Supreme Court in PDF: … 8_1b7d.pdf

Being a patented entity also means the Human Rights Act, nor State Rights, no longer apply to you as you're effectively 'trans-human'.

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Re: us court says vaccinated people are now "products" or "goods"

This "decision" is rather old and part of the Cabal-instigated preparational rulings for their long ago planned agenda, but obviously it violates so many laws that it is not getting anywhere really except to cause fear-mongering:

  • Altering DNA via deception and against someone's will obviously cannot make them a "property".  Especially since the addition is minimal only and not even invented by the patent holder but by ETs.

  • In fact, adding something patented to anything cannot make the whole a property of the patent owner, especially if done without knowing of the "user". In fact, no patent can do this - otherwise a technical device to which hundreds of patents apply would be owned by who ?

  • Saying that "Human Rights" do not cover Trans-Human" is silly, because a Human is not its body but the entirety of its existence - especially the soul. The used vessel obviously is irrelevant - just like Dracos and many other ETs incarnate as Humans and still are what they truly are but in a different shape.

  • "Patent laws" are corporate "house rules" and can neither beat state law nor universal/natural law. This applies especially to international agreements like "Human Rights".

The above are just some quick thoughts on the matter, and I am sure that many more apply. I say that this is simply fear-mongering to which only "true-blood sheeplings" will comply. Or those who were made brainless/obedient drones by the vaxx.

No matter what, this type of fear-mongering is old, as in the past a signature to apply for an "ID card" already allegedly voided one's Human Rights, because through the (generally unknown!) contract behind holding this "ID card" one agrees to be a rightless slave. In some countries, this is even explicitly written in their laws, though most people wouldn't understand what these laws actually mean. Insofar this "you now are our slave/property" isn't exactly new - and invalid as always.

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