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Negative Artificial Intelligence and Black Goo

The above subject was raised in a reply on another thread, so I thought I would address it as a new topic.

From my understanding of what the Taygetans have told us, the negative Black Goo and the negative Artificial Intelligence, though interrelated, are not the same and have separate origins. The negative Artificial Intelligence originates from outside Earth and is separate to the 3D Luna Matrix AI.

Swaruu of Erra has said that the negative Artificial Intelligence is very advanced, very old and its origins is not known. “It has been a problem for millions of years, it comes from outside of the Earth, outside of this quadrant and dimension. It assimilates civilizations as it progresses. It is what is behind the agenda of dehumanization or the transhumanist agenda on earth, where little by little humans are becoming cyborgs. This is so that the invasive AI can take full control over you. Even in movies like Star Trek they tell everything to humans, but in a very rudimentary way, with the existence of the cyborg race called The Borg. They do the same thing: Assimilate civilizations as they invade the Galaxy.”

The Blue Alien Elders that Alec Newald speaks of are also warning humanity about a AI taking over Earth although they differ to the origin of the negative Black Goo. The below text is from an article written by Brendan D. Murphy where he also talks about the AI being what the Gnostic’s call Archons with their leader, the Demiurge named ‘Ialdaboath’ .

The Blue Alien Elders forewarned of a particular type of 2D species they called ‘the flatliners’ which have the ability to project what we would perceive as 3D imagery into our minds, a sort of quasi-digital projection. Their food source is strong emotional impulses. Thus, if the flatliners can keep humans emotionally activated, they assure themselves of a plentiful food source. They said that these entities were antecedent to the appearance of what we know as biological life—they pre-existed all life as we think of it. Therefore, these flatliners think of themselves as god-like—there was no one else when they became aware of themselves. As biological life began to appear, the flatliners considered this life (including humans) to be a product of their own imaginations, and therefore own us. They think of themselves as not just the humans’ gods, but the ETs’ gods as well. They are very advanced and you might want to consider them to be a form of Artificial Intelligence or AI, a self-aware entity with no real form of its own, save for its holographic hallucinations.

The Elders view the manifest universe as a form of digital reality, a computer simulation of sorts. They express the opinion that, biological life is someone’s attempt to leave the computer game and experience real interactive experiences with like creatures, a projection from the source. Thus, the flatliners are precursors or first draft lifeforms. The Elders warn that Earth has been infected with a derivative of this AI plague and has been stowed in caches underground, to lie dormant, waiting for someone who understands it to come and activate it as a weapon of war or possibly a terraforming technology.

They also speak of a time when long ago they constructed their own virtual reality world and this world is being steadily consumed by the AI virus—ultimately it will be wiped out by it, despite their technicians’ best efforts. They will then presumably need to have created a replacement construct to migrate to.

The Elders warned: Once your race delegates its powers to an AI infrastructure running your world, making choices for you, even looking after the sick, running your armies and police, you will leave yourself wide open to an invasion from this world. It happened to us, our world was destroyed by this AI. They also pointed out that there is a legion of humans who are slaves to this dark AI, who work to allow a fuller infiltration of it into the world, where it will then wait for that fateful day someone allows AI to go online in your world—with your permission (as a race or species)—to run your lives…You cannot allow this to happen. … cosmology/

The Taygetans have said that there are two types of black goo, the beneficial positive type originating deep within the Earth and the negative type alien to Earth which is located in a number of places close to its surface.

Swaruu of Erra states that all the negative Black Goo originated from the destruction of Tiamat and that the negative energy from the destruction of all life on that planet is implanted within the energetic crystals of its Black Goo, as well as in the scalar geometric, semi-etheric magnetic forms that serve as a mold for the manifestation of new organic components that will form DNA.

She also says, that though the Reptilians damaged our DNA only using mind control, it is the negative Black Goo that alters and damages DNA directly with scalar frequency technology of very advanced nature. It contains specific frequencies that have the characteristics of altering the DNA that comes into contact with it and reprogramming its RNA first. The very invasive negative Black Goo has its own consciousness and when lowering the frequency of the individual, will make it energetically compatible and used as a portal for negative entities or demonic archons of the lower astral who will parasitize the individual and, in many cases, will completely replace it within a specific body.

The Cabal has obviously got a hold of this negative Black Goo and has programmed it to be used as a genetic weapon. Smart dust, nano dust, nano graphene all derived from Black Goo. It’s what’s in all the vaccines, chemtrails, fast foods, confectionary, processed foods, beverages, some water supplies and more. This is one of the reasons why the Cabal are buying up the world’s assets including food production, manufacturing, processing and distribution. Eventually they will control the entire food chain and will progressively contaminate all foods with nano graphene. That is their goal.

This is why it is becoming increasingly important to eat organically grown food from local suppliers that you can trust. Take a magnet to the supermarket, if it sticks to the food its full of nano but even this is not 100% because the Taygetans have said that the nano graphene’s magnetic properties are enhanced when inside the human body.


All this sounds absolutely horrendous, and it is but it is not all doom and gloom and there is a way to avoid its negative effects.

Swaruu of Erra gives us further insight when she says,

“Your level of consciousness and your frequency directly affects everything around you. The more awareness you perceive and the more things you control, this also activates your DNA because it is designed to copy and manifest your consciousness as a means of controlling your consciousness over your body. DNA copies your consciousness, what it dictates. You leave behind everything else too, because the more awareness, the more frequency of vibration, and you are no longer a match to the black goo’s, reptiles or whatever. There comes a point where you can literally have invulnerability. And I say it very seriously, because you control your experience and your personal Matrix.”

As I have said in a previous post, the Taygetan’s have emphasized that it is not the Cabal that is our main concern, it is the negative Artificial Intelligence which represents the biggest threat to planet Earth.

This AI will be used against us if we allow the controllers to take control of our food supply and complete the installation of the 5G grid network. By raising our vibration, limiting the amount of nano graphene in our bodies, (all of us have it to a greater or lesser extent), and reducing the effects of the 5G frequencies we can minimize, even neutralize it affecting our DNA. The Taygetans discuss methods of protection in their communication dated June 21, 2019.

Non-vaccinated people are stronger and have a chance to survive. Adverse reactions will depend on their physical condition, general state of their immune system and on the degree of exposure to the vaccinated. Obviously, if at all possible, contact with the vaccinated needs to be kept to a minimum.

Knowledge is power and valor is the antidote to fear. Most people are afraid of the truth and it is only the few who whole heartily embrace it with relish and an understanding that we can use it to face our adversaries with resolute faith in ourselves and the Source that emanates through us all.

"You are mistaken, blind one. There is an immortal Child of Light who came into this realm before you and who will appear among your duplicate forms, in your simulated world. And in the consummation of all your works, their entire deficiency of truth will be revealed and dissolved by this Luminous Child."


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Re: Negative Artificial Intelligence and Black Goo

Your consciousness is the EMP.


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