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I love the idea! And I had a thought as I was reading this. If it is true that we have been our own ancestors sometimes. Then the foundations of knowledge were built and added to many times by ourselves. Which makes the theft of this knowledge even worse, in my opinion.

And I agree to the importance of this as a foundation. If we are to make informed decisions in the future we need this information.

Really great post! Thank you!

#2 Re: English Forum » Not to step on any toes but I feel it is important. Discussion is welc » 2021-07-21 01:05:46

YouTube embed didn't work. But the video starts at 51 minutes with Kim Gougen talking about the same subject. It was too suspicious for me.

#3 English Forum » Not to step on any toes but I feel it is important. Discussion is welc » 2021-07-21 00:19:22

Artifex Fulguris
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These are some of my posts on Jan 18 this year on the connecting consciousness forum.
This was when I feel I caught Charlie Ward in a big lie. The same info was put out by Kim Gougen(sp?) At the same time.
I'm just reposting here because I feel it is important info and hopefully I'll be clear enough that everyone can follow my logic.

Individual posts will be enclosed in parenthesis. This is the best formatting I can manage.

(   Found the original post in the 4chan archives that was talking about the FCC showing up at a tv station.

Personally I have some concerns about Charlie reading this off as Intel on the Robert Davis Steele update. Wether true or not an anonymous 4chan post shouldn't be presented as viable Intel, in my opinion.

Was wondering what everybody's thoughts are on this.    )

(.   This one is looking real so far. I'm backtracking the image that the original poster used at the top of their post. It is a unique image.. and the poster said his boss was in it. The number I can see on one of the screens in the control room seems to be for a missouri methodist association. Trying to find the anchors I can see on another screen.   )

(    1610936763611.jpg.   )

(.   Confirmed as a false story everyone.

Original pic from 2013 here. 

Master%20Control%20web.jpg?itok=8_Ol0FUU.   )

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Hi everyone,

I'm Nathan from eastern Oklahoma. I have been on a path of gradual awakening since 9/11 basically. I have been all over the map with research, driven on by my insatiable curiosity. I have been through the Q movement and moved on to Simon Parkes' connecting consciousness group. I found Cosmic Agency at the end of last year. I lost interest in connecting consciousness after I caught both Charlie Ward and Kim Gougen in the same lie. Presenting the same "privileged" info separately that actually came from an anonymous 8chan post that I debunked personally with a reverse image search. I found this information just in time it seems. I was so sick of being lied to. And I've listened or read the transcripts to most of the videos on both the English channels. It just puts so many pieces together from my years of wandering through info. It feels more right to me than anything else I have come across so far. Which is exciting! I was sceptical at first which I feel is healthy. But I am fully on board now. It helps that Rich made contact with the Taygetans. And vouched for them. I was addicted to his coffee fueled rants years ago. And took an online astral boot camp class from him. He just always struck me as a genuine person. Especially after talking with him. I love that guy!

I'm just rambling on now. But suffice to say that I'm not afraid of change and welcome discussion. I've gone through so many world views that I'm constantly tripping over the husks of them.

Thank you all for being here.

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