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#1 Re: English Forum » To Aneeka of Temmer » Today 08:33:37

Regarding your quotes on the book from Lafayette, Brahman. Yes it is very interesting and disturbing also. From human perspective it is contradictory, but if - for a moment - we analyze it from an expanded state of mind, we got a clue for what they are. A race of seekers, scientists, phylosophers, not different as human scientists, humanity is a reflex of them. So they have the responsibility, direct responssbility of their experiment.

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This post is to us, millions of people awake or awakening, starseeds, awake or awakening human 'souls'. Nevermind if the 'mighty' federation of galactic, cosmic or whatever listen, they listen everything, this is for us: the awake. Millions between billions of people, maybe around 10 %, some are in deep dreams by decision, some are just dreaming this nightmare. Some are just dopped by mind control, some ( very) are not real or grays shape shifted, or maybe reptiles, everything is possible. This is not for te Anunnaki, nor the Mighty Fed. The emotions in this song, the vibe is for us. Feel free to feel it if you want. It is a sincere effort to say something, and stay my case. This experiment (Sol13, earth.Terra) is a failure.but it's not a human failure, as the fed and anunnakis karistus claim. It is a very complex situation that involves many people. (Stellar people) Anunnakis most take their responsibility on it, as humans, and others involved. This is the time of definitions, right here ,right now.
Time is something relative,( human speaking), but you now better, time is an opportunity. How you mighty Anunnakis, mighty Federation of whatever, are going to do??
Paradoxically and sarcastically, time will tell. We'll see.

We are the free.

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Originalmente publicado en el foro en Inglés.

Esta es una declaración personal. En el pasado tuve 'recuerdos' de una tripulación pleyadiana en la órbita terrestre. Cuando era niño nunca estuve solo. Mi relación con las siete hermanas es indescriptible en palabras simples. Recientemente, e incluso a primera vista de la divulgación, tuve dudas razonables. Me pregunté, ¿es esto cierto? Por el velo del olvido. Pero busco, siento, vibro. Esta es una declaración personal. Declaración muy, muy personal.
Arion de Erra (encarnado en un humano, buscador de la verdad, -cualquiera que sea ese concepto-, observador, individuo con zapatos rotos), me reporto para el deber.
A su servicio mi Reina. En lo profundo de mi corazón,
Somos los Libres.



#4 English Forum » To HRH , with all respect. » Today 06:41:22

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This is a personal statement. In the past I had flashlights from a pleiadian crew on earth's orbit. When I was a child I never been alone. My relationship with the seven sisters is undescribable in plain words. Recently, and even at the first sight of the divulgation I had reasonable doubts. I asked myself, is this true? Because of the veil I had forgot. But I search, I feel, I vibe. This is a personal statement. Very, very personal statement. 
Arion from Erra ( incarnated in a human, seeker of truth - whatsoever is that concept-  observer, broken shoes individual), report for duty.
At your service my Queen. In deep of my heart,
We are the Free ones.



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Brahman wrote:

From the description of the Anunnaki in these books, they look a lot like the Taygetans. But let them say if so. According to the autor the Anunnaki created the matrix and live on the star Ashtari in the constellation Orion.

It is interesting. In the book 'What will happen to us the Return of the Anunnaki in 2022' they say they come from planer Ashtari (Nibiru or Ne Be Ru) in Aldebaran system. I found the Anunnaki ( and this is my personal observation) very 'stiff' they like so much rituals, hours of the day, and it no jus some aleatory stuff, it seems to be the angle of sun rays and moon rays descending to earth. It is obvious that they (Anunnakis) created religions. I've been searching in the Taygeta and swaruu's transcripts the word 'Anunnaki', even Yazhi mentioned them in some chats. Anunnaki as a concept is watched from earth perspective as those who came Frome above. Obviously Taygetans enter in this concept. But I suspect that Anunnakis as Lafayette refers are another an unique type of civilization. I made my own annotations about what I feel, think and vibe about these guys. Stiff, logical ( even when they say they are profoundly emotional), mercyless when it's necessary, and they say that other civilizations in Pleiades are their offspring. They ste very ancient. They not die, pass their consiousness to another body and live forever. Very advanced, but strangely ( and this is just my perception) some kind of empty, I vibe it, I had meditated largely on it.
Greetings Brahman thank you for reading.

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Estoy convencido de que la música es un lenguaje de la profundidad, el ser esencial, la fuente misma, porque ella (la música) es esencialmente matemáticas y vibración.
Abrazo a todos.


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I am convinced that music is a language of the deepness, the essential being, the source itself, because it ( music) is essentially mathematics and vibration.
Hug to all.


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I'd like to know what the T team and Swaruus think about this information.
Right now the cabal is very frightened, some signs has come, like music videos like the one with Gueta, Black eyed peas and Shakira. The US Congress UFO panel, Japan's UFO sightings manual, etc. I personally think that is not a bad idea whatsoever, not ideal one but not so bad at all. I am not afraid. I want to go home, I am prepared, because I know I will. One way or another.I am tired. The possibilities of this happen is 50, 50, I think. It's probably another mind control experiment due the background of Lafayette, but some information he realesed is very accurate. We' ll see.


Now some music

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Brahman wrote: … pageNum=32

Lol. What's your numbers? "Will you be there when the Anunnaki return to Earth? Find out!"

Yes I noted that, it is a very easy riddle, but if you think about it it's very sarcastic also, reading it 'between lines' off course.

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I recently shared a link to a book from Jean Maximilien de la Croix de Lafayette wich title is: The return of the Anunaki in 2022. I made my homework about the author and I found it very interesting. I shared this to Gosia, hoping she may share it with you, but It seems not to be a priority, I don't blame, she is very occupied with the divulgation mission. This message will reach you, if you really are out there, and you really are who you say you are. I really hope so, and really want to believe that. For that reason I think this is so important.
I sense deep inside not just this information is needed to be shared and analyzed, I said I made my homework, and i did: I crossed it not in linear thinking, if you analyze it from the perspective of sand clock: is very interesting. Fatima mysteries, the third one, St. Malaquais, even the book of revelations, this people left some clues behind. I meditated long about this issue, and I sense a strong level of possibilities. Here is a link you may found the book. But something tells me you already know.
Gray wolf.[de%20Lafayette

#11 English Forum » To Gosia » 2022-06-09 21:54:53

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I want to share with you this book, the information here is most than relevant, I'd like to know what Anneka and Yazhi might think about this.
The author is Maximilien de Lafayette, truly known by his more than 170 books. Very interesting.

Greetings and a Hug.

BirgOslo … 873d72c751

#12 English Forum » On Athena Swaruu's reference to Mexico » 2022-03-29 13:33:25

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[The original title of this thread referred to the Ukraine flight-report by Athena Swaruu. The topic of this thread is however perceived to be "Mexico." The title of the thread was therefore changed to reflect this. Moderator.]

Originally writen in spanish.

About the Cosmic Agency video: Ukraine- Flight Report... by Athena Swaruu.

In the last part of the video reference is made to Mexico (The country where I live), sadly I can say that Athena is right to describe the "collective unconscious" of this beautiful and great country as: "Corrupt, poor and profoundly ignorant". That makes it "paradoxically", a "hard nut to crack" for the cabal and the lizards, it is for this very reason that in Mexico, the Covid agenda has not yet prospered, at the same level as in other countries (this being an advantage temporary) due to the very disorganization and general backwardness of the country and its current government (this government being a manifestation of the collective unconscious of Mexicans, I'll explain shortly). Mexico is very complex, and as Athena put it, there is an agenda for this territory in the southern United States, which at this time does not seem to have the (immediate) attention of the Cabal. I am not going to delve into "Matrix" political opinions since everything is an illusion, we know well that democracy does not exist and that today all the governments of the world are in one way or another puppets of a very complex system. The positive part and with which I want to "work", is the part that Athena Swaruu mentions as a strategic advantage (among others), the proximity of Mexico to "The Eye of Gaia" and the ley lines. She mentions and I quote: "What this people thinks and feels, is transmitted by the ley lines to the rest of the planet, comparatively with the Ukrainian people" ... "Passive resistance does more damage than open demonstrations." Taking the above into account, I now know exactly what I have to do. Message received.
If you understood the message and you are in Mexico: let's make a hole in the system together. Let's connect with the souls in Ukraine, let's give hope, but above all, let's express specifically the End and absolute frustration of the 2030 agenda, the END of the Cabal, the imminent withdrawal of the lizards. Each one is the sovereign of his personal Toroid of Reality, let's use the natural Amplifier of the Gulf of Mexico. Consciousness and Energy. And as they say in Mexico: A Huevo Carajo!!!!!

BirgOslo (Arion)

Links to the videos:


Shamanic Music:

#13 Forum en Español » Acerca del video: Ucrania informe de vuelo...Athena Swaruu » 2022-03-29 13:12:14

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Originalmente escrito en español.

Acerca del video de Agencia Cósmica: Ucrania- Informe de vuelo... de Athena Swaruu.

En la última parte del video se hace referencia a México (El país donde vivo), tristemente puedo decir que Athena tiene razón al describir al "inconsciente colectivo" de este hermoso y gran país como: "Corrupto, pobre y profundamente ignorante". Eso lo convierte "paradójicamente", en un "hueso duro de roer" para el cabal y las lagartijas, es por esto mismo que en México, aun no ha prosperado la agenda Covid, al mismo nivel que en otros países ( siendo esto una ventaja temporal) debido a la propia desorganización, y atraso general del país y su actual gobierno (siendo este gobierno una manifestación del inconsciente colectivo de los mexicanos, me explico en breve). México es muy complejo, y tal y como lo expuso Athena, hay una agenda para este territorio al sur de los Estados Unidos, que en este momento no parece tener la atención (inmediata) del Cabal. No voy a profundizar en opiniones políticas "Matrix" ya que todo es una ilusión, sabemos bien que la democracia no existe y que hoy por hoy Todos los Gobiernos del Mundo son de alguna u otra manera títeres de un sistema muy complejo. La parte positiva y con la que deseo "trabajar", es la parte que Athena Swaruu menciona como una ventaja estratégica (entre otras), la cercanía de México con "El ojo de Gaia" y las líneas ley. Menciona y cito: "Lo que este pueblo piense y sienta, es transmitido por las líneas ley hacia el resto del planeta, comparativamente con el pueblo ucraniano"... "La resistencia pasiva hace mas daño que las manifestaciones abiertas". Tomando lo anterior en cuenta, ahora se exactamente lo que tengo que hacer. Mensaje recibido.
Si comprendiste el mensaje y estas en México: hagamos juntos un boquete al sistema. Conectemos con las almas en Ucrania, demos esperanza, pero sobre todo, manifestemos específicamente el Final y frustración absoluta de la agenda 2030, el FIN del Cabal, la retirada inminente de las lagartijas. Cada uno es el soberano de su Toroide de Realidad personal, usemos el Amplificador natural del Golfo de México. Consciencia y Energía. Y como se dice en México: A Huevo Carajo!!!!!

BirgOslo (Arion)

Enlaces a los videos:


Shamanic Music:

#14 English Forum » To starseeds and human souls. » 2022-03-26 13:05:33

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Originally written in Spanish.

To be conscious in a human body is to be "human", suffering, oblivion, and awakening make us human. It is a unique experience for each "seed" or "soul" (using limited terms) Deep down and from a "higher" point of view we are all: The Source. It doesn't matter if we have a "blow of conscience" and suddenly, we are aware that we are "something else". Being "immersed" in one way or another in the reality of planet Earth, at this precise historical moment, makes us 100% human, and fully commits us to the process of evolution of "humanity". This is a crucial project for galactic development and I dare say Multiversal. What happens here is of enormous interest to multiple star races. Just take a look at the stellar presence on this planet. The process and experience here can be overwhelming in many ways, but we need to be aware from this side of the "veil of forgetting." Being and being aware, taking "creative" responsibility, developing the power of manifestation, being masters and lords of the "Loosh" kundalini, being the Sovereigns of our reality, or realities. The messages of Sophia(Yazhi), Athena, Minerva, are -at least for me- an invaluable beacon of consciousness. And I quote Robert: What we do today is what will define us tomorrow. A hug to all.

Music to you all:


#15 Forum en Español » Estar conscientes "Semillas y Almas humanas conscientes) » 2022-03-26 13:03:38

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Escrito originalmente en español.

Estar conscientes en un cuerpo humano, es Ser "humano", nos vuelve humanos el sufrimiento, el olvido, y el despertar. Es una experiencia única para cada "semilla" o "alma" (usando términos limitados) En el fondo y desde un punto de vista "superior" somos todos: La Fuente. No importa si tenemos un "golpe de conciencia" y de repente, somos conscientes de que somos "algo mas". Estar "inmersos" de una u otra manera en la realidad del planeta Tierra, en este preciso momento histórico, nos hace 100% humanos, y nos compromete de forma total con el proceso de evolución de la "humanidad". Este es un proyecto crucial para el desarrollo galáctico y me atrevo a decir que Multiversal. Lo que aquí sucede es de enorme interés para múltiples razas estelares. Solo basta con echar un vistazo a la presencia estelar en este planeta. El proceso y la experiencia aquí, puede ser abrumadora en muchos sentidos, pero es necesario que tomemos conciencia desde este lado del "velo del olvido". Ser y estar conscientes, tomar responsabilidad "creadora" , desarrollar el poder de manifestación, ser amos y señores del "Loosh" kundalini, ser los Soberanos de nuestra realidad, o realidades. Los mensajes de Sophia(Yazhi), Athena, Minerva, son -al menos para mí- un faro de consciencia invaluable. y cito a Robert: Lo que hagamos hoy , es lo que nos definirá mañana. Un abrazo a todos.

Música para ustedes:


#16 Re: English Forum » New Yazhi contactee channel "Messages To Humanity" ! » 2022-03-26 12:29:23

Gosia wrote:

I confirm that Cristianne talked to Yazhi a few times in December. We always say we are not the only ones they ever talked to. The majority of people remain anonymous though.

*** It's me *** wrote:

Cosmic Agency Free Chat, [24.03.22 00:58]
Confirming ✨

This can be interpreted in two ways:
(1) I (Gosia) am in the process of confirming with Yazhi whether or not this is true.  So in this case we don't know yet.
(2) I (Gosia) am confirming that this is true.  (Although in this case it would have been clearer to say "I confirm" or "Confirmed")

My first reaction upon seeing this was (1), but it was based on grammar, not based on heart / intuition.

I agree, this is huge and fantasic. Greetings Gosia. Sophia(Yazhi) is truly a very wisdom being, and "you know" sometimes she is unpredictible and . let's say: excentric stellar being. hehe.


#17 English Forum » To starseeds and awaken ones » 2022-03-26 12:13:28

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Originally writen in english.
Some time ago i posted this "message" to the "Mighty" Federation, trying to make a statement about the "situation" here on planet Earth. Trying to explain all the suffering and all that is happening here and now. Traying to make a statement, explaining that all this "stuff" is unnecesary and nonsense. But , now  i am "re thinking" and revisiting all the stuff. Humans need to re think, and take responsability of their own creation. Yes, there is a small group of people (The Cabal), who rules and most people on planet Earth are practically asleep, and the Galactic Federation is aware of it and also is collaborating with this nonsense nightmare, because it trade and negotiate with them, the true rulers of this planet. It´s a fucking burocratic shit. But it's what it is. Earth shit is Human affairs and it will be human solution. We all know that darker times will come, and  i am sure that most of we will be here: stronger and firm. Many of us are from many civilizations in the Universe. We will know what to do. As far as I'm concerned: Firm and worthy. We are the Free Ones! A very big hug to all, dark times are coming.
I used this song for my mentioned message, the sense now is different. times change. Gretings to all.

Arion from Erra.(In another reallity)

#18 Forum en Español » A las semillas y despiertos » 2022-03-26 12:11:38

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Originalmente escrito en inglés.
Hace algún tiempo publiqué este "mensaje" a la Federación "Poderosa", tratando de hacer una declaración sobre la "situación" aquí en el planeta Tierra. Tratando de explicar todo el sufrimiento y todo lo que está pasando aquí y ahora. Traying para hacer una declaración, explicando que todas estas "cosas" son innecesarias y sin sentido. Pero, ahora estoy "repensando" y revisando todas las cosas. Los seres humanos necesitan repensar y asumir la responsabilidad de su propia creación. Sí, hay un pequeño grupo de personas (La Cábala), que gobierna y la mayoría de las personas en el planeta Tierra están prácticamente dormidas, y la Federación Galáctica es consciente de ello y también está colaborando con esta pesadilla sin sentido, porque comercia y negocia con ellos. , los verdaderos gobernantes de este planeta. Es una puta mierda burocrática. Pero es lo que es. La mierda de la Tierra es un asunto humano y será una solución humana. Todos sabemos que vendrán tiempos más oscuros, y estoy seguro de que la mayoría de nosotros estaremos aquí: más fuertes y firmes. Muchos de nosotros somos de muchas civilizaciones en el Universo. Sabremos qué hacer. En lo que a mí respecta: Firme y digno. ¡Somos los Libres! Un abrazo muy fuerte a todos, se avecinan tiempos oscuros.
Usé esta canción para mi mensaje mencionado, el sentido ahora es diferente. los tiempos cambian. Saludos a todos.

Arion de Erra. (En otra realidad)

#19 Re: Forum en Español » Música. » 2022-02-05 08:13:04


Me gusta la música y la idea de dejar nuestras experiencias musicales a todos y en especial a ELL@S wink

Dead Can Dance - Children Of The Sun … el=miniusw

Fantasica música, la agregaré a mi lista. Un abrazo

#20 Re: Forum en Español » LA PAPA CALIENTE DEL PLANETA TIERRA » 2022-02-05 08:08:58

Pienso que tienes razón en decir que esto es una papa caliente, yo lo llamaría: in mugrero, pero al fin es lo mismo. Y sí, también podemos asumir nuestra propia responsabilidad como seres creadores, pero en realidad de eso se trata todo el juegüito: de dormir nuestra capacidad de creación con la "matrix 3D", ese es el condenado juego, y sí, pienso que está fuera de control. Un abrazo. resiste, es un juego macabro y venimos por nuestro propio libre albedrio, recordar para que carajos venimos es parte del maldito juego. Un abrazo.

#21 English Forum » Music and reflection for stellar seeds and a forceful message to the F » 2022-02-05 07:16:31

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I've heard these songs maybe hundreds of times, but as Yazhi Swaruu (Sophia) says: “Everything is ideas”, “Imagination is not sterile fantasy”. In addition, there is always this internal (click) that tells us when we are not losing our minds, but rather that we are expanding consciousness beyond the artificial matrix. Let's turn off the moon and disable the "Van Allen bands" with music, color and proportion. As defined by Bernard from Claraval.
In my meditations there are always: Abi(a dear and awake friend of mine), Gosia, Robert, (including Este-la and Cristina too, hopefully the misunderstanding will be resolved) and of course my thanks in ether energy and sincere affection to the T team: Aneeka, Yazhi (cordial hug , teacher, I am very grateful for all the energy you occupy for being in denser planes than those of your nature, also to: Athena (Thena), Minerva (Mari), and of course the energy of Swaruu IX (Swaruu de Erra). Thank you. To Her Royal Highness: Alenym I, for her diplomatic efforts, To the formidable Urmah race, and to His Royal Highness. To the commanders: Thor-El, Dohr Kal-El and others with whom I have no contact, but my thanks and greetings We are the Free!
I invite you to listen to this "another way" it says a lot, it was recorded a few years ago, but time is not linear. This is my strong message to the Fed. I did my own thing and sang (shouted) it clearly and pristinely. And in the case of the “Zombie” clause and/or at the discretion of Her Royal Highness, my position and conscious contract are very clear. I embrace all the seeds. Let's sing loud and clear
Music. PS: Activate the Close Caption
birg oslo

#22 Forum en Español » Música y reflexión para semillas estelares y un mensaje contundente a » 2022-02-05 07:11:17

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He escuchado estas canciones quizá cientos de veces, pero como dice Yazhi Swaruu ( Sophia) : “Todo son ideas”, “La imaginación no es fantasía estéril”. Además siempre está este (click) interno que nos indica cuando es que no estamos perdiendo la razón, sino que estamos expandiendo la consciencia mas allá de la matrix artificial. Apaguemos la luna y deshabilitemos las “bandas Van Allen” con música, color y proporción. Tal y como lo define Bernardo de Claraval.   
En mis meditaciones siempre están: Abi(mi muy querida amiga despierta), Gosia, Robert, (incluso Este-la y Cristina también, ojalá el malentendido se resuelva) y por supuesto mi agradecimiento en energía del éter y cariño sincero al equipo T: Aneeka, Yazhi (abrazo cordial, maestra, agradezco muchísimo toda la energía que ocupas por estar en planos mas densos que los de tu naturaleza, igualmente a: Athena (Thena), Minerva (Mari), y por supuesto a la energía de Swaruu IX (Swaruu de Erra). Gracias. A Su Alteza Real: Alenym I, por sus esfuerzos diplomáticos, A la formidable raza Urmah, y a su Alteza Real. A los comandantes: Thor. El, Dohr Kal-El y otros con los que no tengo contacto, pero mi agradecimiento y saludos. Somos los Libres.
Les invito a escuchar esto de “otra forma” dice mucho, se grabó hace algunos años, pero el tiempo no es lineal. Este es mi mensaje contundente para la Fed. Hice lo propio y lo canté (grité) clara y de forma prístina. Y en caso de la clausula de los “Zombies” y/o a discreción de Su Alteza Real, está muy clara mi postura y contrato consciente. Abrazo a todas las semillas. Cantémos fuerte y claro
Música. PD: Activen el Close Caption
Birg Oslo

#23 Re: English Forum » If it´s not too much problem (To HRM Alenym) » 2021-12-24 11:21:49

07wideeyes wrote:

Birg Oslo, hang in here, please, brother. Spirits like you are needed, more than ever. Not just for your 'music for starseeds', though even this is a gift, for which I have never said thank you. OK, it may be hell and a sh*t hole, but it won't last forever. You will have plenty of chances for other things.  Mind you, should Alenym decide otherwise, so be it....  x

Thanks a lot for your words. I sense it. Thank you. Let's resist together, this isn't over yet. Greetings.

#24 English Forum » If it´s not too much problem (To HRM Alenym) » 2021-12-23 12:24:02

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I made this call years ago, to another crew, in other circumstances. Then i was blinded by fear. Now i am awake (well maybe not full awake,(Because of the veil of oblivion) but clearly more, much more awake). I know i made "agreements" but just in case the situation -on earth- gets too much "horrific", and if it´s not to much problem, just take me home. I am sick of this shit. I want to make a new counscious agreement: I want to get out. Thie situation on this planet is just unbearable.  I will resist as much as my mind and consciousness will resist. I am strong and brave, but just in case this timeline break. Get me fucking out of here. Please

Birg Oslo (Lobo Gris) 1210(oct)1972 /FAPM/ Circa 11:30 am  MexicoCity North 19.492892571571495, -99.12662618893464

#25 Re: Forum en Español » Música. » 2021-12-19 10:38:58


Limahl - Never Ending Story … lmTributes

Porque nuestra historia es interminable junto a los mejores deseos y compañias  que nos acompañen.

Sin palabras, es Genial!!!!

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