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energy from between the fear of abandonment and the joy of salvation?

I was (finally, I feel as though I should have done it sooner, but at least I've read it now) reading this book, and found this possibly relevant parragraph:

Lyssa Royal (on the Prism of Lyra, 1998) wrote:

On present-day Earth, extraterrestrial groups whose encodings are rooted in the past still
promise salvation. They come to humans as physical space beings or speak telepathically to
those who can hear their frequency. Often they name various Earth humans "commanders" or
"chosen ones," and continue to tempt the human ego to perpetuate their own feelings of
superiority. Though these off-planet groups mean well for the most part, they continually
perpetuate the gap between the fear of abandonment and the joy of salvation

I'm reminded of the common saying that good intentions do not guarantee good results.

This parragraphs describes a very plausible backdrop for all this "drama" between different contactees accusing other contactees of lying and deception.

But that's not what I'm most interested in. In this same book Lyssa describes "the winds of orion". (Maybe look for the book on libgen, it's quite short). In summary, she's describing a conflict between "the dominators, the victims, and the resistance (fueled by the friction of two polarities)"

I'm interested on the friction between one side, another side, and the third side which originally is trying to solve the conflict but winds up depending on the "fallout" (from the friction) between the two sides.

Now I'm not exactly sure what I'm getting at. I feel half-dissuaded from posting this.

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the swaruus are magic, there are no aliens; the swaruus are aliens, there is no magic. (also works if shuffling "technology", "magic", "aliens")
I cannot abide by this lack of transparency.
This is place works according to occultment.
We fail each other's tests.


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Re: energy from between the fear of abandonment and the joy of salvation?

What this describes is pretty much what is going on in the current 3-6D environment: Overly many peope who have no real clue about what's truly going on or how things truly function are trying to help e.g. people on Earth, which due to lack of personal development of those wannabe helpers usually backfires.

There are few only - like our Taygetan and Swaruunian friends - who have understood that before you are able to help anyone else, you firstly need to help yourself so that you understand how things truly work. Otherwise the above-mentioned issue will happen: Perpetuating the problems by causing more and more of them through projection of one's own unresolved problems and belief patterns.

Compare this to a children playground where the older children try to impose their still limited beliefs as truth unto the younger children "because they know more". Yes they do, but usually they still not next to nothing if looking at things from a higher perspective.

This is why any imposition or other method to convince others of one's own views is counter-productive. Instead, simply presenting the truth and letting it speak for itself, and especially accepted as people grow into the understandings, is the key. Anything else is a violation of free will and by that showing the immaturity of the self-proclaimed teacher/savior/whatever.

Helping people to self-empower and liberate themselves, and by that ultimately the whole planet and beyond. See my profile for means to connect.


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