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#1 2021-02-15 22:41:03


A Milestone in Human History

I have been reflecting to Goshia's recent posting concerning the current state and the need for warriors to be warriors.

Personally, I have been resistance to respond, but it seems that my higher will not let me ignore in quiet, so here I go....

We are living in a time of traumatic changes not only in this 3rd density but I submit it affects all the way to the highest level. This 'universe' is in absolute turmoil and controversy right now. There are even reports that the Federation is in conflict, presumably following the collapse of this realm. I also submit that this is simply a start of the final demise of this a counterfeit manifestation. I personally know that we live in a realm that is a result of an experiment that went horribly wrong and the participants involved, and some at the highest level, instead of allowing correction, decided to continue, ignoring help. They cordoned themselves off from the true realm, grabbed whatever beings they could to use for their benefit and energy for use. That event was the start of this realm that unfortunately we are all to familiar, today. Since then, they have used captured beings and their energy to create substitute individuals that we know as regressives. This battle has continued since.  Unfortunately, the regressive have been winning in this realm. and since they cannot create energy (spiritual) themselves, net energy theft and loss has continued. Only through external sources of energy has this realm even been able to continue. This has been supplied by the external true realm, giving energy and through information that we could continue. Even though Jesus Christ was not a person, many such individuals are historically confirmed at the time. These Christs were used to the advantage of the Romans, expropriating this movement, aka 'Christ energy' of those wishing to return 'home'. Without those of true essence, this realm would immediately collapse since those of a regressive orientation do not have any energy within themselves, aka, love.  Regressives use all sort of negative methods to extract energy including sexual controls, wars, etc. Even the moon as a consolidation orb purpose is to relay energy to Saturn is used by local higher realm. This celestial architecture seems to show the culpability of some here at the highest level. Unfortunately, without rescue, even those of a true would cease to exist, having turned to a negative, and at all levels down to the mineral. Without the current interdiction, by the true realm, eventually all would fail. 

Right now, we are in the final battle. 'New Green Energy' has been released throughout this realm and is fracturing all those of the counterfeit. There will be a continued polarizing of individuals at all levels, including the highest in this realm.  Panic of the regressives will be more evident while those of a true essence will become happier. Interesting, NGE has consciousness and this is used to attack those negative thought patterns directly. At the moment, this world, the Federation and other levels at the moment seem to be going crazy. This will continue until all individuals at all levels safely escape this realm. Please know that this realm is based on competition, greed, control and dominance of anyone or thing. The true realm is not that way at all levels. Believe it or not, those in the positive realm does not need negative to exist but negative needs positive, simply to extract energy. This is a bit different from what our friends state, since we ALL have been programmed to accept that thesis.

Hopefully, I did not ramble too much and that this information resonates. Again, I am unsure why I was moved to pen this posting, other than I could no longer ignore it. What I know is that this battle has been won. We just need to do our part individually and not allow ourselves to be influenced by the negative, that we succeed. As Gosia stated, we do have to FIGHT as warriors, whether ourselves, minerals, animals, and higher densities, and even our friends (e.g. Yazhi and Anéeka) and probably some even at higher levels.  Remember, trust no-one, only trust yourself and what you know is correct.  Our time of release is at hand.


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