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#1 Re: English Forum » Individual and oversoul » 2021-05-15 19:55:04

from my experience the oversoul is the being that you are outside of the universe, that being enters universe's by 'playing' a Role in it "incarnating",  experiencing life in as many ways as it can.  All of a persons past lives or "higher Selves" if the term applies to the individual are 'roles' it has played.
Some of the oversouls incarnate as many roles at a time, some concentrate on a few or maybe just oversoul has 3 prominent 'roles' it has and is playing out in this universe  i do not know of any 'minor' roles it has played or is playing .   Some of you will maybe learn that you are connected to a particular being that is similar to a family tree.

My oversoul incarnated as 'L'  and in turn 'L' incarnated as Me and a number of others.       

So in simple terms a soul is just a small piece of the oversoul at the top of your soul family tree, the oversoul experiences ALL of its roles at the same time.

#2 Re: English Forum » Individual and oversoul » 2021-05-04 09:58:37

I've had many oobe's in the last 10 years and some of them were with a vaguely humanoid being of weird rainbow colours, annoyingly switching from a female body shape to a male's...found out eventually that's my "Oversoul" the very person at the top who has "incarnated" in this universe.

Since then i've discovered how my "Soul family Tree" works. This is how my mind kinda got it....
Oversoul came into this universe and has "Incarnated" as 'L'    'E'   & 'H'  my connection is via ' L'.

  "L "                                                   " E  "                    " H"

Me + about 12 or more others        2 others                    3 others

Hope thats clear.  Same soul different connections and links.  And yes there may be many human 'incarnates' that are connected to 1 "higher self" although they may not know about the others.

#3 Re: English Forum » Possible ET Technology discovered on earth » 2021-01-07 19:29:36

The vatican has ET tech in its vaults from the era that the Annunaki were here on planet. The Taygettans might want to nab that stuff before the vatican learns how to use it. 
From what i saw its "Enki's Kit"  Something like a super tech combat harness worn under the clothes, forearm bracers, belt and Headpiece all connected together, pretty neat tech.

#4 Re: English Forum » The so-called galactic federation of planets is a crime syndicate » 2021-01-07 19:25:49

I dont think they're a crime syndicate. From what was discovered before is that it seems the GalFed is just covering up Galaxy Level & Laws of Creation Breeches by some of its member races. Its not that the GalFed is guilty of anything just that they cannot or will not come to a satisfactory decision on what to do with the criminal actions of its members.

I dont know the details of the law breaking but it does concern Earth and its people.

#5 Re: English Forum » Introductions / greetings » 2021-01-06 19:07:30

Hi everyone.
I'm from the UK
I swore i wouldnt do this again, but cosmic agency came up on my facebook feed so i clicked...watched....and cried.
I'm a man in his 40s who was awoken back in 2010 by a out of body experience and a VERY Loud thunderous voice in my head a week or so after the oobe.
I was new to the internet at that time and found the Andromeda Council youtube, i messaged tolec, he put me onto the Silver Legion, there i became one of the core members of that group, doing various things that all fell to nothing, the more we did the more and more harder it was to do as we didnt see results, the group broke up and i stayed friends with a few of them including The THI show host, he cut me off a few years ago as i wasnt feeling his current direction felt it was dark, very dark.

So i've been pretty lonely over here as ever since that awakening day i've had Out of body experiences, visitations, abductions except a physical meeting, dont get those, most of the offworlders dont say anything, just do what they need to do and leave, have had some brief talks with some beings over the years but nothing really meaningful. 
My biggest and most powerful out of body was in a MASSIVE Meeting,  10s of thousands of Offworlders in this large Ampitheatre style hall, races seemingly seated by racial type (Reptilian, god/hd being, humanoid, plant based, insectoids) it was immense and i couldnt take it all in.
Found out i've been a milab victim, a father to at least 6 hybrid children and a current living pincushion or cadaver for a lot of races (operations are mainly head and face area), still dont know what in the universe they are doing............i did ask at 1 point and a grey put grey-plastic words on my bed that said "3d human, we treat you 1st place priority above that of other humans"   Not much of an answer felt more like a flat statement.

Met so many races, seen so much, including other timelines, woke up on an offworld space station orbiting another races homeworld (inhabiting a Droid, a simple cargo handler for crying out loud) found out the Race are called "Fynax" and the Planet is Called  "Finari", if anyone knows the world  say hello to "Plix & Etum" for me.

Oh and by the way  i'm connected by soul to a god and to one of the sons of Anu.......Apparently

Swaruu is the shorthand version of a persons name isnt it?
"Alenym"  who is that??   when i first heard Gosia say that name my body shuddered and i wept uncontrollably.

Aneeka could you say hello to "lukar" for me (Tau cetian) and to "Nunos" An "Androni"  he may need a cuddle and maybe a kiss..........ask him does he still have the ticket, as i'm still stuck down here.

so errm hello .............and i still dont know why i'm reaching out like this... maybe as its lonely and i'm crying out for clarity, i hate NOT KNOWING, and i hate being here.   Aneeka  please tell your federation that i want what was promised to us, what we were spending a lot of our time attempting, a small gesture would go a long way.  Also could you find out of "Tanah" is allright, we lost contact with her years ago,  she lives in San bernadino california, she's an incarnate of a tau cetian (TCIO) officer.


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