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#1 2022-05-24 12:18:21


AI terraforming Earth??

Hi, I was just thinking .....mmmmm. Is AI terraforming Earth???

As it's said by our's possible an AI is taking control of what is happening on Earth, asimilating civilizations on their way and invading worlds.
Nanographene tech seems to be imported to this planet from regresive races, that is related to what it's on in this moment, related to Morgellons desease (that authorities claims doesn't exist,....mmmm!!), dna changes everywhere, black goo,.....more mmmm!!.
Seems to be we are slowly getting boiled as frogs! people reactions getting dumb.
Silently and strategically accessing our brains, transforming our bodies and all life to synthetic dna. As it was said on the divulgation.....this was an ET terrible weapon forbidden outside the Earth. If that is the way we go, then....who will wipe off this "conciouss" stuff from "all" biology????.

Here you can have a look at this web site an take your conclusions: … e-thought/

Have a nice day!!

Caballero medieval


#2 2022-05-24 14:33:03


Re: AI terraforming Earth??

Keep the vibration high. Let go of fear. Human body is state of art Source creation and have all the defenses possible. What is more important is the consciousness that operate with it.


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