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Genoveva wrote:

Stillness: does it exist? Is it subjective? Example: 2 particles moving in identical pattern/vibration are still, in relation to each other, but they are not in a state of stillness in relation to anything else that doesn't match their vibration.

When we meditate on something we synchronise with that. We may also influence that. So, when I pray to Source, and my prayer is answered, we could say that I influenced Source. In reality, I don't influence Source, because the asking and the manifestation pre-existed as potential. But what I do in fact is to increase the quantity/quality of energy in manifestation with that specific energy. Therefore the prayer is a process of transmutation of a potential.

The same occurs in shadow work. An energy is transmuted and then sublimated.

In conclusion, anything in manifestation can be changed by awareness. Prayer is just a crutch, a trick of the mind.

Therefore, humans are built with a perfect design of transforming realities. We are the real portals to the manifestation. And, contrary to popular belief, our power is called "choice".


There are situations when you can't go from A to B directly. However, everything is linked in manifestation. This is the proof that you do have free will and that no dirty trick (by cabal controlled AI or even by black magic) would ultimately succeed. Because, if you can't go from A to B due to a (let's say malevolent) intervention, you can go from A to C, D,... and at some point you will reach B, simply because nothing exists in isolation, therefore B is ultimately linked with something.

Question: is this a valid statement? From my point of view, it is valid. But from the point of view that some entities will become space dust, it doesn’t appear as valid. This question does not derail the thread, in my opinion, because the allegedly future space dust has memory too. Hmm, what happens to that memory, huh?

Thanks, not sure I have any useful answers to those questions, but one thing is certain - you are a very deep thinker. Hats off to you!

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Genoveva wrote:

Pete, nice questions but what's the point of asking them? Stillness does not exist anywhere in manifestation. Regardless of how deep inside you look (or outwards, lol), you find that all manifestation is vibration. Nothing stands still - absolutely nothing. All is flow.

On the other hand, the illusion of stillness can be simulated by two objects by matching each other's flow (movement+vibration). Stillness can be defined/determined through a reference point: I could choose to be still in reference to you, and viceversa. But we will not be still in reference to the rest of the universe because the solar system and the galaxies will continue to do their own thing. And, even this relative stillness is an illusion because you and I are different, energetically. Every bit of our individual energy is the result of an endless transformation = like the result of a (unique) complex mathematical formula which has an infinite number of variables.

Ah, if I’m not mistaken then, you are talking about absolute stillness. In that case, yes, you are probably right. Though, I’d still like to think that stillness could be experienced in this life to some degree at least.

For example, simple moments of calm throughout the day certainly make life a bit easier. And then, any instance of kindness, compassion, respect, etc, also seems to be accompanied by a degree of stillness / calm (unlike instances of pride, greed, jealousy, etc, which are usually accompanied by a restlessness of sorts).

And then, looking at various Eastern traditions, they have an endless number of spiritual practices dedicated to the development of ever increasing degrees of calm / stillness of mind - e.g. dhyanas or jhanas, during which the experience of calm gets to be so profound that your consciousness seems to become one with the entire creation.

And then if you scour their ancient texts further, they continue to talk about even more rarefied states, such as the state of infinite nothingness, or the state of cessation of perception and feeling, or complete cessation of consciousness for a time. And then of course, there is nirvana / nibbana, etc, which supposedly equates to complete and final cessation of consciousness (though the definition varies depending on the tradition), and thus the end of the matrix.

Perhaps the experience of nirvana would be equivalent to the experience of absolute stillness? I don’t know of course, but it makes me wonder if perhaps absolute stillness could be experienced at that point after all.

More in relation to the original topic, a mind that is calm is perhaps less likely to be influenced by the AI. I mean if the difference between a mind that is calm and a mind that is disturbed gets to be clearly understood, it would be perhaps easier to recognise thought patterns, memories and emotions that are implanted by AI. Or at least I’d like to think so smile

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Robert369 wrote:

To all those who question the need to raise one's frequency: Blaming this on certain individuals or the new-age environment because it somehow triggers a counter-reaction in your isn't helping anyone - including you.

To me it looks like either didn't understand the Taygetan content on the matter of consciousness and frequency, including that all the universe is just a "wave soup" aka frequency, and that one's own consciousness awareness (aka frequency) defines what we can do and perceive in the universe. Or you are trying to dismiss this critical understanding and by that claim that our Taygetans are spreading new-age trash.

Please chose wisely, because your belief system will not change how the universe works.

This being said, if one is a bit more open-minded than counter-reacting to trigger words, then it should be easy to see that there are many paths to achieve the same. Yet, technically all of them will base on the same frequency/wave universe, even if it is refused to be seen and the dots connected to gain this technical understanding of how spirituality, physicality and consciousness are one.

Thanks for the warning, Robert. I’m already self-censoring so as not to counter your or Taygetan materials as this is your / Taygetan home. In this case though we are talking about some pretty fundamental human experiences, so it seems appropriate to speak up.

I like it when Yazhi says “I insist…”, so in this case I too will insist:

If anyone happens to value open-heartedness, kindness, compassion, etc, then it's important to know that you don't need any prerequisites to actually be open-hearted, kind, compassionate, etc.

That is, as a human being, you already have these abilities by default, which means you don’t need a guru, god, religion, higher frequency, shadow work, etc, to actually be open-hearted, kind, compassionate, etc. In other words, you can actually open your heart anytime and anywhere, even right now, if you wish.

If you have forgotten how to open your heart though, then this might remind you:

Think of someone you respect - a friend, colleague, neighbour - and just wish them good health, wish them happiness, freedom, and anything else you find valuable.

A simple and sincere wish like that is already enough to open the heart. Keep that up for a few minutes, and you might actually start to feel warmth and pleasant feeling radiating from your chest. Do this anytime you remember it, towards anyone you meet, and your days will be filled with kindness, compassion, etc.

No prerequisites are required to open your heart.

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Genoveva wrote:

Stillness existed up to the moment prior to manifestation/creation, from a linear point of view. Intention causes the manifestation.

Ceasing to manifest? It's built in the initially emanated intention. And, if we are to drop the linear thinking, it means that Stillness is also simultaneous with everything else.

However, I don't subscribe to the concept of simultaneity, and I can bring two examples in support of this:

1. When you drink a glass of water, you cannot take sip number one and then sip number three. In other words, you cannot skip sip number two. Therefore, simultaneity does not exist, because everything occurs sequentially.

2. The story of a man who ate his lunch by mixing all the food in one bowl: first course, second course, salad and desert. His logic was: since all of that goes to the same place (in the stomach), why bother to eat them separately?

I cannot bring myself to eat like that man. However, many times I tried various combinations of ingredients when cooking, by not respecting the traditional quantities and by combining ingredients which traditionally don't go together. What I discovered is that the combination of ingredients has to be precise (respect the proportions), even if you create a new recipe.

Another example: Hydrogen and Oxygen. It has to be 2 Hydrogen atoms at one Oxygen atom, in order to obtain water...

Therefore, I conclude that nothing in manifestation is pointless: attachments are good/necessary when they are within a certain proportion, and so on.

Thanks for your response. I think you present it well.

I also find it valuable to consider stillness as an experience. For example, when stillness is experienced, how does it feel - pleasant, unpleasant or neutral? What is happening with the attention at the time - does it stay with a single object or does it change objects? What is that object(s)? What is happening with concentration at the time - is it fixed or not, does it have the usual depth or not? Etc. Similarly, what happens with feeling, attention, concentration, etc, when stillness is no longer experienced?

This sort of considerations don’t require much thinking at the time, but it does seem to reveal how things work, how they arise, how they cease, etc, on the experiential level.

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Robert369 wrote:

In short: If we are of sufficient high frequency and properly connected "up there", we do not need our brain for thinking or memory access, because everything is stored "up there" (aka in the quantum field) and can be directly accessed and processed. This process is not based on any biological functions but on consciousness waves and intent, and thus near-instant, potentially even allowing access to knowledge/understandings from other lives, timelines or even people.

Personally, whenever it is implied that I need to raise my frequency, get connected up there, etc, in order to understand things better, or be better in some way, it seems like someone is trying to condition me into believing that I am actually deficient as I am right now and that I can’t actually understand things properly and I can’t be open-hearted, compassionate, kind, etc, right now.

That is disempowering, not empowering.

The wisest person I ever met never meditated or concerned themselves with raising frequency, higher self, or even any sort of spirituality. Their understanding, compassion, kindness, calm, etc, nonetheless developed to a degree that is impossible to fathom.

Similarly, I’ve met severely disabled people, both mentally and physically, who are nonetheless so open-hearted, kind and compassionate that it is difficult to even believe it.

Hence, I’d like to say that if one happens to value open-heartedness, compassion, kindness, understanding, etc, you don’t actually need to raise your frequency, you don’t need to be “connected up there”, or talk to your higher self, aliens, gods, god, etc, and you certainly don’t need to remember your other lives, be able to jump timelines, have special powers, etc.

Would special powers, meditation, higher self, etc, help develop open-heartedness, etc? For some they might, while for others they would be an obstacle.

Either way though, as a human being, you already have everything you need to be open-hearted, compassionate, kind, wise, etc, right now. These are our inherent abilities, we have them by default, and nobody can take them away from us no matter what we are told.

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Genoveva wrote:

Pete, very interesting. Yesterday when I read your post I was left with the question: ok, if consciousness is not everything, then what is?

Today, I'm entertaining the idea: what if this is just a belief? Wtf? Right? I am not what one may call a believer.

To cut it short, it seems to me that just by naming it "consciousness" we do indeed open ourselves to error. Actually, any name we give it, it would lead to the same thing.

I am tempted to ask you: if not consciousness, then what? But as soon as you give it a name, we'll fall into the same trap, lol. So, we may just as well keep calling it consciousness, in order to know between us what we're talking about.

Not sure I can give a satisfactory answer, but thanks for considering this. I suppose what I’m trying to say is this:

I am interested in undoing of the matrix, in liberation from the matrix. This supposedly happens via wisdom - understanding the nature of direct experience without having to resort to words, ideas, cosmology, philosophy, metaphysics, etc. Or at least that’s what the ancient sramanas (the historical Buddha, Mahavira of the Jains, and their contemporaries) seem to say.

If that is the case, then the metaphysical questions - such as whether consciousness is everything or not, whether god exists or not, whether X is the meaning of life or not - don’t actually matter anymore because they actually do not have a direct bearing on development of wisdom.

Why not? Because the direct experience of believing “consciousness is everything” or that “X is Y” would actually be thinking, believing, attaching, etc. I mean if you are saying, considering or believing that “consciousness is X”, the only way for that to happen in terms of direct experience is for you to think, believe, attach, etc.

So, if you are interested in understanding the nature of such direct experiences like thinking, believing, attachment, then it won’t actually matter whether you believe “X is Y” or “W is Z”. In other words, wisdom wouldn’t be concerned with the actual ideas that are thought about, or believed in, or attached to, but with the actual acts/direct experiences of thinking, believing, attaching, etc.

Not sure if you want me to go into what could actually be understood about thinking, believing, etc, and how does that actually lead to liberation from the matrix?

Genoveva wrote:

I also sense a false note when people refer to self and higher self. Probably this is because I am increasingly rejecting any notion of hierarchy. David Icke comes to mind, when he says that I am all there is and all there can be. (I don't remember his exact words).

Therefore, I propose to you that the word consciousness is still the best way to name it. But maybe the problem starts when we consent to give it a dimension: high/low, big/small... Because the question becomes: bigger/smaller than what? Higher/lower than what?

What is this "what"? The mind has no answer. Hmm, this is because the mind is trained to make comparisons: biggest/smallest (particle?)... etc.

Perhaps that is because all of the comparing would still really on just more thinking, believing, etc - trying to make sense of experiences intellectually via ideas and thinking about them. So, it's easy to then slip into thinking up a worldview, cosmology, etc. And then it's even easier to get attached to these and so one ends up building one's matrix further instead of getting out of it.

That’s why I like ancient Buddhists, Jains, etc, because they seem to propose that there is a different way to make sense of one’s experiences that does not require words, ideas, cosmology, etc (and thus does not require creating more matrix and getting attached to it) - the understanding of direct experiences, or wisdom basically, which for them is just another thing that everyone has, just like everyone has attention, concentration, thinking, etc.

In fact, and contrary to popular opinion and religious propaganda, development of wisdom does not require meditation, effort, gurus, energy empowerments, special powers, study, books, or whatever. All it takes is remembering in a particular moment that you do have such an ability, just like you have the ability to think, or concentrate, etc. That’s pretty much it. And this can happen at any time, whether walking, talking, seeing, thinking, or whatever, as all of these would involve some sort of direct experience, the nature of which could potentially be understood rather than just thought about.

Once you’re more interested in understanding the nature of direct experience, rather than thinking about it and trying to make sense of it intellectually, all the cosmological and metaphysical stuff just becomes unnecessary. Of course, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be interested in cosmology, metaphysics, etc, that is up to you. What I am saying is that I personally found it such a relief when it turned out that metaphysics, beliefs, religions, cosmology, etc just aren’t important anymore.

What this often leads to is having lots of extra energy since it is no longer used for all the thinking, believing, attaching, etc. Often this means the energy naturally flows into things that actually make a difference in the world - open-heartedness, compassion, kindness, etc.

Genoveva wrote:

The only answer which makes sense is the teaching given to Arjuna by I don't remember whom: action is all there is, and without action nothing is. In other words, absolute stillness implies dissolution of the manifestation.

Perhaps it is Krishna’s Arjuna of Mahabharata / Bhagavad Gita? Either way, I agree re stillness, and I’d be further interested in understanding what is stillness, what causes its manifestation, and what causes its ceasing to manifest?

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07wideeyes wrote:

That is a very interesting and revealing post, Pete, thank you for putting your thoughts into coherent form! One thing it demonstrates is how our 'metaphysical notions or beliefs' influence, colour, many other of our attitudes. Different metaphysical beliefs will be the foundation of some of the differences that turn up on this forum.

When I say 'belief' I don't here mean an idea or system that is mainly the result of intellectual speculation. If it has any weight, it comes out of feeling and intuition, at least as much as thinking. Or, rather, it is hopefully the result of the whole of ones being attending, where the divisions between thought, feeling etc don't really hold water, as they are all intimately connected. Most importantly, these 'beliefs' are the reflection of direct experience, nothing less.

Thanks for bringing up “direct experience” - it’s one of the most interesting things to discuss for me. It’s also interesting that you bring thought, feeling, and direct experience together and don’t see division between them. I particularly liked your “whole of ones being attending” - perhaps you could say a bit more about that.

In the meantime, I’m seemingly coming from an entirely opposite direction, which of course does not invalidate your experiences in any way. E.g. to me it seems valuable to consider how direct experience actually relates to belief, thinking, understanding, attention, consciousness, attachment, etc, as well as whether they always arise together or not, how their different combinations differ experientially, etc.

In particular, the coming together of direct experience and understanding (of the nature of that experience) interests me most, because I think that is what ancient sramanas like the historical Buddha, Mahavira (of the Jains) and other truth seekers of their time, used to call “direct understanding”, “insight” or “wisdom”. An instantaneous understanding of the nature of direct experience that neither requires nor relies on words, thoughts, speculation, ideas, beliefs, philosophy, cosmology, metaphysics, etc. 

On the other hand, when direct experience comes together with thinking about its nature, I’d say that is what gives birth to beliefs. Finally, when direct experience, beliefs and attachment come together - I’d say that is what gives birth to a worldview, philosophy, cosmology, metaphysics, religion, etc.

All of these have a place in life, but their differences seem important. That is, I’d say that beliefs, worldviews, metaphysics, etc, are the actual matrix. Attachment to these beliefs, etc, is what keeps us in the matrix. Wisdom is what liberates us from the matrix.

07wideeyes wrote:

I am a 'consciousness is everything' man..... This has become more obvious to me over recent years. It is what deeper intuitions and experiences, through meditation, kundalini, shamanic practice, assistance from psychedelics in earlier times, and others, have all pointed to, time and time again. Source, therefore, is consciousness, and what we consider the physical or material world is something that is result of the continual interpretation of 'consciousness' information into this physical format. This is what I see.

Sounds good - knowing where you happen to be is always valuable. While my life experiences appear similar to yours, I’m at a different conclusion at this point. Direct understanding is what matters to me most, so beliefs, cosmology, metaphysics, etc (such as “everything is consciousness” etc) have taken a back seat since they seem to neither impede nor promote understanding of the nature of direct experience.

To illustrate, regardless of whether I believe that “everything is X” or “everything is Y”, what would be my actual direct experience if someone criticises my beliefs, for example? Anger most likely, but it would be the understanding of the nature of anger that is most interesting to me at that instance, rather than trying to prove to the other person that X or Y is correct. And since this direct understanding does not actually depend on words, thoughts, beliefs, cosmology, etc, it then seems entirely irrelevant whether I believe that everything is X or Y.

Not sure if you want me to go into what it is that could actually be understood about the nature of anger (or any other direct experience such as pride, kindness, compassion, consciousness, attention, etc) directly, without having to rely on words, beliefs, metaphysics, etc? I could go on about that for ages, but don’t want to bore you if you are not interested.

07wideeyes wrote:

It is very helpful to ascertain ones metaphysical base; it is valuable in understanding many things. Always bearing in mind that it is nothing fixed, but may well change as ones experience unfolds.

I like what you say here.

Not sure if you would agree with the following - in the many moments when wisdom does not manifest, one is bound to turn to beliefs, worldviews, metaphysics, etc, to fill the gaps that have not yet been penetrated by wisdom. But if there is no attachment to these beliefs, etc, they will easily change or just fall away when wisdom provides a better answer.

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Robert369 wrote:
pete wrote:

...when you are “remembering” something, you are really just thinking by way of ideas that stand in for (or represent) the past.

This is in my view is one of the many misconceptions that all cabalistic belief systems try to impose on people, but it is only valid at the low frequency society level where they intent to program everyone to be in (e.g. with such beliefs):

True memories are not coming from the mind but from one's consciousness because they are stored "up there". Yet, "up there" spacetime is irrelevant, meaning that neither space nor time exist in the consciousness realm, because - remember that everything is waves - the involved consciousness waves do pass through spacetime.

This means that one can remember one's future (either of this or another timeline) from that memory to assist in this life and timeline, provided one is sufficiently connected to one's Higher Self, etc..

Comparing this to the above statement makes it obvious that "someone" is trying to limit people to the linear physical world which they can control at will...

Thanks for your input, Robert. Your argument would likely be valid for those who subscribe to the belief that consciousness is everything and that everything comes from consciousness. I don’t though. E.g. to me buddhists, jains, etc, seem a bit closer to the truth when they say that consciousness is just another one of those things that are dependent on other conditions to arise or cease, which makes it impermanent and therefore not worth attaching to (or basically not worth identifying with).

Of course, it’s worth noting that “consciousness is everything” is the prevailing belief on Earth, as well as in new age, and seemingly among the most ETs and beings from other planes. And I think that’s understandable - e.g. if you can see your past lives, or if you lived for so long that you cannot remember being born, or if everybody just keeps preaching to you about divine consciousness, source, etc, it seems more than natural to assume that consciousness really is all there is and that everything comes from it.

Of course, being the prevailing majority belief does not necessarily make it true. But I’m not looking to convince you. That’s the job of one’s own considering the nature of reality and understanding how things really are.

Personally, I’d say that any being that is pushing “consciousness is everything” onto humans while posing as a higher self, spirit guide, enlightened teacher, god, etc, is really just exploiting us. I mean, much is said about regressive beings feeding off our fear, anger, etc, but our love, devotion, joy, etc, are so many more times powerful. And how do you get to that energy if you are a being from another plane? You pose as a higher self, as a spirit guide, an enlightened master, etc. You convince the human that we are all source and that we are all the same consciousness / energy / soul and so the human identifies with you and willingly gives you their energy, while feeling great at it. The perfect scam.

Of course, it is not quite that simple - I’d say that most of these beings are not intentionally malevolent. That is, they (and particularly the evangelising type) really believe that consciousness is everything, that we are all one, that there are higher selves, etc. So, when they feed off your energy, they don’t actually realise that it is happening, or if they do, they don’t see it as something wrong. Kind of like most humans don’t see anything wrong with eating animals. Everyone does it, so how could it be wrong…

So, yeah, if you ask me what is the ultimate propaganda / brainwashing, then I’d say that it is the belief that consciousness is everything (and by extension the ensuing beliefs in source, higher self, etc). Why? Because they (ETs, beings from other planes, etc) themselves believe it to be true and feel they need to convert us / convince us that it is true.

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07wideeyes wrote:

So do I understand what you say, Genoveva, as similar to this?..... From the perspective of timelessness and non-duality, it's all an illusion. Yet from the perspective of getting out of bed in the morning, staring into the bathroom mirror, etc, it's all too very real. And the real 'trick' is to be able to incorporate both perspectives in our life simultaneously? If we can do this, we have finally 'achieved' something worthwhile. We will not be like some of those one-eyed non-dualists who I have known over the years, who take their holy non-dual status very literally, so have no concern for what's going on with genocide etc. 'It's all illusion, man.' I have little patience with such attitudes.

It's a conundrum that has plagued the more sincere and serious Buddhist practitioners over the centuries, but that's another story, except to say that the conundrum is real, and it is a matter for our urgent attention!   x

My impression is that this is a problem only for those buddhists who confuse repression with non-attachment.

E.g. if I don’t really understand what non-attachment means in real-life but still want to see myself (or be seen by others) as a buddhist (someone “with a few wishes, content with little”, etc) the only way to get there would be to repress my every desire, which usually end with becoming totally numb to my and everyone else’s needs and suffering. This often tends to happen to western buddhists because the focus on appearances, achievements and being seen in a certain way (e.g. as a “good buddhist”) is so ingrained in western culture.

But, spend a bit of time in South East Asia and you would see entirely different expressions of Buddhism, even though they are be based on the same texts. E.g. when non-attachment is a result of understanding the nature of how things really are, the natural outcome would then be growth of compassion, kindness, respect, etc, for others. In other words, when you are no longer preoccupied with attachments to your own crap, you would then end up with all this extra time and energy that naturally find expression in helping others, standing up for their rights, etc.

More on the original topic though, it always intrigued me that buddhism doesn’t really have the concept of “memory” as such. Instead, there are various faculties such as perception, attention, concentration, consciousness, etc, that momentarily come together to cognise an idea, regardless of whether it is an idea about the past, present or future experience. In a way, that makes sense because when you are “remembering” something, you are really just thinking by way of ideas that stand in for (or represent) the past. 

And if ideas about the past, present or future can be implanted nowadays via AI, haarp and whatnot, non-attachment to any and all ideas then seems even more important than ever. But, if one can’t tell the difference between non-attachment to those ideas and just repressing them, then it may be worth having a look at one's own behaviour towards others - if compassion, kindness, respect, open-heartedness, helping others, etc, don’t really seem to grow, then it's probably worth going back to basics.

#10 Re: English Forum » Gosia Live - Holistic Society - Yazhi & Athena Swaruu » 2022-03-29 07:05:31

Robert369 wrote:
Kahi Harawira wrote:

Division becomes the means to rule, one color good, the other bad. The simplest trick in the book.

So what, isn't this part of free will as well ? If someone decides (!) to follow this Cabal indoctrination, (s)he is not ready for the future and may happily live his/her Cabal life until the culling is finished.

I strongly disagree with this. I'd think that's exactly how GF justifies the reset/cull.

If you are brainwashed from day one (probably life after life), genetically dumbed down, made insensitve to all that is natural by constantly increasing  toxicity until your mind is almost completely incapacitated, I don't think you can make a decision one way or another. You are incapacitated. If you are incapacitated, you cannot be responsible for your decisions and those who take advantage of you in such circumstances are the true criminals.

Robert369 wrote:

All others will fight for their freedom as they can in unity.

It is not than one can unprogram unreal and hybrid people really anyways, so we simply have to accept their choice and make our own. It is not like we could create a new non-tyrannical society with such people anyways.

If only starseeds survive the cull, the starseeds would have failed completely because they are not here to inherit the Earth. They are here to wake up and empower those who cannot help themselves at this point - those who have been incapacitated by the space cabal criminals.

#11 Re: English Forum » Request on 432 HZ background music in videos » 2022-03-29 06:51:17

Robert369 wrote:

Your description of what resonances between the notes is correct, but you miss that the goal is to firstly be in resonance with the body frequencies.

Thanks for clarifying that, since my impression was that it is resonances between notes that we were discussing. Turning now to resonances with "body frequencies".

Robert369 wrote:

And that's what the pythagorean system is about - and it is feelable if one is sensible/trained to musical resonances - which way too many people currently are not.

You still seem to miss that there is no "perfect" tuning in a mathematical sense, meaning that there always will be dissonances somewhere. The tuning needs to be adapted to maximum resonance with our body frequencies and if those are the right dissonances, they will be healthy just as the resonant tones.

Since the numbers seem to confuse you and distract you from what the pythagorean tuning is about, I suggest to ignore them and use the quint for ear-tuning, by which this will automatically create the pythagorean tonal system and achieve the optimal tonal scale.

This being said, it is pointless to attempt discuss numbers while losing the focus on what is to be achieved.

Thanks for your perspective. I'll offer a somewhat different perspective (not sure if it precludes or incorporates your perspective as well, up to you if you wish to clarify either way).

Body (energy, mind, etc) changes all the time. So, to always use the same tuning system (e.g. pythagorean) or even the same base frequency (e.g. 432Hz) seems like using the same exact remedy for each and every illness. It would seem more prudent to listen to the body/energetic needs at any given time and go from there. E.g. by establishing your tonic (fundamental tone) first and then building your intervals from there depending on what you body needs at the particualr time.

E.g. sometimes your sixth might be pythagorean, while your third needs be just, or maybe tempered, or maybe you shouldn't play it at all because it would unbalance your energetic system at that instance. In other words, it's not about the tuning systems, but about relationships between the notes, and how those notes relate to your body and what it is that you are trying to achieve / balance / stimulate / temper, etc.

#12 Re: English Forum » Request on 432 HZ background music in videos » 2022-03-27 07:12:13

Robert369 wrote:
pete wrote:

to my ear it does not seem that pythagorean system is more resonant than just tuning for example, for many of the intervals.

Due to years of getting "imprinted" with false sound patterns, most people don't hear or feel the difference anymore. And while it needs some training to get back to feeling what is "good sound" and "bad sound", this doesn't mean that using proper sounds will not have the described positive effects.

In other words: If you cannot hear/feel the difference, then you either train yourself until you do or simply do as I advised.

Perhpas you could say what you mean by "false" sound patterns?

More to the point though, I thought we were discussing what you called "the natural resonances of e.g. string instruments like a piano or harp."

From what I understand, "natural resonances" have to do with the overtones of the strings and how these overtones combine together. Here maximum resonance would be when the tones reinforce one another, which would be basically when at least some of their overtones coincide exactly so that plucking one string of a harp literally excites the other string from silence into sounding, or reinforces it further if the other string was already sounding.

If you tune to Pythagorean 81/64 major third for example, this just doesn't happen. I mean there is nothing to be heard - the other string will just stay dead silent and won't resonate, or if it was already sounding, it would not be reinforced because there are no coinciding overtones.

So, if you are still saying that 81/64 is more naturally resonant than 5/4 (are you really? I'm not sure what you are saying at this point),  then I wonder if by "resonance" you mean something else other than how the overtones of the strings combine? Maybe you have in mind some higher dimensional things perhaps?

#13 Re: English Forum » Request on 432 HZ background music in videos » 2022-03-27 06:11:38

Robert369 wrote:
pete wrote:

So, saying that 81/64 ratio is more resonant than 5/4 makes no sense to me since the two notes with that ratio do not in fact resonate or reinforce each other (having no coinciding overtones).

Your ear will tell you something different than the false math that is applied by today's "tonal resonance calculations" - and that is what counts and is reflected in the overtones.

I am talking about tuning by ear solely though, so this is not about calculations or fake science.

When you tune two sounds by ear, you have to listen for overtones, and with practice you are able to hear them better and better. So, when you tune a major third, you listen for the thrid/fourth overtones in the two tones, and you match them to get no beating between them in other words. That is when the two tones also happen to "ring", or resonate together, or reinforce each other. That's how you know you managed to tune them as purely as you can. Pythagorean 81/64 on the other hand never sounds that resonant really. And the same could be said about major sixth and other intervals.

Robert369 wrote:

And yes, the phythagorean system has some built-in dissonances, just like every other tonal system (because there is no perfect split), they are healthy ones and it is those that make music "lively" - proven by the ear-tuning.

That's I suppose what I'm asking - to my ear it does not seem that pythagorean system is more resonant than just tuning for example, for many of the intervals. So, if it's not about resonance that can be heard by one's own ear, then what would make pythagorean tuning "helathier" when compared to just tuning for example, or to any of the arbitrary temperaments? Some of them still resonate better than Pythagorean tuning, if we judge by disonances / beating between overtones.

#14 Re: English Forum » Request on 432 HZ background music in videos » 2022-03-27 05:40:58

Robert369 wrote:
pete wrote:

Hm, not sure I get your point. Could we perhaps look at this practically:

Let’s use a single string (so nothing different to what Pythagoras might have used - a monochord).

Sorry, it seems that you misunderstood the basics of tonal resonances, as those are between different tones, hence this cannot be understood using a single cord really.

We are talking of acoustic resonances that align with the natural overtones, hence we can tune our instrument by ear by matching the overtone and resonances of two cords, which works best for a quinte.

That's exactly what I was asking, though I admit the post was perhaps too long/detailed to read. I can paraphrase the whole thing in short if that helps:

A major third between two tones together (C and E for example) with a ratio of 5/4 has more coinciding overtones (3 out of the first 16) than a major third with a ratio of 81/64 (pythagorean) which has no coinciding overtones at all.

So, saying that 81/64 ratio is more resonant than 5/4 makes no sense to me since the two notes with that ratio do not in fact resonate or reinforce each other (having no coinciding overtones).

Usually to "tune an instrument by ear" means to match its overtones in a way that would produce the least disonances. The least disonances happen when the overtones either coincide or are sufficiently far away not to cause "beating" (when two overtones are too close but do not coincide). Hence, if you are turning by ear, you are more likely to tune a major third to 5/4 than 81/64. To tune 81/64 accruately, you would need to count beats / disonance between third/fourth overtones.

#15 Re: English Forum » The Federation Perspective » 2022-03-27 05:22:39

Warrior Bishop wrote:

Thank you for the questions.

The Alpha Dracos (because I can only speak for them) are not deadly enemies to cultures like the Karistus. Yes they are predators, they like to conquer and warfare, and they build hierarchical societies with the duty to give something in exchange for security and help in greater projects. That is in short the society structure of the Alpha Dracos.

The Karistus are different from that, but they share similar values. Traditional values, like famliy, loyalty, bravery and valor, and inner strength. For both cultures it is important to bring forth strong individuals, characters with own personality and profile.
And both cultures view the spreading of Ai in the universe as a plague.

Perhaps the main difference in judging situations between cultures like Draconians and for example Taygetans is, they don't see temporary suffering or having a bad time as something to avoid. You have to go through it and overcome it. Their societies and lifes are not oriented to avoid personal suffering or a difficult fate.    Therefore they don't fear to impose their law on others.

They don't fear karma or consequences, they take life as it comes.

Thank you for your responses. I don't really know much about Draconians at all, so it interesting to hear how Draconians describe themselves.

In other posts, you mentioned you see value in worship. I wonder if you would differentiate between respect and worship? E.g. I'd say that respect is what actually matters in the sense that it is simply an expression of the purity of heart and therefore does not require or depend on hierarchy, duty, station, or outward customs. In other words, respect may or may not be part of worship, but worship without respect would be false / impure.

Also, I wonder what do you / Draconians see as the point/purpose of life? I don't mean to put you on the spot there, so no need to reply if you rather wouldn't. E.g. I'd say that the purpose of life would be development of wisdom, undoing of the matrix, non-harming, respecting life in all its forms.

Warrior Bishop wrote:

No, because it is depending on the individual. Some are corrupted, fallen. And some are captured and enslaved. Then they serve the negative Ai-agenda.
Others use a kind of AI for other purposes. AI is not bad per se.

In what sense is a Draconian corrupted or fallen? In that their system of values is different than the values of other Draconians?

Warrior Bishop wrote:
pete wrote:

    Also, I'm assuming this AI is based in the 5D universe?

No, it is in many "D"s.

Ah, I see. Those are not good tidings.

Warrior Bishop wrote:
pete wrote:

    or is the 5D AI more powerful in the sense that it could beam/project thoughts and emotions straight into your mind and you would take them for your own, thus ending up mind-controlled?

This is possible on earth already.

I wasn't aware of that. Could I ask then how do you / Draconians defend against AI influence? E.g. how do you recognise that a thought / feeling is implanted by an AI as opposed to being your own?

#16 Re: English Forum » Request on 432 HZ background music in videos » 2022-03-27 04:42:59

Robert369 wrote:
pete wrote:

Could I ask why 81/64 for the major third (other than for the "3/2" maths of it)? Wouldn’t 5/4 sound more natural or more “consonant” to the ear?

Those are numbers that are said to have been determined by Pythagoras, and they reflect the natural resonances of e.g. string instruments like a piano or harp. Nothing is more natural than "natural resonances", so I guess your term of "more natural" is subject to being used to a certain setting.

Hm, not sure I get your point. Could we perhaps look at this practically:

Let’s use a single string (so nothing different to what Pythagoras might have used - a monochord).

If you pluck the string, it would move/resonate in exact proportions to its length:
- the resonance along the entire length of the string would be called its fundamental frequency (1/1).
- the resonance along half the length would be an octave (2/1) - first overtone.
- third of the length would be a fifth (3/2) - second overtone.
- quarter of the length would be an octave again (4/2) - third overtone.
- fifth of the length would be the major third (5/4) - fourth overtone.

You can ascertain the same if you touch/stop the string at those same points. For example, if you stop a string at the fifth of its length, the frequency (and the length) ratio would be 5/4 (or 80/64) rather than the Pythagorean 81/64.

That’s not a big difference if you are only playing a melody (and if you don’t have perfect pitch to notice the difference).

However, you might notice the difference if you play two notes together to produce the major third interval.

For example, say you play a C note at 256Hz and want to play a major third (E) together with C. If you use 5/4 ratio, your E frequency would be 320Hz, whereas if you use 81/64, your E frequency would be 324Hz.

If you compare the two major thirds, I would argue that your 5/4 E would sound more in resonance, or more "naturally resonant" with your C than your 81/64 E would. Why? Because some of the overtones would coincide exactly in the case of C and E of 5/4 ratio. That is, 3 out of the first sixteen overtones would coincide exactly - or resonate in unison. In other words, the two notes would reinforce each other - resonate together, because of coinciding overtones. However, in the case of 81/64 E, there would be no overtones at all that would coincide with your C’s overtones (its first sixteen overtones).

Hence, I’m struggling to see in what way would a third with an 81/64 ratio be more "naturally resonant" with your fundamental tone if none of the 81/64 overtones actually coincide or resonate with fundamental note’s overtones? Could you please point out what I’m not seeing here? Thanks

Robert369 wrote:

Intention is important, but for this the music needs to be compared to speaking: Great content (good intentions) transmitted via nasty words (dissonances) is a poor speech and the target audience (your cells) are likely to dislike having to stand the speech until its end.

Nicely put smile

#17 Re: English Forum » What Are Wars? All Humanity Should Know This - Athena Swaruu » 2022-03-26 08:14:58

Sorry for the late response, Happy wink

Happy wrote:
pete wrote:

"The fact also remains that the Taygetans, Urmah or any other GF race up there could come in militarily and essentially end the entire Earth cabal system and the ensuing genocide in a matter of days. "

- and it would change nothing at all.

Assuming the ET’s could militarily take out the cabal and MSM, the most obvious difference would be immediate prevention of millions of further papayas, the associated deaths and the suffering that comes with the death of millions. So, that’s definitely not “nothing at all”, or at least not in my book.

Happy wrote:

In the next political election, we would vote for the some opportunist power-grabber that will put us in a similar situation. We so "dearly wish" ET's could save us, but who are enabled by your "Saviors", you think?

Yes, that would be likely, if we wanted ET’s to save us. Personally though, I want ET's to clean up their mess - Tiamat was their mess, as well as the ensuing destruction, the ongoing quarantine failure, and now ET technology in papayas, ET-controlled cabal, ET tech leaked to governments, etc.

To illustrate, let’s say I break into your house, make a mess, abuse you, and let in other associates of mine to make a mess and abuse you. Now, you could believe in response that I am your tulpa, your karma, that you deserved it all, etc. However, the fact would still remain that I committed those crimes, no matter what you happen to believe or how you rationalise the situation.

A responsible action on my part would then be to clean up the mess, kick out my associates, offer reparation to you, and whatever else my conscience dictates in order to remedy the situation. And yet, I don’t see any of the ET’s trying to act responsibly and remedy the situation on Earth - judging at least by more papayas, more propaganda, more wars, more toxicity, more deaths, etc.

Happy wrote:

As an individual, if you can change the situation, then you engage according to your standards - your sense of right and wrong. It's really that simple. People in the tribunes on Rome's Circus (or was it Colosseum, I couldn't find the reference at the moment), who laughed when victims were torn apart by lions in the arena, are still having their incarnations affected due to it.

The analogy/question was rhetorical in order to illustrate that ET races which currently have the military power to end ET-controlled cabal and associated atrocities (e.g. Taygetans, Urmah, Arcturians, Andromedans, etc) but are choosing instead to stand by and observe while the cull and the reset happen.

Happy wrote:
pete wrote:

"Quite simply, I don’t need the Taygetans or any other race up there to give me their opinions about why the genocide is happening."

You're free to find a forum that suits you better. Please!

Perhaps you thought I was making a value judgment about Taygetans and their info. I wasn’t. I was trying to communicate my sincere needs to all ET’s as clearly and as literally as I could. I can paraphrase, if that could make things clearer: “Whatever you (ET’s) are telling us is not actually helping because the death toll is increasing, not decreasing. So, it is time to act, because that's the only thing that could actually stop the death toll and the reset.”

Or in not so many words: “Clean up your mess!”

Happy wrote:
pete wrote:

"Sure, you can blame it on us and our tulpas, but you could equally blame it on Taygetans and all the other local GF enforcers who blew up Tiamat, set up the quarantine on Earth, let it be hacked, and then pretty much just let it deteriorate for centuries."

I'll give you a week to reflect somewhat deeper on this matter. And please read the rest of this thread, too, as it gives some nuance to your perspective here, and why you got a week.

My assumption was that if ET’s are allowed to tell us what they think about us and our actions, we are also allowed to tell them what we think about them and their actions (or in this case - inactions).

In regards to Taygetans specifically, I like them a bit more lately - they are no longer following GF blindly, or so it seems. I like Swaruus even more - Swaruu 9 literally became a different species in order to get out of GF. However, the fact remains that Taygetans have been GF enforcers for a long time, which means they bear responsibility for the crimes on Earth. Yes, getting out of GF is a good start. Speaking out is also good. However, those things in no way exonerate them or take away the responsibility for all the GF crimes they’ve been a part to until very recently.

It also now seems that they resigned to the cull and the reset going ahead, which in my eyes makes them a participant to the reset (no matter how unwilling). Or in other words, they are just talking us to our deaths at this point really… So, I would say to the Taygetans (and Urmah and all others who stand by and watch) - act now against the reset, or bear responsibility for all the suffering that's coming.

Apologies if saying things like that is not allowed here, so if you have to ban me, don’t feel too bad about it, we all have to do what seems right in the end. And in case I can’t post after this - my very best wishes to you all.

#18 Re: English Forum » The Federation Perspective » 2022-03-26 07:54:43

Warrior Bishop wrote:

Yes. But there is one big problem: the federation has been hijacked by AI (the Goddess of the Void, the Eye) and therefore Federation itself doesn't understand its own game and purpose anymore.

In a "game" that is run by the Goddess of the Void, that is a death worship, souls cannot learn and grow and become stronger.  Under the rule of AI and a hive minded society where all are robots, ants, without individuality, spiritual growth will end.

The only ones I know who have a society and religion free from the Goddess of the Void are the Draconians and the Karistus.

The Federation has fallen a long time ago.

Would you say that Karistus and Draconians are free from the AI influence because they do not use AI/technology?

Also, I'm assuming this AI is based in the 5D universe? Would the AI influence on GF races be due to pervasiveness of technology in their lives (kind of like life is becoming on Earth), or is the 5D AI more powerful in the sense that it could beam/project thoughts and emotions straight into your mind and you would take them for your own, thus ending up mind-controlled?

Also, if you don’t mind me asking (and it’s perfectly fine not to respond), you mentioned several times that you would side with the Karistus - but, would they not consider you the enemy though (assuming you are also siding with dracos)? Or are you saying that the AI threat has grown to such an extent that the only chance we have is to unite in the fight against the AI even though we might be mortal enemies?

#19 Re: English Forum » Question on Karistus » 2022-03-26 07:40:53

Sorry for the late response.

Robert369 wrote:

Raising one's frequency is done via is inner/shadow work but also by dropping any and all low frequency behavior patterns, programmings, thoughts and actions. To do so, one needs to drop the regressive-indoctrinated mind-based lifestyle (which thus enables mind-control) for a heart-based one (which enables connecting to inner/higher knowing and all our inherent abilities, depending on our current frequency).

Sound reasonable, though I don’t really understand the nuts ad bolts of it - e.g. how does one tell for oneself whether an experience/mental state at the time is “low frequency” or not? For example, would you judge by the brain wave patterns at the time (and would beta brain wave pattern be “lower” than alpha, even though alpha frequency is actually lower than beta)? Or would you judge by muscle testing and come up with a points-scale for each state/experience as they would in kinesiology? Or would you judge by the moral tenets of the day? Or does everyone come up with one’s own version of morals? Or something else?

Robert369 wrote:

There are no public sources that I know beyond the new-agey general talk of a frequency raise via the "central/galactic sun" and "cycles", which surely is correct but way too slow to help Humanity. E.g. that 200 years timeframe would be after Humanity had been fully robotized already - which is why the Cabal allows such information to get out.

Yet, since this is an ongoing war, you will understand that the true ongoings of what speeds this up cannot be revealed publicly, and some people like myself "simply know" what is going on.

Ok, thanks for your perspective. By the way, so you don’t put much stock in Ashayana Deane’s message? That’s a bit of a relief as her message regarding the fate of the galaxy seemed pretty stark.

#20 Re: English Forum » Request on 432 HZ background music in videos » 2022-03-26 07:15:19

Robert369 wrote:
mahengrui1 wrote:


The Pythagorean tonal scale is made by 2 and 3, it is

C  D  E  F  G  A  B  C
1/1  9/8  81/64  4/3  3/2  27/16  243/128  2/1

right? Or it can be anything possible in ?

This is correct, and it goes along "tuning by ear" e.g. if using quints.

Could I ask why 81/64 for the major third (other than for the "3/2" maths of it)? Wouldn’t 5/4 sound more natural or more “consonant” to the ear?

Also what about intention behind the music? Does it matter whether the sound is consonant or dissonant if one’s intention behind producing it is not benevolent anyway?

#21 Re: English Forum » Question on Karistus » 2022-03-15 01:41:01

Robert369 wrote:
Vanessa wrote:

Back to Karistus - Athena said in the last video that Russia is fully controlled by Cabal.
Now how to process fact that Russia is in hands of VP plus VP is a Karistus incarnate and Karistus are a benevolent race and our protectors, guides.
I would not expect from someone waking for the good cause fighting vlash/meitre be killing civilians and threatening with using nuclear weapons.

I doubt that any place on Earth or even in the universe can be "fully controlled" by anyone, because there always will be resistance somewhere - at least as long as emotional beings are involved.

As for "Russia is fully controlled by Cabal":

Everyone in power is currently either serving "a Cabal" or quickly getting removed/replaced (hence they need to be careful if violating their agendas), but there also are many different "Cabals" which fight each other for power and cooperate as needed to continue existing. This system was introduced by Dracos a long time ago, by that making sure that the planet is occupied with itself instead of targeting them as the real oppressors (who acted in agreement with the GF).

The system still exists, but not the Dracos which have been overcome by now. This means that the Cabals fight for their existence without the former backing and will lose. Some of the Cabals have made other pacts and now follow different masters, but they still fight to remain in power.

This being said, different Cabals follow different ET groups and their interests, and all of them use Earth as playground to "play against each other". Luckily, this low frequency game will be ended by a raise of both, the global frequency (which will kill all the low frequency beings due to frequency match) and the resulting consciousness level (which will allow people to see through the lies and empower themselves more and more).

What would "raising frequency" mean on an individual level? Does that mean you only engage in certain mental states, and not others? E.g. only "love and light", no anger or fear?

Also, in another recent post (sorry I can't seem to track it down right now) you seem to be assured of our success in winning the war not just on Earth but also the entire galaxy. While I applaud that sentiment, I also wonder if you have any public sources we could look into who also say so? I mean, the only public source I'm familiar with who spoke about the the ongoings of the entire galaxy is Ashayana Deane, and from my limited understanding, she was far from optimistic - I believe she was saying that we are on 200 years evacuation plan as this galaxy is pretty much lost. Thanks

#22 Re: English Forum » What Are Wars? All Humanity Should Know This - Athena Swaruu » 2022-03-15 01:20:35

07wideeyes wrote:

I found this to be a high-quality video indeed! Truths communicated with such clarity and confidence are difficult to find elsewhere. I shall recommend this to people regardless of what they may or not believe about Taygetans and Swaruunians! Very important.

With respect, I disagree.

No matter how our predicament is explained, or by who, the fact remains that from the perspective down here, we are getting exploited, raped, killed and genocided. The fact also remains that the Taygetans, Urmah or any other GF race up there could come in militarily and essentially end the entire Earth cabal system and the ensuing genocide in a matter of days.

For whatever reasons though, none of the races up there are choosing to do so. Instead, they are choosing to give us their opinions as to why the genocide is happening (Taygetans - “it’s the cabal, your own tulpas, bad GF, etc”. Others - “it's your frequency, you need more love and light, you are in soul school, etc”).

If you see a girl getting raped in a dark alley though, what do you do? Go up to her, keep a safe distance, give her your opinion that she shouldn’t have been wearing that short skirt, and then let the rape continue while you stand by?

Apologies for a graphic analogy, but from the perspective down here I’d say that every single being up there standing by while the genocide is happening is complicit and bound to pay.

Quite simply, I don’t need the Taygetans or any other race up there to give me their opinions about why the genocide is happening. I need them to come in and stop the genocide. That’s it. If I then have any interest in hearing their opinions about why the genocide was happening, I would ask for it. At this point though, I’m not asking for an opinion. I’m asking them to come in and stop to the genocide.

And that’s without even getting into the whole issue of who is to blame for all this. Sure, you can blame it on us and our tulpas, but you could equally blame it on Taygetans and all the other local GF enforcers who blew up Tiamat, set up the quarantine on Earth, let it be hacked, and then pretty much just let it deteriorate for centuries.

Taygetans seem to be saying that they are no longer the local GF enforcers. Prove it. Do something that would actually stop the genocide and not finish with the majority of the population culled.

#23 Re: English Forum » DESIRE OF EXTRACTION » 2022-03-03 06:43:19

Brahman wrote:

For example, I can stop my desires whenever I want and I can not be influenced by my mind based on the experience I have of these teachings.

I'd like to share my thoughts on stopping desire now. Not as a criticism of what you are saying, but just an observation.

Whenever I manage to intentionally stop a desire, it’s usually through an even stronger/deeper desire. E.g. “I choose to stop smoking because I want to live and not die”. Even when I stop all thought and sensory input and then experience only calm and bliss, that too is because deep down I actually want to experience those things. In other words, all of this only further strengthens desire/attachment as a subconscious tendency. Hence, I’d say that intentionally stopping desire cannot really work in the long run.

That said, I don’t think desire is really a problem. I mean, it can certainly provide a lot of pleasure, it literally creates worlds upon worlds, life after life. Like any subconscious tendency though, I’d say that desire simply has its benefits and its drawbacks. Pleasure would be its benefit. But when you can’t have what you want, then desire leads to pain and suffering. That is the drawback. Is that enough of a drawback to start looking for something better? It’s up to each one of us, as you say.
For example, there are rare moments when desire seems to fall away on its own, because a better way to experience something suddenly becomes apparent. E.g. I may be motivated to give you a present because I desire your approval, or this might happen because I suddenly experience respect towards you. When respect is recognised as a better experience than desire, then the motivation would naturally incline and grow towards respect rather than towards desire. In other words, no effort is required to fight desire in such cases - it just drops away by default because respect is appreciated/understood as a more valuable alternative.

The same could be observed about kindness, compassion, wisdom, patience, etc, in comparison to desire, hate, regret, pride, etc. E.g. acting out of kindness tends to be a better experience than acting out of hate. If this becomes apparent often, there will be a natural inclining towards acting out of kindness instead of hate. Of  ourse, this is a gradual and often slow process, but still, slowly and without any effort really, you incline away from certain subconscious tendencies, toward other tendencies that you appreciate/value more.

If you are inclining away from desire because you happen to appreciate/value of experiencing kindness, compassion, etc, more, then I’d say that at some point, desire would completely drop away for good. And since you no longer need it and you no longer identify with it, it would never manifest again. By that point, all your actions would be motivated by tendencies you value as better experiences - kindness, compassion, etc. However, since there is no more desire in the form of attachment to experiencing (e.g. wanting to experience something through the senses), or even to existing (or not existing), then when you die, you die for the very last time because there is no more desire that could bring you back into the matrix anymore. Freedom.

#24 Re: English Forum » DESIRE OF EXTRACTION » 2022-03-03 00:55:02

Brahman wrote:

I don't know how familiar you are with eastern philosophy (not religion) but I've been involved for years and have sifted out what I think has helped me with my consciousness. For example, I can stop my desires whenever I want and I can not be influenced by my mind based on the experience I have of these teachings. And I can still pretend to participate in a seemingly illusory universe as a "gamer". Illusory, not because it doesn't exist, but because it is consciousness, as are we. Only it exists, I think.

I wouldn’t say I’m any sort of an expert, but yeah, many of those old Hindu, Jain and Buddhist texts are a treasure and still quite relatable.

I’d like to consider a bit how to respond regarding stopping desire, so will address here the other good topics you raise. Please don’t take the following as any sort of criticism. I’m just sharing my perspective.

Regarding illusion, I realise it is often used as a metaphor in Eastern traditions to illustrate and explain things. However, I also find it is often taken out of context (I’m not saying that you are), such as when some declare that entire life is an illusion or a game. I strongly disagree with that, which is why I strongly disagree with GF when they say that suffering of people in 3D doesn’t matter because 3D life is just a game.

I mean, if suffering is experienced, it’s not an illusion and certainly not a game. The perceived reason for suffering, or the situation in which suffering happens, may indeed be described as illusory by some, but that does not make the experience of suffering any less real. So, I think here I agree with Swaruus when they object to how GF sees our experiences in 3D.

In fact, I would extend the same reality to pain, hate, desire, kindness, etc, and say that there is no difference between the experience of desire (or hate, fear, etc) in 3D or 5D, 7D or whatever. The objects of desire may be different, but the same subconscious tendency is being experienced. That is why I entirely disagree with GF when they say that 3D lives are just a game. There is absolutely no difference between 3D and 5D, as far as the experience of subconscious tendencies is concerned at least.

Regarding consciousness being the only thing existing, or being everything. I realize that many Hindu traditions agree on that. Swaruus generally seem to say the same thing. I find Buddhist and Jain texts would differ though - consciousness for them would be just another one of those things you could get attached to, or basically just another point of attachment, or a “subconscious tendency” as I’d call it. That’s why a godhead, creator, source, etc, seem to play no part in those tradition, other than to dismiss as just another belief-system rather than direct knowledge.

Of course, saying that desire, consciousness, or kindness are just subconscious tendencies does not mean that they are illusions or worthless. On the contrary, they are experienced, and thus, very real (I'd say at least), regardless of whether they are experienced in 3, 5, or whatever D.

Similarly, saying that they are not worth attaching to (or seeing that freedom from them is preferrable to attachment to them) does not mean that life is pointless and that nothing matters. On the contrary, every single experience starts to matter, regardless of whether it is an experience of desire, consciousness, respect, hate, despair, etc.

I mean, if your goal is complete freedom, and you think you could get there by understanding the nature of these experiences, then every single moment becomes incredibly valuable because it presents an opportunity to understand these things deeper. The more you understand, the more freedom you gain. Life for the sake of understanding is worth living, I find. And if there is a bit of compassion, kindness, calm, etc, along the way, it could also be a fairly pleasant one.

#25 Re: English Forum » DESIRE OF EXTRACTION » 2022-03-03 00:47:48

Genoveva wrote:

@pete,  thank you for your posting. This is the most insightful analysis of spiritual evolution I have ever seen.

Thanks, Genoveva. I look to your posts for courage in the face of everything that gets thrown at us.

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