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Don't be afraid of the Unknown

How to manifest  Miracles in your life

Make no mistake by thinking that I will talk about cozy, rosy fairy tales. Just wanted to catch your attention.

Therefore lets  start with the tale of two great thinkers coming from different background but ending up in common ground – David Bohm and Jiddu Krishnamurti … rld-order/

Key words:
Entropy –  turns into Order  through focused Intent – which leads to increase in Power - Power supports Life – by creating positive Changes .

“One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end.”
― Krishnamurti

Being a quiet, contemplative child who got exposed rather early to the harshness of the so called real world, somehow I ended up with a cocoon of sparkling sphere of light manifested around me in times of great distress :

-    First I noticed it when I was 8 yr old, standing by my mother’s coffin at her funerals.  There I experienced  these  sparkles of awareness and I understood with great clarity everything that was happening and what involved. I was calm, with heightened understanding, but nothing I saw disturbed this inner peace. Because in that state I KNEW what was happening and what the consequences would be.

Of course this state of mind disappeared shortly and I had to experienced the whole ranges of emotional and mental storms that being human involves.

-    During my university years I understand the stupidity and the futility of the pedagogic system. One day during an exam session I asked for knowledge - more specifically  I sent a silent thought to the Universe : “Is there another way of learning, that is not so tenuous, boring and hard?”.

Of course I didn’t wait for an answer. So I just relaxed – the next moment I was out in outer space among galaxies, nebula, stars and planets. I have never seen a photograph of interstellar space before, as we were living at the time in a socialist regime and there were no scientific programs or books of this kind.
I noticed that I had no limbs, no physical body,  I was just a speck of consciousness. When I wondered where they could have gone, suddenly my body and limbs appeared again. I decided that I can do without them, and they promptly disappeared again.
So,  I was floating there, then a turned my attention to a certain point and I noticed a wave of scintillating light generating and flowing towards me. With it came the understanding that when I merge with the wave the whole knowledge of that sector will be instantaneously mine.
And then I remember the Earth – and again I realize that now I could watch the most grandiose events  of ascension of humanity or the most disastrous  falls, nothing can disturb my peace of mind  because I KNOW WHY is all happening.

Well,  I can’t explain more about this sphere of light, that it kept appearing in situation when I got shocks do to some unexpected actions, so here’s just another example:
-    I took a dog of my friend for a walk in the forest, up in the mountains. It was a small, nervous dog who only once escaped outside to be hit promptly by a car. But I had no problem with him, so I removed the leash and we had a nice walk. Upon returning, he ran a bit ahead and then I noticed two large shepherd dogs coming towards him, like some death centered ballistic rockets.
I felt helpless and terrified – I was too far from them to intervene in any manner, and I knew that they would tear him to pieces in a second.  In this moment of immense stress a sound came out of me, carrying my intent to stop them. Again, the sparkles showed up and the sphere appeared and started to extend carrying my voice – when it reached the shepherd dogs, their stopped in their movement. Then, as in a movie "in slow motion", I saw every detail of their limbs slowly moving as they turned around and went away. I ran there and put the leash on the dog and went home safely.

There were many more different circumstances when this phenomenon got repeated.  For some of them I found some explanations in C Castaneda's books. By the way, they largely happened before I got a chance to read the books.  I also  recognized similarities in Swaruu and Yazhi teachings.
Some of them taught me how to address some tough cases of my clients. And it worked – provided I was shocked myself into inspiration, ha-ha !

Needless to say, I haven’t perfected my life to the point that I could choose all I want to experience with solutions already in my pocket…far from this.

But it would be nice to see your take on these kind of experiences, maybe what was your experience in the unknown’s uncharted territory?  I am sure we can expand our knowledge and application of these unwritten laws to bring more serenity, power and self sufficiency in our life.

I really would like to know Yazhi's opinion on this.

Thank you All !

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Re: Don't be afraid of the Unknown

Hi everybody,

First, I want to thank Gosia for the latest transcript about Jupiter where, if I am not too presumptuous, I was given an answer to what I would love to have an answer, namely the scintillating field that I've seen in moments of great intensity and intent


"Also human beings are the sum of cells and microorganisms living inside them. The
cells of the body are the population, the body is a community not a unit. So it is the
same way with the most basic things to the most complex. It is composed of smaller
pieces of consciousness, all interconnected in an energetic field of consciousness.
This field is misunderstood, and it is something quite tangible, it is gravity. Gravity is
the flow from a point of observation of a consciousness to the observed point, or of

So, it could be gravity (I hope my prejudice excluded), this hard to define force, intelligence, consciousness, you name it, which fascinated me since I first heard of it in this context, not just gravitational acceleration, etc.

I read, lets say, a definition of gravity which I liked, and it goes like this - "Gravity is manipulated by sound when thought manipulated by gravity chooses to produce sound which manipulates gravity".

Well, I did not use though, all the time, a sound to "stop the world"[ that is my mind, my limited believes] just intent. But sound was also mentioned many times along history as a creative act.

And here, by posting, I intended, in a respectful manner, to get an answer - and it seems that it came.

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