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#1 2021-01-26 08:28:31



A clip about Quantum Grammar and how it has been used for contractual agreements throughout the world to maintain existing powers, and for the last 8500 years.  A re-write of the US constitution, Bill of Right and etc. has been completed and is awaiting use in many countries.  In fact, ALL contracts using Quantum Grammar will secure truth in contracts around the world.  The NWO is very fearful of this and removes their control over us, even using the CIA to force surrender of the 'flag' and handed to the UK. 

Quantum Grammar is useful, and will be used, as we establish new governmental control. It is up to us to use it in our home locations when situations develop.  Be strong and support truth.

This clip is part of the "SERGEANT ROBERT HORTON's WAR CASTLES" thesis and explains how Russell Jay-Gould & David Winn-Miller saved the US Republic in 1999.

Very interesting and helpful as a different aspect of the events that are currently happening, including changes in the financial system that is required to build a new world.  As we set the direction of our future with the help of our friends, we will be successful. … e=emb_logo


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