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Deletion of post 43. It was necessary.

“ For he who is truly AWARE OF WHO HE IS, and of his room for maneuver in the world, need NOT harm anyone.”

To do no harm.

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Some corrections:

JimiPickle wrote:

Consciousness is what sees, not the eyes. The eyes produce an image but the eyes do not posses the knowledge of what is being seen.

It is VISION=CONSCIOUSNESS that "sees", but this VISION, is not the "seeing" of objects or recognizing bodies, galaxies, etc. (this is fundamental to understand correctly) VISION DOES NOT NEED TO SEE OBJECTS TO SEE. Or what is the same thing CONSCIOUSNESS DOES NOT NEED THE WORLD/UNIVERSE OUT THERE TO KNOW ITSELF.

All the work we are doing is to bring you into "this form of VISION". This means that we are turning the mind upon ITSELF and in turning the mind upon ITSELF, it is realized that what we TRULY ARE IS ONLY VISION OF MYSELF THAT IS BEYOND thought, even beyond EXISTING, and even beyond the very idea of CONSCIOUSNESS and even beyond the idea of VISION.

JimiPickle wrote:

Same for all the senses. The senses sense, but it is consciousness that understands what is being sensed.

Let's investigate this proposition you make and see if we have verified correctly...
If the senses felt, "they would know that they are". That is, does the ear hear you? and, does the taste savor you? and, does the touch touch touch you? and, do the eyes see you? and, does the brain think you?
Neither the ear hears you, nor the taste tastes you, nor the touch touch touches you, nor the eyes see you, nor the brain thinks you. They, the senses, do NOT know that YOU ARE.

On the other hand, "if it is the consciousness that understands what it feels". What understanding was there, is there, of what sensation, when no sense knows that YOU ARE?  This "consciousness" that says "that consciousness understands that it feels", is still JimiPickle's "I" consciousness. I'll put it another way, if the sense organs were to disappear including the brain, how would JimiPickle be understood to feel?.... To understand that you feel is NOT to know that you ARE. Knowing that you ARE, does not depend on the senses or JimiPickle.

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I opened the door
and your Presence entered
like a sword,
without asking.


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Agree, the vision that is being seen, in the mind space, is not done through the eyes, brain or by any effort of Jimipickle. From BEYOND is the best word choice for this awareness and with focused effort a sensation of infinite space if observed. Another description would be ABOVE the vessel. This VISION=CONSCIOUSNESS exists without the need for the vessel.

Thank you for the new references, they were most helpful in SEEING what is being seen and UNDERSTANDING what is being understood.

Edit: due to unexpected events, dedicated time to this current practice has been limited. The moments spent pondering are frequently interrupted. An attempt was made last night, but I feel asleep. This interruption to the lives here should return to normal Saturday.

The VISION that is seen in the mind space was wrongfully understood in the answer provided. “I” was involved. The senses were not the vehicle of this VISION and nothing to do with it at all. This vision moves through walls without moving,  does not have a body, and transcend time. It does not need anything from the vessel to do this. This understanding of what this vision is and how it does what it does is birthed and further exploration of everything it is, is sought.

Edit 2: an observation, this VISION, which can transcend time and space, holds no judgements or trauma. It is peaceful and is without the awareness of duality/ judgements. My thinking mind can interrupt and a different experience is felt, the one of judgements and duality.

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