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#1 2022-02-15 20:28:41


Universal Peace Conference

This saturday, during the Universal Peace Conference, I will be a guest speaker on the Mind Warfare session. I am going to explain the Cabal and the hidden alien interference in current world events.

You are all welcome to join.

Mind Warfare session at UPC2022

At the Universal Peace Conference 2022 (18-20 February) at the Mind Warfare session we will host 3 speakers:

■ Judyth Vary Baker

■ Crystal C.C. Goh

■ Kian369

The Mind Warfare session is planned on Saturday (19th February) at:
* 11:50-14:30 UTC (UK)
* 12:50-15:30 UTC+1 (Central Europe)
* 17:20-20:00 UTC+5:30 (India)

■ Register for the conference and find the full schedule:

■ Event is open and free of charge.

■ Everyone is welcome to speak freely straight from the heart!

■ Online event on Zoom – LINK:

■ Join also Sunyoga Telegram for updates:

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Re: Universal Peace Conference

The live stream will also be available on this YouTube channel:


#3 2022-04-03 22:17:01


Re: Universal Peace Conference


I have published my presentation "Mind Warfare of the Cabal". It also mentions the Taygetean Lab Report about nanotechnology in the papaya shots: … -UPC2022:6

<-- Reference documents -->

Associated Masonic Orders:

Knights Templar Priests 2016 Year Book:

La Quinta Columna microscope research:

Dr Frank Zalewski research: … ish-Subs:1

Serum Analyzed by Taygetan Lab:

Full 3 hour Mind Warfare panel session at UPC2022:


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