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the mr smith matrix effect


In the movie The Matrix, Mr. Smith has the ability to enter any body, at anytime, and of course this often occurs when the matrix is threatened by Neo. View an example of this at this added link, how Mr. Smith can hijack any human at anytime.

This scenario is a reflection of our real world. For example, you’re down at the coffee shop having a 2 hour conversation with a friend and everything is fine until you mention something like vaccines not being safe or effective. Now, watch what happens……up pops Mr. Smith, to replace the person you were having a conversation with, to attack you, because any and all truths threaten the matrix. The matrix is programmed into most people in their youth and because of this “Mr. Smith programming” these people become guardians of the matrix, protectors of the code, police of the mind control, enforcers of the brain washing………which holds together our false concept of reality like super glue. Our handlers program most people to be like this, to attack anyone, at anytime, if another person in the matrix dare speak the truth and disrupt the code of slave control. These “Mr. Smith like citizens” sit there waiting for the people who speak against the matrix of control, the people who connect the dots and the people who recognize the patterns in the slave code……and then these empty and self serving souls attack, as they were trained to do, like Pavlovian dogs. When Mr. and Mrs. Smith appear around you, when you speak the truth and who attack you so you don’t awaken the people around you……..keep speaking the truth anyway. Power to the people.

p.s. : the control matrix is dead and gone , all whats left now are leftover mr smith programed "people" still running things and spooling off their porgrams .

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Re: the mr smith matrix effect

hello mr. smith wink . (i was mr. smith too for a while as all matrixed people could)

last time i checked i was on planet earth with a now defunct thought control matrix ... but if you want you can change coffee and vaccines to something from taygeta planets and there you have the taygetan perspective . they had the same thing going on . maybe not as brutal and in your face as on earth but the same .


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Re: the mr smith matrix effect

Gonna hold of on 'expectations' in general , as they project a recepy for disappointments.
Instead i'll prefer a Bashar phrase that goes something in the line of :
"Do anything by following your passion, to the best of your ability untill you can not go further, without expecting any perticular outcome."
That allready seems hard enough accomplishing, personally speaking.

But yes, the mr. smith program is still pretty damn present. And you can draw many other assosiation character concepts from the movie in to current events. The old 'Nerovingians' programs power might be crumbling, but their influence is still as invasive as their cling-on the juice (money) is in their hands. The evasive nature of the 'Architect' and the 'Oracle(s)' leaves one running in loopholes if given to much misplaced credibility, but they are part of the puzzle nevertheless. And while many 'Nebuchadnezzar' ship captains/crews are reaching out helping potential furtile Neo's (anagram for Ones) , the unplugging depends largely on timing. This timing keeps extending in order to get to a crucial amount seeing through the matrix glitches. And we can draw these similarities much further. A fun entertainment practice i must admit and does reveal the level of knowledge the entertainment business has, founded by their secret society branch soft disclosing lots and predictive spell programming on the other hand.

Navigating these waters are still very tricky when resources are bound and smithsonians are rampant, lol.
So i can only express hope you know something more on that timing there @Robert369.
Meanwhile i will peddle with the rows i got & find ways to not let them cramp my style.

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