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I think you nailed it. That may be the movie I was thinking of but couldn't think of. So, to verify, this is that song, I think.

So, not the same song but similar in scope for sure.

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That's a beautiful song and indeed it does make you feel as you described! Love the chorus or choir part. Very awesome! I feel like I might have heard it once before, but I have no idea from where. Was it ever used in a movie?

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Edith_S wrote:

Hi lostsole,

I listened to your song Sweetest Humility and I like it, congratulations !!

Thanks to your initiative we will end up with a wonderful collection of songs!

I'm so very glad you enjoyed it, thank you! : )

It's funny, I wrote it in the 80's and kept playing with it for ten more years. Finally I felt I had it right enough to send out to the labels. Right around the same time, various aspects of my life fell apart, so, I didn't see things through. But, wouldn't have mattered anyway, because I woke up spiritually at the turn of the century and religious music no longer fit my beliefs. Still, I enjoyed creating the song.

I did remove the link however. If anyone else cares to hear it, I can send that person an email with the link.

Thanks again!

Oh, and yes, I would love to hear more people's forum appropriate songs, funeral or other wise. I'll listen to your new one in the morning when I can listen to it with some volume. Thanks for the contribution!

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This I felt was a good read on the issue. There's several other good anti-snake writers on Substack. Not that I'm saying venom theory has no merit. I'm just searching for the truth, always. … vid-19?s=r

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Antelopone wrote:


That was a good video. I watched it a while back.

#6 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2022-04-17 03:02:25

Some may be interested in this easily viewable list of EMF studies via the Bioinitiative. … Charts.pdf

#7 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2022-04-17 01:55:49


For a while I got into torsion fields and the info about reversing them. I found a guy in Russia or Germany (somewhere over there) years ago that had been making torsion field detection meters, which were pretty cool. I wanted one. He sent me test videos using crystals, etc., proving they worked, (to reverse the field) even one's I directly requested he do for me.

Anyway, he also made devices you could plug in to reverse the EMF torsion, and supposedly reduce their harm. I bought a bunch of those. As well, I got deep into studies on shungite and have it all over my house.

I of course cannot prove that these items above help me as I do not have the knowledge to prove it. But, the data I did study for a couple of months at the time seemed very plausible. So, besides turning EMF sources off, those are the other two things I'm utilizing, for what it's worth.


It's been a few years and I had my info mixed up. What I meant was, the guy sold Torsion field detection meters that showed the fields were there and being changed, but it was his devices and/or various crystals and shungite that changed the field that the meter then detected, proving the reversal. The meter did not change the fields.

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First, I'm very sorry to hear about your physical limitations. : ( I feel bad for myself at times with my ongoing health problems, but then I read about others like yourself and realize I have it pretty good in comparison. I hope things get better for you!

Just thought I would share a quick lucid dream experience, and one out of body experience my wife and I sort of shared together.

First, despite wanting to have lucid dreams, I've only had one that I remember anyway. It was several years ago. I was dreaming I was in some sort of a community of people and realized I was dreaming and told myself to wake up in the dream.

Once I was fully conscious in the dream, what fascinated me the most, is that the characters in the town, were NOT figments from my mind. I'm sure of it. They had their own personalities and determinations.

Once I felt I was the dream boss, I tried to make the characters do things as if they were slaves. Some would do what I asked, others thought about it, while many told me to f__k off and went about their way. Each character was very unique and their own person. I can't fathom how my mind could have imagined such a complex scenario of living and breathing characters, every frame of the experience. It was pretty amazing.

On the OBE story. My wife has been OBE a couple of times in her life. One night I came to bed, the lights were off, but I heard my wife groaning in weird ways. I thought maybe she was having a nightmare. I laid down on the bed, and the ENTIRE bed was vibrating at the frequency of perhaps a shaving razor. Even my super fluffy PILLOW was vibrating like that, so much so, between the vibrations and my wife's groaning, I was starting to freak out.

Long story short, she was in a state of sleep paralysis, wide awake, out of body, seeing creatures in our bedroom on the ceiling, and was in her own way, trying to tell me to help her as she was trapped. Scared the heck out of her. It's never happened since and that was twenty years ago.

So, the fact that I felt the energy as a buzzing of the bed, while she was in this state, proves to me, that the OBE thing is quite real.

My wife also saw the hat man years before that when in a state of sleep paryalysis. The hat man is a common scary dude many people have seen in that state.

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Adding to what Robert369 said,

Regarding the grid, 5g, and other EMF. I've studied the issues with EMF radiation for about fifteen years now. Indeed, there's a lot of data going back many decades that various forms of EMF, magnetic fields, etc., are quite dangerous with consistent and/or close exposure. And, those dangers affect the body in a myriad of ways, also dependent on one's genetic profile, gut health, age, etc.

So, I feel the essay you posted about this is generally accurate to an extent. However, per my "near death" experiences through covid and observations in my state early in the plandemic, of how things developed with the Vid, there was also an infectious agent of some sort, that was not tied to any sort of radiation.

In my case of getting covid, it would have been impossible for EMF radiation alone to be the cause. EMF radiation is turned off in my home, and I sleep in a zero radiation bedroom and we are nearly always at home in a rural setting.

Thus, my wife and I "caught" something, twice, and around the same time, each time in about a year. Adding to that, we were not poisoned by snake venom in the water either, or whatever theory, which also would have been impossible at the time. So, though EMF radiation is very much at the source of many of our health issues, there are holes in the theory that it is the sole cause of Covid, or other flu/cold issues.

Nevertheless EMF in general is very bad and will get much worse. I'm not arguing that point at all. There's just more to the story.

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That was quite interesting, and spooky. The green sun and the massive flares, etc. The high UV also made me question if I should continue laying out to get my vitamin D at this time.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. I may follow that channel more.

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Tyndlar wrote:

They are the people who have no survival instinct, they don’t look when they cross the road and seem to be like zombies mainly.


I myself would love to know what in the holy f__ck with the people that do this? I can't imagine crossing the road or a parking lot without looking to see what is coming, yet people are that way all the time. It blows my mind!

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Merri wrote:
lostsole wrote:

It's not my funeral song, but I sure love this song.

Same here ORYOM - Native Prayer It speaks to me on a soul level<3

That is indeed an enchanting song! Haunting. Makes you want to meditate by a campfire. Added to the list and I'll explore more of their work. Never heard of them. Thank you for sharing!

Maybe we should make this thread the "what are some of your favorite songs that perhaps lean spiritual/deep/uplifting, etc.?" (to keep it on purpose with the forum. In other words death metal wouldn't really fit. OR would it!? Lol.)

Maybe more people will join in that way and share their music tastes.

Seems more pleasant to discuss music then billions of people dying from jabs, etc. Or, this could be the feel good music thread after you read the death threads! Lol.

Here's the lyrics for "Native Prayer" for those curious.

I'm calling my heart (3x)
Heyowana heyana hee nee
Pray within me (3x)
Heyowana heyana hee nee heyunuyinee

Oh mother earth (3x)
Heyowana heyana hee nee
Teach me to walk, teach me to walk, walk in your way
Heyowana heyana hee nee heyunuyinee
Oh father sky (3x)
Heyowana heyana hee nee
Teach me to fly, teach me to fly, fly in your way
Heyowana heyana hee nee heyunuyinee
Oh brother sun (3x)
Heyowana heyana hee nee
Shine on your light, shine on your light, shine on my way
Heyowana heyana hee nee heyunuyinee
Whole sister moon (3x)
Heyowana heyana hee nee
Lighten my dreams, lighten my nights, lighten my soul
Heyowana heyana hee nee heyunuyinee

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Btw DarkOwl, your comment here, "Make sure you dance like no-ones watching" made me think of a song I really like that says similar. It's not my funeral song, but I sure love this song.

You know that love's the answer
The greatest ruling force
That carries you forever
Beyond the farthest cause
Oh, will we ever learn the lessons of the world?
Instead repeating history without a care
How much we hurt, sometimes it seems
That we will never, ever understand
The things we got to do
Dance like no one is watching
Love like you'll never be hurt
The things we got to do
Sing like no one is listening
And live like it's your last day on earth
The things we got to do
If nothing lasts forever that doesn't mean it's cheap
It's only the beginning of something rather deep
We're trying to survive, we're always on the run
The sky's in ever blue but the sun is long, long gone
A stranger at the corner pretending to be me
Could it really be?
The things we got to do
Dance like no one is watching
Love like you'll never be hurt
The things we got to do
Sing like no one is listening
And live like it's your last day on earth
The things we got to do
Love like you'll never be hurt
The things we got to do
Love like you'll never be hurt
The things we got to do

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DarkOwl wrote:

This is more me today. Make sure you dance like no-ones watching round my casket big_smile

Deep Dish - Driving To Heaven

That's a very cool song! Never heard of these guys. Nice beat with a unique melody and harmonics. Great updated choice imo! Another for my list also! : )

Sad we have not had more contributors to the thread, but it is what it is.

Here's the lyrics for anyone interested.

I wanted to stay
Everyone was pale and faded
Zelo is hesitated
When it was time to turn on
I wanted to stop
My eyes were so dilated
The traffic seemed syncopated
And my car turned me on
I.m driving to heaven
Driving to heaven
And there.s no way back home

I wanted to breathe
The air had been confiscated
The ground was unrelated
And the light turned me on
I.m driving to heaven
Driving to heaven
And there.s no way back home

#16 Re: English Forum » What is COVID-19 really? New reports about it. » 2022-04-15 23:16:49

I misunderstood the statement you made, that I quoted, to be all of the cause. Given your new explanation, we are on the same page generally. Thanks for the clarification.

#17 Re: English Forum » What is COVID-19 really? New reports about it. » 2022-04-15 22:51:55

"The vaccine along with the PCR test and 4+5G radiation are the actual disease"

Much as I like this theory myself and feel it has it's place somewhere, I don't see how it works logically with the stories I told above. In the early days of the plandemic, there was no PCR testing going on in Sun Valley Idaho, nor was there any 5G installments there, nor in Aspen, CO. This was long before any vaccines.

Yet, the illness was there, came on fast, and infected both states from those very remote ski resort focal points. It was obvious it came in from outsiders from around the world going to the famed ski resort.

Eventually, Sun Valley caused Idaho to become one of the worst Vid states of all for a while, early on.

And, I told my story above. I have no 5G around me. I did not have the jab or the PCR test until post getting the Vid and it was over two weeks before I finally surrendered to the hospital. Several others (unjabbed/unPCR) I know of in the same situation/environment as me, got full blown Vid with some being hospitalized, or a few dying from the lung stuff. And that does suck very much I will add, the lung thing. Scares the crap out of you.

There simply is or at least was initially, a unique and nasty pathogen of some sort, be it a shedding exome, or something, that is catchable. I doubt even harder that is was snake venom proteins in Sun Valley's water supply. It's too small of a nowhere town for any Cabal to care about tainting their water, or anything else for that matter.

Otherwise, everything else I do agree also contributes, 5G, graphene, jabs, PCR, etc., to keeping the illness chronic and reoccurring and killing off immune systems, T-cells, etc.

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Glad you appreciate 80's music also. That was my growing up time. I sure miss the era a lot. It was a simpler time.

Sorry, I wasn't getting your full context on the lie, but I get it now. Sad though. : ( Hopefully none of us will need to be worrying about funerals anyway for a while yet.

And, on the relationships. I do empathize with modern single people. The digital ways you meet each other to me, seem empty and shallow compared to the good old days pre-internet. So, I get it to some degree.

I'll think if I have a pop genre song that was good enough to share. My very early stuff, when I first started composing was the pop stuff. So, my skills were just starting. Religious music came later.

Thanks for the chat today and also glad you liked the Fat Rat material!

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white dwarf,

No problem at all. I forgot about DarkOwl's mother dying around the same time my mom passed, so I certainly don't get a cookie in the memory department.

Like you said, I'm not religious in the slightest anymore either. In fact, I was angry for many years that I was duped so hard by religion, once I opened my mind around the turn of the century to study the many flaws in the Mormon history.

Unlike you though, I am heavily family oriented. I'm lucky in that my own family and my wife's extensive family are all very good people, and as of now, are still alive, save my mom. I know a lot of folks don't have family, or have shitty families, or have lost family recently.

I sure appreciate your positive comments and time taken to listen to my songs! Thank you! Despite they were religious songs, it was a fun time in my life creating music. But, that's over. I have old man vocal shake in my singing now. : (

Like I mentioned, I also wrote 80's pop music for a while. If I had stuck with it consistently, I'm very confident I could have gone somewhere at the time. So, perhaps I don't chuckle much, but rather lament I didn't try harder, and rather drank too much back then. Oh well. : /

I will most certainly try the other tracks. I love finding new good music, and what you posted fits the bill. I recently had found Fat Rat's Warrior song which I really enjoy. And, my granddaughter last year turned me on to Alan Walker's stuff which I love much of that.

Got you on the NPC comment. Why not unsingle yourself, out of curiosity? Why would your funeral be a lie, boring?

#20 Re: English Forum » What One Song Would You Have Played At Your Funeral? » 2022-04-15 15:02:38

white dwarf,

Thank you for the condolences. Unfortunately, she suffered horribly for two weeks and was my true awakening that death by jab was real. She got shingles and encephalitis in the brain, shortly after her third jab, both of which are widely known jab side effects. It was an ugly time. As I've expressed before, she was a sweet soul and did not deserve such a horrific ending.

As to your song request, thank you kindly for your interest. I'll speak more on that after we cover your funeral song choice.

Now, to your song and statements. First, meat cage! Lol, yes, that is about what it is for all of us. With NPC's all around you, I can respect your desire for no funeral. And, given what you said you might like your ending to be, floating in space, I felt your song was PERFECT for what you described. : ) I enjoyed it!

So, excellent choice like the others who contributed, and I added it to my playlist. Lovely music and fitting!

Regarding my own music. Please let me preface it a bit.

Prior to my spiritual awakening around 9-11-01, I mostly wrote spiritual/religious contemporary music. (A little bit of pop also.) In the 80's, when I was starting out, my voice wasn't quite mature, which was about the time I wrote the song we much later played at my Mom's funeral. Our family was of the Mormon religion then, and my mother was very devout, so we decided my "Families are Forever" song, which is very Mormon centric, was most appropriate. Mormons believe, that their families will be together forever in the afterlife, once sealed in a Mormon temple. Just as an fyi. I actually still believe that, but not in a Mormon type framework.

Later, in the 90's, I started writing more general (non-Mormon) spiritual contemporary music. Out of around 100 songs I wrote in this era, I feel my best one was "Sweetest Humility," which got a little airtime on some Christian radio stations in the eastern USA. It was around the era of this song that my voice matured and I felt this particular song was my best work in all aspects of composition, singing, etc. So, it is a religious song lyrically, but try to overlook that and see if you like the general melody, etc.

Here's the link below. Let me know that it worked for you. And, thank you again for taking the time to listen.

Link removed.

#21 Re: English Forum » Watch The Water - Debunked! » 2022-04-15 14:12:11

okcs wrote:

JC of beyond mystic showed an individual that got thrown off youtube for going against the snake venom narrative. It is being heavily pushed by Mike Adams, who just happens to be the son of a Monsanto contractor. Given Mike's knowledge of biological systems, I would say there is very little chance he is not knowingly in the wrong.

What you said is quite interesting and I will look into that further. I used to listen to Mike many years ago, long before his popularity kicked in, but his fear porn got to me eventually and I stopped listening to him all together, well, until the Ardis interviews for a brief moment.

I have thought to myself, that at this point, does it matter anyway what the source of the contagion is? I mean, they have jabbed billions and may jab and infect billions more before it's done. So, really, the PTB's work has already succeeded no matter what the core issue started with.

#22 Re: English Forum » What One Song Would You Have Played At Your Funeral? » 2022-04-15 14:01:47

Edith_S wrote:

Hi lostsole,

When a beloved someone passes we should honor her/him by wishing well on their journey, and examining our life too.

I'm used to think often to my death to remember to live a full life, to liberate myself from the destructive thoughts and feelings with which our life is full - if we allow it.

A mentioned in another post:

I made friends with the idea of my own inevitable death - this also helps to put me on the move and live like this day is the last of my life, so I am able to pull myself together, to solve  the problem, and live things in order behind, as " this is the last day of my life, and tomorrow doesn't exist!"

Now I can laugh at me and spear a lot of energy for what I chose to experience.

So here's my song - The Song of Silence


Thank you for your message!

Your statement about honoring and reflecting on our own lives as well as the passed on loved one, is spot on. Thanks for the reminder!

I liked your death psychology you tell yourself. Honestly, at times I've done similar in my thoughts after watching certain movies, or whatever in life would get me feeling/thinking that way. But, I can't always hold on to the more positive view points and at times drift back into fear, uncertainty, etc., when considering death, despite I've read numerous near death experiences that should have given me permanent comfort. My recent stint with the Vid, in the hospital, sure got me thinking on death. Lol!

As to your song choice, excellent! That is my favorite Simon and Garfunkel song!

As a side note, I don't typically like remakes of classics songs, but I did like this version by Disturbed rather well.

I imagine you have heard it already. Anyway, it gives the song a whole new flavor while not ruining it, imo.

So, I do think your choice is an awesome, somber, and profound funeral song. Here are the lyrics below for those who don't know the song, or have forgotten the lyrics.

The Sound of Silence
Simon & Garfunkel
Hello darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence

In restless dreams, I walked alone
Narrow streets of cobblestone
'Neath the halo of a streetlamp
I turned my collar to the cold and damp
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
That split the night
And touched the sound of silence

And in the naked light, I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more
People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening
People writing songs that voices never shared
No one dared
Disturb the sound of silence

"Fools", said I, "You do not know
Silence like a cancer grows
Hear my words that I might teach you
Take my arms that I might reach you"
But my words like silent raindrops fell
And echoed in the wells of silence

And the people bowed and prayed
To the neon god they made
And the sign flashed out its warning
In the words that it was forming
And the sign said, "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
In tenement halls"
And whispered in the sounds of silence

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I like Amandha's work. I'll give it a listen myself. As I expressed in another thread, after listening to Bryan's now many interviews, I do find some aspects of his theories plausible, and he has some decent data, at times. But, personally I find the Taygetan stance to hold more "water" due to how Covid affected me and my state I live in.

#24 Re: English Forum » What is COVID-19 really? New reports about it. » 2022-04-15 04:29:26

Crystal Dragon,

I know you are not meaning to be my comic relief today, but reading your post again, this made me laugh. Nicely put!

"in their little cocktails of garbage."

#25 Re: English Forum » Any confirmation the Grand Canyon Cavern has ET/Giant Gatekeepers... » 2022-04-15 04:16:15

I got into Jerry Wills stuff for a while. I listened to him on Open Minds on Gaia, and other interviews. In one of those interviews, he talked about what happened to him at the Grand Canyon having to do somewhat with your topic I think.

He had other interesting direct experiences with gates/wormholes. It's quite fascinating, his story and his current or past adventures, as he goes out looking for this sort of stuff. You might consider listening to some of his interviews. … lls?page=1

Here's his site.

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