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May 29, 2021
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Mini Live. Clarification on the topic of planetary ascension, a topic that I am passionate about.
We extract information and teaching from Robert's Live, sticking to what is pure disclosure. In this
transcript, the greetings to the attendees and some non-relevant questions on the subject are
ignored. - Toni Ruiz.

Robert.- Let's start, look, the first image is this:

Image no.1: 5D natural state of planet Earth and all its biology

Take a good look at the position of the Earth that is rotated 180o, the South is the North,
and the North is the South. That is the natural state  of the Earth in a 5D.
Everything is 5d, you see, right?
Humans should be inside the Earth, I put them outside, but they are inside. All biology is 5D.

Like everything outside the Van Allen Belts, biologically the average of the Universe is 5D. This
image is before the imposition of the Van Allen Belts on Earth. The Andromedan ship that acts as
the Moon, Diana, I think it's called, was not there and on Earth there were holographic and
interstellar societies. Everything was here.

Second image:
Image no.2: 3D artificial state of planet Earth and humanity

This second image is with the lunar imposition. With what we have already explained about the
Orion Wars and all that history, through the Moon the Earth is kept in an artificial 3D frequency
(only the Earth), that is why the "Federation problem" is only on Earth, all other planets are in their
natural state (in 5D).

If you have noticed, the Earth has rotated, the North is in the South and the South is in the North of
what it was before, and as you can see that would be the new race of humanity. And how do you
get this new race? It is not achieved through the lunar frequency, nor is it achieved in a laboratory
(we are talking about the human-looking race). We have already said that Enki and Enlil were not
individuals, that they were a group of people, and precisely now that Enki group is the VATICAN
S.A., as they say, the Illuminati and all that history.

Look at what it says 3D ARTIFICIAL STATE OF PLANET EARTH AND HUMANITY, it does not say
Biology (with biology I mean nature). All biology except humanity. It has to be understood that
everything on the planet is in 5D except humanity. Now we will see why humanity is the way it is:
Let's suppose that the Earth ascends, what will happen if the Earth ascends? It is very simple
(these examples are generalizing).

This is the following image:
Image no. 3: 5D planetary ascension
- Collective Unconscious – The Matrix – Mental Control
- The ‘densities’ are a low mental state
- You are your ideas and that is what limits you

The cosmic ray has hit the Earth (I'm exaggerating), but let's see what this next image looks like.
If you look at the Earth, it is already in its natural state, which is 5D, the South is in the North and
the North is in the South. That would be 5D. Obviously clone Earth uploads all biology, all fish ... All
nature, except (generalizing) who has stayed there. Well, humanity has stayed. The Earth
ascended and humanity (I am generalizing) through the collective unconscious (which is produced
through the brain) has been left down there. Because we have said many times that the ‘D’s’
(Dimensions) are states of mind. The mental state of humanity produced by the collective
unconscious lowers their mental state, and no matter how much the Earth ascends, humanity
remains in 3D.

We have said many times that you are your ideas and that is exactly what limits you, your ideas.
That is why when people leave the Earth they reincarnate again from the lower astral and at the
level of frequencies they enter the Earth. How to avoid this? Well simply by waking up. If you wake
up, you go up.

As you can see there is no Moon here, the Moon has been removed, although it can also be there.
I have removed the Moon so that it is understood that what lowers the frequency of people is not
precisely the Moon, but it is the mental state of the people. The only thing that the moon does (but
that is already a lot) is that when you go to project something it is difficult for you to do it. You are in
a more "dense" environment.

I do not know if there is someone out there who has explained this so clearly, because it is
understood, right? Look at the (current) rotation of the Earth, which says that the axis is moving. If
the Van Allen Belts were suddenly removed, the Earth would shoot up like a spinning top, imagine!
But no matter how much the Earth went up, humanity would still go down. So there are people who
have ascended with the Earth, but not having a reference frame of what 5D is like, they continue
with their stories, but they are already in 5D.

Question.- So we are already in a 5D?

Robert.- 5D is a state of mind. Forget about the Moon and its frequencies! Forget whether or not
we are here. Everything is individual. I am explaining to you what happens or can happen with this
graph. The Earth is in a 5D, the only thing is that because of your mental state, because of your
collective unconscious, you are not aware of it. How to make you aware? Well ... Based on
expanding consciousness with new concepts, and that is what you are going to reflect because
you are the creator of everything. Do not wait for a "ray from the Center of the Galaxy" to come,
that is determinism, although it is true that this ray helps to raise planetary consciousness.
Yes thatis true, the same as the Schumann frequencies and all this story, it is true, but no matter
how much the Earth rises, if your mental state is low, you are in a 3D.

Comment.- The Moon slows down the power to manifest.

Robert.- Yes, what the Moon does is this: (Robert shows image no. 2) What the Moon does is put it
into a more dense state, even if it puts it in 3D, everything is denser, it's like you're underwater. It is
denser. It costs you more to move, so if we move it to the field of ideas, it will cost you more to
project things, but in the end you can do it. If you walk in the water, it will cost you, but you can
walk, you are not immobilized. This is what the Moon does. In this case, what the Moon does is
keep those regressive races there that cannot leave. These yes they cannot leave, the human yes,
because as we have said at the beginning (and this is also very important), unlike the regressive
races the human is 5D. Here forget about Enki, Enlil and I don't know what other stories.

Take a good look because they are saying some atrocious things that are amazing. We are going
to use narrative, logic, and some knowledge. This image that you are seeing now (Robert shows
us image no.1) is approximately 12,500 years ago, before 12,500 years, that was the normal state
of the Earth. 5D with a Lyrian humanity, the human base. Here were neither Enki, nor Enlil nor ...
Rasputin. 5D 12,500 years ... (Robert does a voice) "Not that 300,000 years ago, the man ... the
monkey ..." No man, no!

What happens next? Well, through the Moon you artificially lower the Earth to 3D. It is no longer in
its natural 5D state, the state is lowered. What about humans? Yes, because these are now
humans, Lyrian humans, the others were Lyrian. The term human arises from mind control. That is
why they are human. Then we would have step 3, that the Earth ascends and it is as if they had
passed the comb, humanity has remained below (generalizing). Because you are your ideas.
Obviously there it would be necessary to represent another planet, but it would complicate things
more. It is only to be understood in a schematic way.

Question.- I ask if with the triki-triki (translator: Robert’s code word for the Covid Jab) we will lose
our ability ...

Robert.- Clearly man! Obviously if you have the triki-triki, forget about ascending. That is 100%
incompatible. You already know that you cannot speak, but there are already many symptoms such
as that people lose empathy for everything. For the record.

Here a lady asks us why the Earth is in 5D and the poles have not rotated. It is very simple. I'm
going to show an image for you and you will understand it the first time. If you don't understand
already, turn off and let's go! (Robert returns to the image no.1) It is very simple, from the outset it
is because the Earth is a living being, it is biology, a plant, an insect, everything is biology. All
biology is not subject to human Mind Control. It does not have a collective unconscious like
humanity. It is true that the Earth was forcibly turned upside down, but it is still in 5D. It's as if you
put humans upside down in that drawing. They will be upside down, but they will still be 5D,
because their state of mind will remain 5D. They are 5D in nature.

When it is here, when it goes down, (Robert puts up image no.2) the Earth, let's say regressive
races, which are not drawn here, but would be humanoid in appearance. (We must differentiate
between human-morph(form) and humanoid, for example a Neanderthal is human-morph, a
Reptile is humanoid, a Grey is humanoid) Then all regressive races, the "Lizards", for example,
their mental state is 3D, some of them 4D, this is their normal biological state. If you take these
people and upload them up here (to 5D) without technology, the most likely thing is that they would
be cooked, not the most certain, surely! They would die from ionizing radiation.

This is also where people make mistakes, the human being does not, the human being is natural,
the problem is that the human being when he is in 3D, and tries to leave the Earth with a ship,
being 3D technology, the human within this 3D technology is also cooked. And if you are your
ideas, even if you have a 5D biological body, if your mental state is low you will continue to cook.

Question.- Robert I have had an uncontrollable dream for three days and I let myself go. I'm on a
frequency that could be 5D. Without antennas that we already know about. It is beautiful, pure
feeling of immediate peace.

Robert.- Yes, but I repeat that there is no frame of reference.
Yes, you can see very happy people, very awake, but just like you, it does not serve as your own individual
frame of reference. Is it understood or not understood? More than anything it was this, I wanted to explain
why if the Earth ascends, as many say, (Robert shows image no. 3)... yes the Earth can ascend, perfect! And the
human, what happened to the human? What has happened to humanity? Those who talk so much
about the ascension, what happened? Why does humanity not wake up, what has happened? How
are these people going to wake up? The ascent is individual. It is a mental state, but like all mental
states they go up and down. Today you can be in a 5D and tomorrow lower. It is not a fixed state, it
varies according to what you see and perceive from day to day. You see positive things, because
your mental state increases; unfortunately you see something negative lowers your mental state a
bit. If the Earth ascends that does not mean that the humans ascend.

So on Venus, what happened on Venus? Well, this happened (Robert puts the same previous
image, the one from 5D). Let's see how I explain it: Let's suppose that Venus is the planet Earth
(from the illustration). Venus was like this. People asked me if there were humans on Venus, yes,
there were humans, humans in a holographic society, I know there are a lot of people ... but unlike
on Earth the race there was all Lyrians. That for example would be Venus. When I say a race it is a
Lyrian race of the same color, that is understood, of the same color, with the same thought and the
same objective. A non-warlike holographic civilization, is that understood? (Robert sets voice)
"How can 3D people invade a 5D planet?" Man, I'm telling you: "A holographic society but without
warfare”, that's why they lived in peace and harmony, because in this case they are peaceful.
So what happens? Well, a race is coming whose mental state is low. They continue to live on a 5D
planet, but in a low state of mind with banks (banking entities), histories and everything you want.

Question.- Do the inhabitants of Venus have a veil of oblivion?

Robert.- No, the inhabitants of Venus do not have a veil of oblivion, the only thing I think was
exterminated there, yes, yes, just as almost the entire civilization was exterminated. It is
exterminated and repopulated with Lyrian humans. It is not a joke! I know it sounds like that, but
no, because it is seen that these people their mental state is still a 5D state, and if you want to
incorporate people with a 5D mental state into 3D, you will not be able to insert them into society .
A 5D person cannot be inserted into a 3D society, and since you cannot insert them, you have
plenty (of 3D people). In fact I think they destroyed the entire culture of that race.

Question.- And how did the Federation allow that?

Robert.- Well, you know that the federation is very permissive, in the same way that it allows
human abuse on Earth. Don't tell me stories, what I see is human abuse on Earth, and animal
abuse. Everything, but I think human abuse on Earth ... I think humanity is being milked, or don't
you see it, or am I the only one who sees it? Based on taxes ... Let's see, today in Spain there was
the news that in September triki-triki(Covid jabs) begins for teenagers, I think 12 to 15 years old.
Forgive me, but I don't see those good things they say out there, I don't see them. And nobody
says anything. It is a crazy country. We are on a crazy planet.

Changing the subject, I hear that Taygeta is not from the Federation, but where do they get these
absurdities? Which Taygeta is not from the Federation? Who says that? If that same race, through
contact, tells you, and someone else comes out and says they are not from the Federation. Let's
see something ... Here is something that I have to clarify. When I put Galactic Federation in the
videos, it's because most of the people don't know how to put Federation of Planets... I don't know
what stories, right? The name is longer UFOP (United Federation Of Planets - United Federation of
Planets, note of the T) So Galactic Federation is the most "commercial" name that I see for people
that see these videos. They never use Galactic Federation, they have another name.

It is also tiring (Robert sets his voice) "It's not the Matrix, it's the matrix!" The Matrix, Yes, I know.
And? This is already too much, this is already ... I can't take it anymore (laughs).

Question.- Robert, if we ask our races for help, would they help us?

Robert.- Yes, if it is the majority of people, yes. If it is not the majority ... they leave you there, right?
It has to be most of the people, we've already said that. If it is the majority, yes. By the way,
I ampreparing a live show in which I am going to talk about the proposal that the Taygetean race
presented to the Federation in its day to change the Earth. Yes, it is true that there was talk of
dates, but it says that in five years, it is true, eh? (but) that in one or two years the changes would
be seen, in five years the Earth would be in a holographic society, in five years, yes, yes, but in a
year or two the changes are already noticeable and that is what I will have in today's live, the
proposal to the Federation. Now I would like to hear the other proposals of the other contacted, if it
is not inconvenient, please.

Question.- Why do the positive warrior races allow human abuse?

Robert.- Because they are warriors and not conquerors. They are warriors insofar as if you bother
them, because the most certain thing is that you can already say goodbye to your loved ones, as
is. No kidding, as is. Now, if you don't bother them and you don't get in their way, nothing happens.
They say: "As you treat me, I will treat you." It is very simple, if you treat them badly you will
receive the same treatment. The only thing here on Earth ... "fabric", fabric of what the Earth is like.
You would be blushing at the behaviour of mankind. It's amazing! I see it and say "it can't be."
Generalizing is "very strong", let's see if one day I can talk about this, and above all it is because
people defend their business, they defend it.

They tell us: "but how does your race ..." No, it is that their life experience is that, that is the life
experience they have chosen. Humanity the life experience, has chosen to live here in this 3D.
This is the experience you have chosen when you enter here. When you are outside, it is that you
will not manifest nightmares, you will believe what you want, and being closer to The Source you
will manifest it faster, and if what you want is happiness, that is what you will have. The subject of
densities is a mental state, and depending on that state you will be higher or lower

Question.- If I "wake up" and die; and I am already in a 5D (with my "knowledge" of this
information) do I return to my Lyrian family? (Because the "Belts" would no longer affect me)

Robert.- If you dis-incarnate from here, from the Earth, you will go by frequencies wherever you
want, you will still take this information and you will separate it, because you will already be
outside. And it's super curious because whenever I talk about my experience I tell it like that, and I
tell it in one of the first videos that Gosia made on her channel. When I left here, my mind did like
this (Robert makes a gesture, pointing his fingers together and withdraws his hand back from his
forehead and whistles) So I took everything out, so I was left blank. I got all the crap out of the
collective unconscious, all out! Then you are going to go wherever you want. If you have the high
frequency, no "belt" will affect you, and neither archons nor strange stories will come to you.

Question.- Does the vaccination of adolescents and children change the rules?

Robert.- No, that is simply pounding the Prime Directive. In theory, if you are under age, according
to what decisions you cannot make, and more ... it is that of course it is very strong. The problem is
that of course, these people ... We already spoke yesterday on the live show that they want to
sterilize everyone. Let's see what happens, but things do not look good, well, paint it as you want,
but it makes me feel very funny that they are talking about geneticists and I do not know what
stories, talking about DNA and we have already said that DNA is a reflection of your
consciousness, which materializes in the body, of your consciousness! It is yours, not someone
else's. It is your DNA, your consciousness, what you are, your thoughts and your ideas, these
materialize in the form of DNA in your body, but it is you, nor have they taken the DNA of another
person (if it is from another person it's not you), and the story is that even if you are down here in
3D, your connection to The Source is still very strong, you are still connected to The Source, and in
this case I would tell you that you are more connected to The Source than the biology that’s on
Earth in 5D. The human being has a great connection with The Source, even if you are in that state
of mind. The story is that being in that state of mind, you run the risk of being manipulated by
certain stories and lose all connection, that is true, be careful!

Question.- It is not fair to ask others to do what corresponds to us, perhaps we are the ones who
are doing that in the future to achieve what we yearn for at the moment.

Robert.- Here is something else that we have already said many times, and I think it is not clear.
(Robert switches to image no.1 (5D natural state of planet Earth). It has to be understood and this
image will help me. This Earth on top of the glass is the Earth in its natural state, 5D. The people
who came to Earth it was because I knew that the experience I was going to live on Earth was a
5D experience being stellar and all these stories. The Earth was full of starports, and the Earth was
like that, obviously there are more continents missing that were flooded later with the water that fell
from Tiamat.

The story is that of course, when the Earth is like this, and you are incarnating on Earth, you
already know when you come that the planet will be like this, that is, you come to live this
experience. This is what you come to live for. This (Robert shows image no.2) if not, the
Andromedans will simply tell you not to come, you come, but that's the way it is.

Exactly, we are the creators of our reality (Responding to a comment). You have to create your
reality, whatever you want, create it, you can create it. They tell us that in Italy they have drawn up
a law that makes it mandatory, yes, in Italy they are very rigorous with all this. I hear that they have
"cut off the head" of the supposed snake, and people who are "awake" are judging others who are
making this disclosure, such as what I may be doing. They judge, they misbehave ... Hey! I am
only sharing information, whoever wants to take it should take it, but I am not insulting anyone.

Question.- If the reactors of the Moon are turned off, would we stop seeing it as we see it today?

Robert.- If the reactors of the Moon are turned off, the lunar hologram disappears and you would
see the Moon as it is, but people would ask many questions. The first being, where is the Moon?
Because “that over there” people would not recognize it as the Moon, they would say that it is a
ship, but where is the Moon? They would continue looking for the Moon, and once they saw
(understood) that this is the Moon, they would create a battery of questions. Why has the true
nature of the Moon been hidden from humanity? And if humans have indeed made it to the Moon,
why don't they share the technology on the Moon with humanity? In fact, if humanity reaches the
Moon, it can manipulate the lunar Matrix to favour the Earth. Because in the same way as that
lunar Matrix creates streetlights, which are metallic to the touch, it creates background characters
(that seem real) it can create entire continents, because from energy it creates matter, because
from the Moon you can create houses, water ... quantities of things I could create, but that's the
way things are. What you want you have to manifest now, the problem is the tremendous Mind
Control. Yes, the collective unconscious. They are what they say, that when they come to Earth
Mind Control is amazing.

Comment from one person.- Surely they already have a scientific argument to explain the
disappearance of the Moon.

Robert.- What would disappear is the hologram, but the spherical and metallic ship that acts as the
"Moon" would be seen. The explanation would be that there is now a real hologram. Humanity will
go into cognitive dissonance, yes, and what will all those people say then? (Robert does the voice)
"Ah, well they were right" They will not say they were right, nor will they name you, they will say
"we were already right". They are fighting if the footprint of Neil Armstrong, if the flag flies, if in the
crate of some supposed ships appeared ... Even I believed all that! "It's that when the astronaut got
to the Moon he saw some ships around a crater" First he gets to the Moon! And then tell me
whether or not there is a crater, that there are no craters, on the Moon there are no craters.

Chat comment.- It would be good for us if the lunar hologram was turned off.

Robert.- Yes, but if people saw what the ship is like, they would ask themselves many questions.
All civilization would fall. People would start to question things, what are you going to tell them?
What you see is not reality? What are they going to say? The most certain thing is that if (the
hologram) were to fall, the most certain is that the next day the skies of the entire planet would be
covered with chemtrails. All the sky. They would say: "No, it is that they want to cover the Sun", and
thinking he says, Hey, what if what they want to cover is the Moon? Because they see that thehologram
is about to fall. They want to cover the Moon with god knows what gadgets, namely ... It's
crazy. People say that they do not submit to anyone's control, of course, of course!

Question.- It is possible that... it has an effect on biology

Robert.- Yes, of course, they are also altering the vegetation, we already said that they not only
abduct people, they also abduct plants. Plants, animals, abduct anything on Earth for multiple
purposes. By the way, aliens do not go with laser guns, this is already another thing that I have
heard out there. Let's see if we wake up. With so much misinformation it is very easy to get lost on

Question.- If the hologram of the Moon falls, does this affect the individual ascension?

Robert.- No, because that would be determinism, something external to you, it determines whether
you ascend or not. No that does nothing. The ascension is something that is yours and it does not
depend on another person (or anything external to you, note of the T).
There is a lot of information, but depending on your condition ... You are the one who has to say, I
don't have to tell you this is yes and this is no. Because it would be imposing "a truth" · and it
would be as if I had a monopoly on the truth. You have to see everything, and from everything you
see you can take and save everything and use what you think is convenient at all times. And that
all that information that you are receiving you know how to interpret at the right time. I can't tell you,
don't look at that or that, that can't be done. That would be the same as burning books, as they
say. You look at everything and from there stay with what suits you.

Now, if you see around you that they tell you that you have a monkey brain, that you are a
thermostat ... I am not kidding! That comes from the monkey ... and that is also amazing. How are
you going to come from the monkey? To begin with, all humans are not from Earth, they came from
outside in ships, that is, the human being has not evolved on Earth, but I would say that it has gone
the other way around, because being in a high mental state, they have lowered them to a low
mental state. It has gone the other way around.

Planetary ascension doesn't have much of a secret. I am going to summarize it a bit: Yes it is true
that these "rays" from the center of the galaxy have been coming for years, this is not a lie. The
Age of Aquarius is real. This is all real. I'm not saying no! And all this, indeed, what it does is raise
the Earth to its natural state (which is 5D, above the glass in the illustration). That is the natural
state of the Earth. I have rotated the Earth 180o, but little by little the axis is turning, that is not
traumatic. Little by little until it reaches its natural state. Then people "wake up" because they go up
in the same way that a tree, a bird or an insect climbs. Everyone is going to go up there (to 5D) to
the natural state. The other thing is that everything ascends and that according to your ideas, what
you think, you will continue to stay in 3D. The same thing that humans of the reptilian family do on
Mars. They would be human, but it is known that there is a reptile inside, because their mental
state is a low mental state. Well, nothing more, I think I'm going to say goodbye to prepare the next
live show and see you later.

* * *

Transcribed by Toni Ruiz of Sociedad Taygeta-Fondo documental … oup_header
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