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Starseed Validation


Is there any method by which a human that suspects themselves as a Starseed, could submit a request to be checked by the Taygetean team? 

If so humans could get needed validation and Taygeta may locate some of their missing Starseeds.  Win-win.  wink

Thanks for your time.  Any advice greatly appreciated.
- Talryn


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Re: Starseed Validation

I am very certain that the Taygetans but also all the other races know who their Starseeds are, but it is the Starseeds who might not know. And if contact is to happen or not usually was decided before going down to Earth, especially since it depends on the mission, and having such knowledge/contact could compromise the mission.

Also, there are so many Starseeds on Earth - the majority of humans are such really, while only comparably few original Gaians exist -, that the question is much less "Am I a Starseed ?" but "Since it is likely that I am one, why am I here ?". So, I cannot quite see any "win-win" situation for Taygetans here at all.

But yes, I am sure that the team might pass such "request to reveal it to you" on - just don't expect much from the Taygetans, since there are only said to be 2500 Taygetan Starseeds on Earth of several billions of Starseeds.

Helping people to self-empower and liberate themselves, and by that ultimately the whole planet and beyond. See my profile for means to connect.


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Re: Starseed Validation

Expertly said and I agree.

Thanks for the reply and bringing me back to center with my question.


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Re: Starseed Validation

You are here on Earth to change yourself radically, to make new better version of yourself. No need to identify and cling to any previous identities. What you say you are, you are, what you think you are - you are. And that also can be changed always for the better.

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Re: Starseed Validation

Thank you also mitkobs.

In line with your advice, I am on a journey to better myself.  However, I often get hung up on trusting my intuition.  I found myself in a situation where I wasn't sure if signs and feelings I had were genuine guidance, or my ego tricking me out of it's desire to feel special.  I definitely resonate with the information here and thought to ask if there was a way to get a quick yes/no back from friends in orbit.  Just for peace of mind.

Both your and Robert's reply contained good points that I should have known.  I don't think I was in the right space when I asked about validation.  Robert saw right through the spin on what I wrote and instead answered what I needed to hear.  I also appreciate your reminder that I was essentially  giving my power away.  My apologies and gratitude. 

Still though, it is too bad that we don't have some sort of galactic database to look ourselves up in for a quick check on what race we have been seeded from.  But then, that would spoil the ending of the story.  wink

Hopefully others will benefit.
Thank you for your time and advice
- Talryn


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Re: Starseed Validation

Talryn wrote:


Is there any method by which a human that suspects themselves as a Starseed, could submit a request to be checked by the Taygetean team? 

If so humans could get needed validation and Taygeta may locate some of their missing Starseeds.  Win-win.  wink

Thanks for your time.  Any advice greatly appreciated.
- Talryn

i can't vouch for the truth of the below information but it is from a site that is 20 years old and they have much information of interest in my opinion.

Some Starseed Types

Pleiadian Starseed Characteristics

The Pleiadians come from the star system known as the Pleiades.

The star system is fascinating, there are small group of seven stars situated within the constellation of Taurus the Bull. These stars are known as the seven sisters.

They are called as follows,








The pleiadian starseed are the early race of humanoids.

They are mostly loving, kind and sensitive. They always carry a pleasant and gentle energy with them. They do their work in harmony and they want everyone to be happy and at peace.

Sometimes they hold their feelings in and react towards criticism.

They love to please people, which often leads to resentment.

They tend to have problem expressing negative feelings openly, so they become passive aggressive, negativity makes pleiadians sick.

They like to absorb negative energy like anger and stress in effort to smooth the situation.

They are loving, kind and sensitive.

They have that strong longing to make others happy and feel bliss.

They are always happy and remain positive.

Everyone enjoys their company, as they carry smooth positive energy.

They are very submissive, have trouble speaking out their feelings.

Arcturian Starseed Characteristics

Another starseed type, are the Arcturian starseeds and they tend to have strong personalities, a deep inner knowing and strength within.

Arcturian starseed on the exterior look strong, powerful and capable. They have a sense of important purpose in their life, however they never know what that purpose is. The arcturians always search for this knowledge, which leads them to spiritual pursuit.

The danger is if they don't find this knowledge they become unhappy and not knowing why.

They are strong beings from within.

They like to be spiritual from an early point in their life, if not they are disappointed.

They are very imaginative in nature.

They have a great sense humor and like to make others laugh.

They love to Travel.

Sirian Starseed Characteristics

Little bit of history according to Hopi indian divination states, is that when blue star kachina appears in the sky, the fifth world may emerge.

They believe this is the day of purification. The name Hopi gave Sirius is the blue star kachina. According to ancient alien theory, the blue star kachina are aliens.

Those who are Sirian starseeds tend to be very focused and very determined. The sirians have a warrior like attitude and are closely related to nature, they like to use technology that are friendly to nature.

Sirians have high regard for honesty and integrity, don't expect to be their friend too quickly. Like the Hopi indians they are closely attached to nature and water.

They are good at expressing themselves with the opposite sex.

They are natural leaders with warrior like attitude.

They don't like new ways, they love their old ways with nature.

They are ideal people with strong sense of humor, they love to mingle.

They love nature and attached to it.

They don't like dishonest people and never forgive those who are.

Andromeda Starseed Characteristics

The Andromeda Starseeds always seek freedom.

When they seek for this notion of freedom, they will probably change jobs, relationships and homes. However at some point they may realize the freedom they seek has always been within and not their circumstances.

So feeling that you are trapped is because you seek freedom to know yourself better from within.

Andromeda a starseeds must work out their issues with love and self confidence. Once they develop this area of their life the connection between them self and Source becomes powerful. This may allow past life recollections to flow and the old talents will begin to awaken again.

Most Andromeda starseeds are healers and teachers, so they have much to offer on the spiritual pathway.

They love to be free, they find the freedom within.

They need to understand and develop their self confidence and learn to love.

They have longing to be healers and teachers.

They love to experience many realities and possibly everything known.

They hate routines and activities that are boring.

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Re: Starseed Validation

Hello Talryn, and welcome to the forum! smile

What a nice way to introduce yourself. Thank you. The times we're in make us look for the bigger picture, and when we find an opportunity for possible confirmation on our suspicions, we grab it. You just demonstrated a soul characteristic according to Yazhi Swaruu, wherein she acclaims the nature of souls to expand, increase our knowledge, and integrate. And you did so in a very polite and humble manner too, I might add, adding subtle flavor to your query. So it's the rest of us who find reason to be grateful for your arrival here. smile

And there certainly are no needs for apologies in this. Unassuming mannerism is a trait, signaling an openness to the mentioned expansion. It models us all for the same, just like the Taygetans and Yazhi have done in their contact with the team. Humbleness is often confused with ranking, which is a mechanism to maintain division and construed stability in the hierarchies we see established here on Earth (- the moment you rank others, you rank yourself as well). This is a very narrow understanding of humbleness, however. In conjunction with a detached stance, which is necessary in order to maintain frequency when dissonance occur, we avoid walking the same stretch on our paths several times. It becomes telling of a long journey, and of deep learning received.

I hope you may find our many philandering towards the different aspects of wisdom inspiring. I wouldn't write off your questions after this, though. Our acting on the deep questions in life does not go unacknowledged on our guides. With the trust in our connectedness to source, we are all helped in ways we may not even perceive. And the fractals of time may open up to even deeper levels of expansion, too. Then our open hearts and minds enable us to choose those paths - if we're prepared for it.

Enjoy the ride! smile

Discuss the message, not the messenger.


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Re: Starseed Validation

Talryn wrote:

If so humans could get needed validation and Taygeta may locate some of their missing Starseeds.

greetings Talryn,

Here is some information i thought you might like and it's true too about the mountains called TAYGETE IN SOUTHERN PELOPONNESE ISLAND OF THE AREA OF WHAT IS CALLED GREECE.

I can't vouch for the truth of all the information below but it is from ancient accepted sources but who knows if it is really the truth but i personally believe it is the real story.

mount taygeta, Peloponnese, greek area. Lacedaemon, etc.


Mount Taygetus, Taugetus, Taygetos or Taÿgetus (Greek: Ταΰγετος, romanized: Taygetos)

Mount Taygete is a mountain range on the Peloponnese peninsula in the Sparta Mani area of Southern Greece.

The highest mountain of the range is Mount Taygetus.

The name is one of the oldest recorded in Europe, appearing in the Odyssey.

In classical mythology, it was associated with the very very very extremely sexy nymph called Taygete.

lovely Taygete was the daughter of the sensuous nymph Queen Pleione and King Atlas the Mighty.

Mani is a geographical and cultural region in southern Greece that is home to the Maniots,
who claim descent from the ancient Spartans.

The capital citiy of Mani is Areopoli.
Mani is the central peninsula of the three which extend southwards from the Peloponnese in southern Greece. To the east is the Laconian Gulf, to the west the Messenian Gulf. The Mani peninsula forms a continuation of the Taygetos mountain range, the western spine of the Peloponnese.

Long isolated from the rest of Greece, the Mani peninsula is home to a clannish community that claims warrior heritage.

This is the land of the Maniots or Maniates, a clannish community said to be descended from Spartans, the legendary Spartan warriors of Ancient Greece.

Its major town Gythium was a Spartan port

They were very late converts to Christianity (10th century).

Mani was a no-go area for certainly the Ottomans, and likely earlier invaders so it's certainly possible that they have more Ancient Spartan DNA than their neighbours.

In Classical Greek mythology, Taygete was a nymph, one of the Pleiades according to the Bibliotheca and a companion of Artemis, in her archaic role as potnia theron, "Mistress of the animals", with its likely roots in prehistory.

Mount Taygetos in Laconia, dedicated to the goddess, was her haunt.

As Zeus pursued each of the local nymphs one by one, Olympic Zeus pursued Taygete, who invoked her protectress Artemis. The goddess Artemis turned Taygete into a doe with golden horns in order to camouflage Taygete from Zeus’s sexual pursuit of her body.

Artemis tried to hide Taÿgete by turning her into a doe with golden horns, but Zeus wasn’t fooled by the disguise. Zeus ravished her while he was in the form of stag.

Taÿgete was the mother of Lacedaemon, the founder and king of Sparta.

In honour of his mother, Lacedaemon named the mountain near Sparta as Mount Taÿgetus. She also had a daughter named Eurydice, who had married Acrisius, king of Argos. Eurydice was the mother of Danaë and grandmother of the hero Perseus.


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Re: Starseed Validation

They use this name Taygeta because it is name known to humans. Perhaps it is called other way that will be difficult to pronounce, or do not have a name, only an address in Ether. All known names of suns in M45 are from the Greek mythology. Names probably given by humans.

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Re: Starseed Validation

I am honored by all the help, advice, and great information.  Thank you all who responded.  It will take some time to absorb it all.  smile

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#11 2020-12-26 10:41:16

Re: Starseed Validation

Talryn wrote:

I am honored by all the help, advice, and great information.  Thank you all who responded.  It will take some time to absorb it all.  smile



#12 2021-01-02 20:47:45

Crystal Keith

Re: Starseed Validation

All of this resonates with me please tell me how to focus on how to identify with where Im from I like to travel, laugh and make others laugh,  wont tolerate rude behavior (liars), and Im constantly serking knowledge, love the outdoors and old ways....see each race I can identify with, what am I an intergalactic heinz 57?


#13 2021-01-03 12:45:27


Re: Starseed Validation

Hi Crystal Keith! There's a whole series of videos on the different races, which are good watching, fascinating information. It may or may not help you in the search for where you come from, but it is all well worth exploring!


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