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Lurch Thread#1: Background of Request

Ok folks, This will be one of 2 Threads I’m going to make, to keep things organized.

The first being some background / reasons for the second Thread and to be used for replies/comments. 

The second Thread , I wish to see be used soley for others to issue their intent to follow suit. You will understand what I mean.

This Forum is the only link to other civilizations that I am aware of.

Reasons for Thread# 2

First, My Wife and I are not spring chickens.  We are not stupid and can see what has been going on.

I personally am FED UP with watching my friends, relatives and fellow humans, suffering in pain, for long drawn-out periods of time and then dying or losing body parts.

I am FED UP with being in pain all the time myself and more importantly seeing my wife in pain. My wife spent most of this week in ICU, which pumped her full of commercial drugs and CURED nothing.

(This is my shock face when the doctors told me that they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her :>O      )

All along , there is advanced healing technology that has been in use on Earth for decades. That technology has been readily available to political and military leaders AND withheld from We the People, backed by the Federation, soley to keep the elites and their businesses intact.  I could go on for pages about the hypocrisy of the Federation and Their “Directives”, so I’ll just refer to some previous threads.


"Public notice to the United Federation of Planets / English Forum / Swaruu and Taygetan Team Forum"

"The so-called galactic federation of planets is a crime syndicate / English Forum / Swaruu and Taygetan Team Forum"

By the way, some of the technology that I speak of was already invented and known about by humans, years ago, but was Squashed out of existence by the Cabal.

You folks in the Federation, who are supposedly so Advanced and All-Knowing, are either Oblivious to Common-Sense and the Concept of Right From Wrong, or you are just plain evil. I’m pretty sure that if someone else could come along and take away all of your fancy toys, you wouldn’t be quite so eager to watch Humanity suffer.

The “Good Guys” are supposedly in Control of Planet Earth and “Change” is right around the corner. I think Not.

So, my second Thread is Forthcoming and IS NOT A JOKE.

End of Post


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Re: Lurch Thread#1: Background of Request

The federation is indeed a crime syndicate, and they have been actively taking measures against change. They want a stagnant environment of 3d suffering, and to reset the playing field every time humanity gets close to real change. Some day, they will pay for it. Their smug and emotionless asses will be subject to everything they have perpetuated against humanity, if not worse...but why? For what? It's all just a meaningless cycle. They are feeding into entropic systems that are created by high level negative beings, higher than reptilians and greys and whatnot. Those beings are not any more intelligent. Their systems that feed off of duality and suffering can last for eons, but eventually implode due to their entropic design. It's all bullshit.

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Re: Lurch Thread#1: Background of Request

Ok, this is What I'm referring to (Lurch Thread#2: REQUEST FOR Asylum)

Looks Like Grivehn wants OUT. Also looks like Pink Chopper wants OUT.

Thread#2 was made for anybody to use.


Feel free to copy the format that I used, change the User name and delete or leave blank my location data and enter your Request.

Come Right out and say IT;   I REQUEST ASYLUM. Short and Sweet.

Give them no excuse to ignore you. Keep in mind, every single letter, comma or quote goes through government servers.

I searched this entire Forum about requesting Asylum and the closest anyone came was "Can you grant me Asylum?" Maybe or yes they can if you request it.

Imagine someone opening this thread and reporting that a hundred humans have requested Asylum OFF of this planet., or a thousand.,,,,,

Our voices may be more easily ignored down here than up above. My intent is not to leave earth behind, rather to be a force of good from above.

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