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#1 Re: English Forum » The Space Situation around Earth, December 2023 - Mari Swaruu » 2023-12-13 21:19:11

I find Dante's videos quite disjointed. The most recent one was better because he gave more explanation as to what we were seeing. One thing I don't like about his content is the use of creepy sound effects and the jump scare boost in volume. Feels like an attempt to scare us not informs us. Not sure why he puts out his content. If an alien race is a threat in some way, why doesn't he give advice on how to protect ourselves? I don't find his videos very useful. Thoughts?

#2 Re: English Forum » Anniversary of the Mari Swaruu Channel » 2023-12-12 21:29:33

Happy 1 year anniversary, Princess Mari! I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished on your YouTube channel. From developing quality content, navigating bureaucracy (humans struggle with that too),  performing your crew responsibilities, exercising, to keeping up with your studies and I'm sure other countless things. I also want you to know that you are a wonderful writer. You are able to take very complex ideas and break them down into simple thoughts. Thank you for keeping your phrases and sentences short. I understand that is difficult with so much information to convey. A book would be wonderful! If your channel or website were taken down, we would still have a physical record of your work. Beautiful Mari, please take time for yourself when you need it. You are allowed to be a teenager too. All my love to you and your team.

#3 Re: English Forum » Ethortans vs Urmah: a war between pure logic and empathy » 2023-11-30 23:13:46

In a Universe where anything is possible, it seems totally bizarre to me that the Andromedans refuse to see even the possibility of the Federation having been infiltrated. They called that claim "impossible and ludacris". Seems like a very defensive response to a legitimate concern. Thou doth protest too much.

Has anyone else found this video a bit upsetting? The fact that the Etorthans (who had previously plotted with their Orion allies to attack and kill the Urmah is the same race in charge of the Earth audit. I do not consent.

#4 Re: English Forum » Condolence and Comfort in your Loss, Robert » 2023-11-20 20:06:16

I'm so sorry for your loss, Robert. I send my heart felt condolences. Hopefully Mari's video series on 'death' will bring us all a deeper understanding and comfort in our own time of loss.

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