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#1 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2021-07-11 03:57:46

I have data,that i want to provide,to Swaruu to read,and give information to Taygeteans.
and also if the Contactees of the Taygetean Crew,have Material i
want to see some of these,in a video. … ew-by.html

COBRA - The group below Mt. Shasta and inside Mt Shasta is part of the, I would say,  global Agarthan network which originates from the time of Atlantis when part of the light forces had to go underground because of the Archon invasion 25,000 years ago.  And 25,000 years ago they have created a network of underground cities and underground tunnels.  One of those tunnels goes through Alaska, through Washington State, through northern California with Mt Shasta, through southern California, Mexico, Central America and down into South America ad there is another main tunnel which goes through Peru underground through Caribbean through Atlantic, through Morocco, through Egypt and then onwards towards Tibet.  This is all part of the same network and there was a very, and there still is a very positive civilization of light which I would call the global Agarthan network existing and Mt. Shasta city is a part of this civilization.  The surface population has received intel about this group through certain channels.  Certain people that lived in Mt. Shasta have had encounters.  I would say about 80% of that intel is correct.  I would not say they are ancient Lemurians.  I would say they are remnants of the old positive Atlantis. 

Here in Synthesis says that Mount Shasta is what Cobra calls ¨Atlantis¨.
Also Mount Shasta is what Corey Goode Calls ¨Lemuria¨.
And in Taygeteans Videos, Swaruu says that
in Mount Shasta are ¨Lemurians¨.

So Cobra Atlantis,is New Age Psychics Lemuria,that
is Corey Goode Lemuria,and Swaruu Lemuria. … _Rebellion

One of the heightened events of Enemy Patterning buried in our cellular memory history is that of the Luciferian Rebellion which reached its apex during the end of the Atlantian Cataclysm Root Race (human evolution) cycle. From the Guardian perspective this was the end result of our last Aeon or Astrological Age, approximately 26,000 years ago by our human timeline measurement. What resulted in our Atlantian Cataclysm evolution experiment was quite a traumatizing cataclysm that set the events into motion as to what humans would experience in the next Aeon cycle. The last 26,000 years have been a dark cycle of evolution and planetary "rule". This is the current age of (de)evolution that is now coming to completion now and through 2012. With the recent timeline intersection, a large chunk of this cellular history has been playing out in our hologram and therefore our lives. We are able to complete this "enemy patterning" now via these new evolutionary intersections. See the Ages of Humanity.

Through the energetic enslavement of the Seraphim consciousness, the Fallen Angelic were bound to play out the program of the Luciferian Rebellion as the Sons of Belial. And so they played their part as dictated by the planetary grid structures. This was further capitalised by off planet sources, such as the Annunaki who understood what was happening and many of these Negative Aliens joined forces. … +years+ago

Before this planet was invaded 26,000 years ago, Ascended Masters walked freely among humanity and kept the connection to the presence of the One intact. Their mystery school was located on the main island of Atlantis:

The Ascended Masters retreated from the surface of the planet as it was occupied by the dark forces one Platonic year (26,000 Earth years) ago. Main Atlantean mystery school went into slow decay as the direct contact with the Ascended Masters was lost. At a certain point it was moved into Egypt where initiation temples and pyramids were built in the area between Saqqara and the Giza plateau. At the final deluge of Atlantis in 9564 BCE all Atlantean mystery schools were destroyed and most of their knowledge and wisdom lost.

So,is 26,000 or 27,000 years ago when ¨Atlantis¨ fell.

I put this stuff to receive information,in Taygeteans videos when
is possible,to all seekers of Truth have information.

Atlantis and Lemuria are lame names,Kumari Kadam is a better name, for Lemuria and
¨Atlantis¨ name is innacurate.

I wait for new information,in Taygetean Videos,if it happens.

#2 Re: English Forum » Introductions / greetings » 2021-07-11 03:35:38

Hello,my name is Jose.

I have Asperger Syndrome,in other words my left brain
works way more than my right brain,so i am very mental,and
less empathetic.

When i was little,i was in Catholicism,and i always admired the deep
stuff in the bible,stuff like the silver cord,or real chastity,purity,that is
really kundalini awakening that gnostics did,or some deep symbolic stuff,

I hated the Emotional Catholics,that were like animals,and not like higher mental superior
beings,like a mental theologic angel.

I did like atheism,i viewed logic in it,and also become interesed in
Ortodox Christianity,because it haved deep stuff like mudras everywhere,and
Gnostic Stuff,and even Breath Exercises.

But one day,military service seemed to be obligatory in my country,Paraguay,and it entered
in trance,cry,and in trance see some websites,new age stuff,and in that trance,i commanded
my third eye to modify my PC to access paralel reality stuff by manipulating bioelectricity,was
like i didnt know so much but in trance i did it.

Then i view stuff in biblioteca pleyades,that i didnt encounter anymore,i remember the text,that
Hitler intentions were good,and Atlantis,very long text,i dont remember so much anymore,it involved
Kalahari,and ancient civilizations,also linked to Tara and Gaia from Lisa Renee material.

Then,i did cry,for a day,and then entered in psychosis,and after many days,i readed
new age stuff,i did see that it haved real deep stuff,and,i say that
if this stuff in real,i needed a real proof.

So i called telepatically a reptilian,cobra 2012 portal says that only dark forces,are in surface,so
i called a Red Dragon,like natural maximum neutral reptilian,and i viewed a person with eyes like
annunaki statues,and i say to him telepatically to shapeshift a little of my skull in both sides,insert
a synthetic telepaty implant,and bioelectricity,to stimulate Kundalini,and it did happen,my
skull shapeshifted,a little in both sides,also i did says to him to this implant make me vibrate at the
Astral Planet Wave,to see more esoteric stuff in Real Life.

Also Lisa Renee says that ascension begins in 4D,4D is Lower Section of Tara Energetics.

After that,i am now aware,and know that the deep stuff is Real,and that i can even Levitate if i know how.

I am very mental,i believe my Father have some Jew Blood,he have a Jew Surname,but i believe he is not,also
the Conquistator of America were Jewish with White Blood,so all is mixed in Latino-America.

I want the Real Stuff,i want to real the Akashic Records,and i did cut
the little skin of my tongue,waited to Heal,and now that is healed,i can
touch the sella turcica,i feel sometime bliss,and some energy moving in my spine,but
i want to activate Kundalini fast,so strecht my tongue 160 times every day,every week
i grow one inches,and when my tongue reach the tip of my nose,i will move it from inside
the nose to between the eyebrows,and then insert move it inside the Brain,there is little
a aberture there.

When the Tongue touches the brain the brain orgasm,sexual energy moves to the Brain,and
one becomes psychic,that is Kundalini.

I want the Literal Truth,not ignorance,but to shine like thousand suns.

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