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#26 2020-09-17 13:51:14


Re: Timeline options

It´s certainly not in the planning as of today. Taygetans are strong militarily but too few in numbers (only 30 people on board), and I am not sure they have enough military support from other ET races who think similar to them. They do get involved physically when necessary but I don´t think they would openly and officially get involved fighting on human side. It is OUR war and we must make it happen ourselves. Whatever physical assistance we receive, it is something not seen. And that´s the way they want it.

Kian369 wrote:

Hello Gosia,

considering the Coronafascism is getting out of hand, can you please ask the Taygeteans if they (and possebly other ET races) would provide military assistance to free this planet if a part of humanity takes up arms against the New World Order?


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