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#1 2021-05-23 13:14:52

Possible cure for nano in the vaccine shots?

Hello. I'm posting this here, because I have followed Gosia since early 2020 on youtube and I hope this forum might be open minded enough to see this purely as a hypothesis instead of advertisement or medical advice.

I'm curious if there are any doctors on the forum who can verify or at least explain if this recipe would work.

I found this recipe from Decoding the Hive material ( ) which is supposedly channeled from the Sphere Being Alliance and Emerald Council. It supposedly cures alien AI (aka nanites, aka alien Black goo). The recipe is from Decoding the Hive Volume one.

"Using the Alkaline Water Protocol (written by council), interacts with the physical structure of
the human-created Chemtrail Nanites, corroding their limbs and freezing them solid, which
disconnects them from our tissues, allowing them to be flushed out of the body. According to my
contact, this will also keep the human body immune to most disease and immune to cancer, as it
creates an alkaline environment where such fungi are unable to live:

(1 gallon per day per adult male)

1 Gallon Reverse-Osmosis water (for god's sake don't keep drinking the tap water with fluoride in it)
3 crushed and zested whole lemons (drink the seeds)
1-1/2 TBS *Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt (this carries the secret of crystal-carbon in its makeup, and is extremely high in frequency and healthy for the body)
3-5 drops Lugol's 2% Iodine (2-3 for women or children, 4-5 for men)
12,000 MG (not 1200) Vitamin C (can be Elderberry syrup or powdered or liquefied ascorbic acid)
1-1/2 ounces of organic (Braggs for example) Apple Cider Vinegar"

My own comment - as you can see 12 grams of vitamin C per day is very, very high so this could be very poisonous. Therefore I'm asking if anyone knows a biochemist or a doctor who can comment on this recipe.  Another thing is that the recipe is supposed to work for chemtrail nanites. So no idea if it would work versus vaccine shots.

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#2 2021-05-23 15:48:13


Re: Possible cure for nano in the vaccine shots?

Does this work? Who knows. First one would have to confirm they their body is infected or saturated contaminants.

Personally, I consider much of the above recipe pretty good as a preventative measure to keep the body strong. To that end, I filter my water with a filter that also removes Fl. I take apple cider vinegar multiple times daily mixed with my water, I take a few drops of nascent Iodine, use Himalayan sea salt, plus I take Hyland cell salt tablets daily to avoid mineral deficiencies, green algae/chlorella tablets, and grow trays of wheatgrass and sprouts (greens are great detoxers) to use in my daily juicing which also includes organic apples, carrots, ginger, and sometimes cabbage and beets. Plus,  i add a bit of organic turmeric power with black pepper to my juice.

That said, I am almost 63 years old and have not been to a doctors office for any sickness or checkups in almost 14 years - after realizing that doctors know little about health and only trained to perpetually treat symptoms, and rarely address the root cause (bad fo business).

So I must be doing something right and what I do overlaps handsomely with your above suggestions. Of course big pharma and food are always working on new tricks to hinder our health. Living in a wifi/5g perpetual radiation environment is tricky or impossible to get around.

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