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#1 Re: English Forum » New video: "They Want to Vaccinate Everybody" on odyssey » 2022-04-29 02:32:35

I have a problem with the new video as well. The v can be manufactured in large batches with existing infrastructure no problem. Vials can also be manufactured through existing infrastructure. Every vial also contains 5-6 doses. Bottling can likely be done in multiple dozens per second.

The assumptions used seem extremely simple and not what I would expect from an intelligence like Swaruu. The numbers behind the manufacture of hundreds millions of doses is entirely feasible IMO.

#2 Re: English Forum » Mother's Death via Papaya, Ubiquitous Graphene, DNA, Systems Breakdown » 2022-01-12 01:58:35


You may be a little too far into the doom and gloom right now. The whole papaya ordeal is terrible, I know, and with how close it's affected you and your family no one can blame you for having such an outlook.

However, I would like to suggest that the damage and its manifestation may not turn out like you think. Billions won't die in the next few years. If at all it will more likely be over the course of decades, slowly enough that the average person will not notice, and in the case that they do the die off will be supported by a  narrative such as global warming. Life will go on for the average person. They may never realize the true cause. They will be ignorant to the bigger picture, and so life for them can still be happy. The vast majority so far seem to be minimally affected by the papaya, so perhaps your outlook shouldn't be so grim.

I've been coming to these terms myself lately. The papaya may be like many of the other things lost to the general population over time. Like education, spirituality, heritage, history, art, and health. In many ways modern man is fallen from those that came before, yet for the most part life carries on as normal. Remember it's you who dooms in contrast to those around you. Because you see things they do not. To them nothing has really changed. Life continues in its innocence. Tragedy may very well hit, but don't let that stop you from experiencing the joy of the moments shared with those you love. Of course you should continue to take responsibility in the ways that you do. Just don't beat yourself up so much along the way.

#3 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2021-12-20 03:59:11

DarkOwl wrote:

Incredible. That would actually explain a lot of what's going on. It's a devious way to induce illness over time, and many of the symptoms will be exactly what everyone's been trained to expect.

Sometimes the things I discover about the world leave me in utter disbelief. This video would be an example. Assuming it's truthful, the lengths to which TPTB would go, very very few people would even dare to entertain much less believe.

#4 Re: English Forum » Data sources for estimating number of deaths after vaccines? » 2021-09-20 21:57:18

Richard, here's a good resource found on a .gov site: … ment_1.pdf

It's a report on exactly what you're looking for. Below is the abstract.

Abstract: Analysis of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database can be
used to estimate the number of excess deaths caused by the COVID vaccines. A simple
analysis shows that it is likely that over 150,000 Americans have been killed by the current
COVID vaccines as of Aug 28, 2021.

And the summary...

Using the VAERS database and independent rates of anaphylaxis events from a Mass General
study, we computed a 41X under-reporting factor for serious adverse events in VAERS, leading
to an estimate of over 150,000 excess deaths caused by the vaccine.

The estimates were validated multiple independent ways.

There is no evidence that these vaccines save more lives than they cost. Pfizer’s own study
showed that adverse events consistent with the vaccine were greater than the lives saved by
the vaccine to yield a net negative benefit. Without an overall statistically significant all-cause
mortality benefit, and evidence of an optional medical intervention that has likely killed over
Page 22

150,000 Americans so far, vaccination mandates are not justifiable and should be opposed by
all members of the medical community.

Early treatments using a cocktail of repurposed drugs with proven safety profiles are a safer,
more effective alternative which always improves all-cause mortality in the event of infection and
there are also safe, simple, and effective protocols for prophylaxis.

#5 Re: English Forum » What will be the fate of the Starseeds should things get really bad? » 2021-08-03 21:10:19

I've been distilling my own water for a few months now. Here are a few things I've learned about the process:

1. VOCs - Volatile Organic Compounds
VOCs are chemicals that have a LOWER BOILING POINT than water and so cannot be removed through distillation alone. As such they will be most concentrated in the output at the beginning of the distillation process. Professional distillers usually throw away the first little bit of condensed liquid to minimize the presence of these VOCs, as they often add an unpleasant taste and are more often than not detrimental to health.

The only way to near completely remove VOCs are through i) reverse osmosis  ii) a more extensive distillation process with specialized equipment  iii) effective activated carbon filtration

2. Activated Carbon Filtration
Used either before or after the distillation process to remove VOCs (but not the TDS which is removed through distillation). At minimum the industry standard activated carbon is 10-30 mesh, which is sufficient for the majority of VOCs but still insufficient to completely filter out more stubborn chemicals such as fluoride and chloramine. To completely remove these more stubborn chemicals a higher grade of activated carbon is required. Ie. 20-50 mesh activated bone char carbon. However, if you carbon filter AFTER distillation, the presence of fluoride should be minimal. It's also important to note that there are length and surface area considerations when designing your carbon filter.

3. Single-pass Distillation
Because chemistry, a single distillation will not remove 100% of TDS. This is because a tiny percentage of TDS will always stick to the water vapor and be carried upwards. The higher the concentration in your starter water, the higher the percentage of carry over TDS you will get. This is why you see alcohols advertised as "triple-distilled", which simply means the product is put through a series of three distillations, with a smaller % of TDS carried over each time.

In summary, please take the above three points into consideration when designing your water distillation process! The trade offs of each point should be apparent after the above, so it's up to you what you're ultimately comfortable with.

Personally I'm using a simple $120 distiller off Amazon, with an open-ended glass test tube stopped on one end with a mini paper coffee filter and filled with 10-30 mesh activated coconut carbon. The results are satisfactory, but I know and can taste that it's still not 100% when compared to reverse osmosis water (or Aquafina). It's awfully close to 100% though.

Hope this can be of some help to you guys!

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