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Бъ̀лгарският езѝк

1. Memory Implants - 3D Matrix Management by Federation-Extraterrestrial Information (Aneeka and Yazhi) - Mina August & MiKaDi
2. What happens after Death? Why is there no Material World? Yazhi Swaruu talks about "Higher Planes" - Mina August
3. Etheric Memory Implants, Life Plan, Free Will - Extraterrestrial Communication (Yazhi) - Mina August
4. There is no Material World - Part 2 - World of the Dead vs World of the Living - Yazhi Swaruu - Tati D.
5. Astral War over Humans - Cabal Shadow Operators - Chat with Yazhi Swaruu (Extraterrestrial Contact) - Mina August
6. How do I Shift my Point of Attention to be Energy Being? Matias and Gosia talking with Yazhi Swaruu - Mina August
7. Karistus - Enigmatic Race from Jupiter - Information from Yazhi Swaruu and Aneeka of Temmer - Mina August

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