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Inernal structure of a neutron by its half life

Internal structure of a neutron by its half-life.

The formula based on this text is::

Tplanck·9!⁸·9·6=T(half fife of  neutron)=879.4 s ±0.6 s =Tn  (formula 1)(1)
where Tplanck=Time planck

where Tplanck= (hG/2c5)1/2=5.39124·10-44 =~5.4·10-44s is the time of planck (2)

Well, the formula is created thinking of a Sudoku when all the subgrids are equal.

You know that 9 numbers at random=9! Possibilites. So when 9 subsquares are equal =9!⁸ possibilities.
9·6 of the formula is a  Rubik’s Cube.

Then we have: Tplanck·(inverse probability)-1=Tplanck·possibilities=Tplanck·9!⁸·9·6=Tn

This implies that every planck time is done , God looks the internal structure of Neutron, and when it is a particular subgrid of the Rubik’s Cube, and all subgrids are the same then the neutron decays. This is its half life.

in the video about "Morya Barcelona" in youtube is about me isin english and espanish....
Now we can calculate the Planck Time using the formula:

Tplanck=Tn/(9!⁸·9·6)=(879.4±0.6s)/(9!⁸·9·6)=(5.416 ±0.004)·10⁻⁴⁴s

The Tplanck=5.39124·10-44 s, a small difference.... but there are others authors of (formula 1) who use more error in the half-life of the neutron  that it is possible that there could be a small error in the error in (1).

How the half-life decays in other nuclei:

Most part of the nucleus must be different from the structure of the Sudoku or Rubik’s cube because one have to use 9!⁹ 9!¹⁰ or 9!¹¹...but there is onein particular that is Cesium-137. Cesio-137 is the fasted disintegrating nucleus and Thalflife of Cesio137=2.55minuts=153s (3)

This must be because Cesium-137 have 81=9·9 neutrons. This structure must overlap the neutrons
and give a half-life lower than that of a single neutron.
So we have:
TPlanck·9!⁸·factor=153s (formula 3)


(2) … Planck.htm


Tplanck is the fewest time.....the time passes by is minumun time....that is the minumum time
Tn is the half life of neutron
I am the superseed


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Re: Inernal structure of a neutron by its half life

I introduce myself…

I am a 49 years old physicist.
I studied a degree in physics iat the  UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) between 1992-1996 and in 1996 I began doctoral studies in Optics and dynamical systems… Specifically in the Boital system …..I did my tesine:

But I can’t finish my PhD for many meanings….
One is that I had a spiritual awakening reading the Gospel of Judas... I think I was there like the immortal of Barbelo. During this I had a channeling from Master Morya...

The formula I have found makes you think of a sudoku and try to relate it to a neutron…. I found this thought in the psychiatric hospital years ago...

The formula that I want to publish is Tplanck·9!⁸·9·6=Half life of neutron

I haven't posted until now because I had another similar formula but not correct enough.

The article attempts to give a structure to a neutron with the Planck time, a sudoku and the Rubic's Cube and its half-life..


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