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New Posting "THREAT to the Cabal"

Hi All,

Gosia just provided a good summary of the recent controversy of some of the negative reactions, and I appreciate it.

However, I have been wondering myself and recently have followed alternate information, albeit around 10 years old, of Ashayana Deane. In particular, about the Legends of King Arthur & Knights of the Round-table. Herein, there seems to be some involvement of Pleiadians. 

If someone could let me understand that involvement, I would appreciate it.

I have supplied a rumble link below for references.

Thanks so much,

tomcan … table.html

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Re: New Posting "THREAT to the Cabal"

I assume you're referring to the voyagers materials?

They are vast, so so vast, the books cover a lot of ground with a lot of detail. They say so many things some of them are (not all, but some) completely wrong.

I just read another source (Prism of Lyra) which spans a comparable time-scale to the voyagers but with a minimal amount of detail (by comparison).

This book mentions the "Merlin" energy (which is obviously connected to the mythos of King Arthur).

In it, the Merlin "archetype" (I prefer to call an "archetype" a "scheme" or possibly a "template") is explained as a bridge, that which allows two polarities to get integrated.

Prism of Lyra. 1998. chapter 5 wrote:

An example of this is the consciousness known as Merlin. During the time of the
Orion drama the friction between the two polarities awakened the sleeping magician.

Prism of Lyra. 1998. chapter 7 wrote:

The archetype of Merlin has often been labeled a bridge. When two
polarities attempt a unification, there must be a common ground they both stand on before
the merging occurs. Merlin is thus a bridge between the explosive Orion and the healing
Arcturus. He is the common ground

The pleiadans are involved in this because they side with one of the polarities. The other polarity is on the orion side.

I may add that I has occurred to me a possible translation between the prism of lyra and the voyagers in the "Ur-Tarantes" (from voyagers) and the "Arcturus gateway" because of the phonetic connection (Ar-turu and Ur-tara) as well as because of the aspirational "follow this template" meaning in both sources.

all this information technology is making it difficult to know anything for certain... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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Re: New Posting "THREAT to the Cabal"

Thanks, all so interesting information and it appears that I need to investigate further. I am a bit concerned of the involvement of the Pleiadians then, that seemed to be anti-human. I also recognize that the Taygeteans may not have participated themselves. I know that Gosia originally asked Swaruu whether she knew of the Voyager group, but she did not. I expect that a follow-up request to them would be timely. We are all going through this together, and clearing the air would be great. Even if historically Taygetea was involved, we are all capable to align to the source, albeit, at least from the Voyager perspective, humans are 'special' since they are divine seeds, aka angels.

Thanks again, we are in very interesting times for sure.


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Re: New Posting "THREAT to the Cabal"

CA did an episode on Merlin and the Druids in case you may have missed it smile … ena-swaruu

feeling owl-sley


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Re: New Posting "THREAT to the Cabal"

DarkOwl wrote:

CA did an episode on Merlin and the Druids in case you may have missed it smile … ena-swaruu

Thank you DarkOwl, for reminding me of this video and the strange word of the etheric "stucked souls". This excerpt reminds me of Carlos Castaneda's book The Art of Dreaming.

quote from the transcript:

As these people have not transcended, they have attachments to strongly
self-destructive, or material ideas, with everything that goes hand in hand with that.
Their values, not very positive, and twisted deformations of their concepts of reality,
form with this a caricatured reflection of what the world itself was when they were
alive. That is to say that the same material world, same streets and buildings, can be
seen or manifested for them in their mind in that non-physical side, but as their minds,
and their concepts and values are not very positive, this will also be reflected in that
world, thus creating a gloomy version of the physical reality as it is known on the side
of the living. Same streets and buildings, but all gloomy, decadent and with problems,
because they also form clans and groups or gangs there.

In Castaneda's book, chapters 11, 12 he describes his journey into the dream-creation of the ancient shaman which is hauntingly similar to the  above quote.
Warning - it is not an easy lecture … eaming.pdf

The Situation Is Hopeless But Not Serious, Paul Watzlawick


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Re: New Posting "THREAT to the Cabal"

Thank you DarkOwl. I checked out the episode you recommended. I notice that I did previously watch it, but at the time, not get much from it, due to my lack of knowledge on the subject. However, this review helped me to obtain further context, for this I thank you.

The question that I have eating at me is the loss of our divine human history. If we take the perspective of the vast amount of information from the Voyagers, including the FULL history received by them around 2000, things seem to diverge a bit, even with the Taygeteans. In fact, the link that I posted is only one interesting period of history and dealing with the activities of King Arthur. The Voyager clip is VERY interesting, and I do recommend a watch. Unfortunately, since this vid was created in the early 2000's a simple overhead projector was used, so it is harder to follow at times. 

So, my question remains, “what was the Pleiadean involvement in our history compared to what Voyagers say?”  We, together as humans, Pleiadeans and/or Taygeteans, need to come together to fully awakening the humans, forgetting past so-called ‘sins’, and at this time of awaking of humanity, circa post-2000.

Our friends should review the Voyager information themselves and agree with us on the differences. The Galactic Federation has overseen their part of history, leading the death and destruction of humans, yet, they still proclaim, it is up to the humans. Are we responsible for their minions giving us injections? NO! They ARE!!!

All the best to all, … table.html

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