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#1 2020-12-01 12:15:59


Fight or Let It Be

This is mainly to thank Yazhi, Gosia, and Robert for this recent marvellous set of conversations. Nobody else seems to be doing stuff quite like this, and it brings tears to my 67 year-old eyes!

One great lesson from Yazhi in more recent times seems to have concerned seeing things simultaneously from different perspectives, higher and lower density, as in the videos on Ascension and the series about Time Lines. This is something that I am learning to do, and generally on Cosmic Agency I am getting invaluable new information about consciousness, and therefore about reality, in ways that I haven't for a long long time. Let us learn to take everything both as a game and as deadly serious at the same time.

There is a strong tendency which comes from linear 3D ways of looking at things, which is wanting to find 'the answer', 'the reason', wanting one-word answers to problems. Like 'What is the real reason for the Covid nonsense?' 'Who is really behind it all?' But this way of thinking dissolves once this multi-layer attitude begins to sink into consciousness. I begin to see a phenomenon at work on different levels with different perspectives, priorities, etc. 

I also find Gosia to be a brilliant example of how to be a 'stranger' to this 3D world, but to do it properly! You go through the entire gamut of emotions: joy, puzzlement, incredulity at the silly blindness of most humans, yet see the need and feel the wish to continue the fight. As if we really have a choice anyway.....

When I watched this video I also thought of Yazhi's insistence that we must do the 'shadow work'. I have been familiar with this for many years, having studied Jung and others, but it really comes into focus here. Considering vaccines, genocide, and whether they have a positive aspect, looking at them from other perspectives, thinking the unthinkable, this is shadow work for sure.

Having absorbed some of the material in this video, I feel better equipped. Knowledge grants strength and power. So thanks again....


#2 2020-12-05 12:13:59


Re: Fight or Let It Be

Thank YOU for being open, and for sharing your thoughts and contemplations. Hugs!


#3 2020-12-13 17:03:27

Re: Fight or Let It Be

07wideeyes wrote:

This is mainly to thank Yazhi, Gosia, and Robert for this recent marvellous set of conversations.

greetings 07wideeyes,

i second that !!!

yes Gosia has marvelous conversations.

Gosia's questions are top notch.

i learnt so much from Robert and Gosia.

un abrazo Gosia and Robert and the crew.

have a nice day always.


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