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#1 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2022-10-13 11:08:37

Manifestgirl wrote:
07wideeyes wrote:
Manifestgirl wrote:

Swaruu said there would begin to be reproductive issues from ppl getting vaxxed, it's happening so much MSM can't even conceal it anymore... but the "MYSTERY" and "we don't know why" bs is obvious to anyone paying attention. [ … 03182.html]
Vaxxed 3 times, still got covid, and they Don't know why...please roll

There seems no limit to the levels of self-deception and denial that are possible for many people these days. Some of the darker realities about the shots are staring you in the face, but...... any excuse, except the jabs. Until three years ago, I would never have believed that such self-imposed delusion could exist.

Self deception is an excellent term to use, it frustrates the hell out of me, as I see it unfolding all around me more & more, I have difficulty understanding it but at least now I know what to call it. I should find some compassion, I know thats best, but for some reason it really angers me. More so with regards to Covid more than anything else.

Compassion, for sure. But what exactly is it?! Are compassion and getting angry exclusive of each other? I think that any of us programmed through western cultures can be very confused about all this. Bookshelves are full of self-help paperbacks about 'positive emotions', 'emotional development' etc. But in spite of this - or maybe because of it - there's a bucketload of confusion.

Take 'forgiveness'. There was a long discussion on a thread here about this a while back. People think that forgiveness is the greatest thing. I consider the idea to be a minefield. I was relieved recently to read one energy worker/healer I respect write 'Forgiveness is overrated....... Acceptance is important, but that's not the same as forgiveness. You can accept without forgiving.' To my knowledge, Buddhism doesn't talk about forgiveness. There's much about compassion, esp in Mahayana and Tantra, but no guilt, forgiving, etc, the staples of christianised mentality. Maybe Brahman has something to add about this.

And there's 'turning the other cheek'. John Lash writes clearly about how this belief gives permission to psychopaths to keep on hitting you and hitting again, knowing that you won't hit them back. Doesn't sound very good, does it?

Maybe the best thing is to focus on, activate, the heart centre/chakra.  And trust it. If this is functioning properly, then everything else will just roll out naturally. Do as the heart suggests. Which might include getting angry. Very angry.

#2 Re: English Forum » David Icke's Twin Flame » 2022-10-11 08:10:19

Yes, Brahman, I would tend to agree. Contact occurs because of some kind of attraction or magnetism, just like with humans. How conscious or unconscious this attraction may be isn't too important. Like you, I've never invited ET contact, and on balance I prefer things that way!

In David Icke's case, and I didn't write about this originally, it began to make sense to him. He feels that the whole episode was created in order for him to experience how deep the 'AI 4D simulation', as he calls it, goes. It was a part of his education, designed for him to learn from. He wasn't necessarily meant to fall for the deception, but higher elements in the universe, with which he is aligned, laid the show on for his benefit. Nevertheless, the experience, for him, is as real as anything, super-real in fact.

#3 Re: English Forum » Q For Gosia - Veganism - Agendas -We do NOT Recommend a Vegan » 2022-10-10 18:58:28

mitkobs wrote:

For Source animals are equally precious with every other higher life form because they are also Source. So when certain life forms take charge and play god deciding who have to live and who have to die, when they do not know what they do, it is how hell breaks loose. When they decide to be predators it will come their turn to be the prey and the cycles will repeat until the insanity is exhausted.

Yes, this is one of the sticking points in the entire discussions about what we eat. I have generally found myself in agreement with you on the topic. It's not a case of being a secret Andromedan who believes in karma. Refraining from eating animals is not more about karma than is not shooting people at the train station, or having sex with the neighbour's wife when he's at work. It's about a feeling - more than that, a 'knowing' - that the action is wrong. It goes against ones connection with the higher, or more expanded, aspects to ones being - ultimately Source, we could say. And that's it. Now, whether different actions are 'wrong' for different people is another question.....!

Gosia, surely Yazhi and Athena are not actually carnivorous? They do eat plants too. In which case they are omnivores, aren't they?

#4 Re: English Forum » Covid19 - Let´s Expose the Scam » 2022-10-10 18:50:48

Manifestgirl wrote:

Swaruu said there would begin to be reproductive issues from ppl getting vaxxed, it's happening so much MSM can't even conceal it anymore... but the "MYSTERY" and "we don't know why" bs is obvious to anyone paying attention. [ … 03182.html]
Vaxxed 3 times, still got covid, and they Don't know why...please roll

There seems no limit to the levels of self-deception and denial that are possible for many people these days. Some of the darker realities about the shots are staring you in the face, but...... any excuse, except the jabs. Until three years ago, I would never have believed that such self-imposed delusion could exist.

#5 Re: English Forum » Markets » 2022-10-06 18:16:47

I don't pretend to understand too well this world of markets etc (what a strange expression that 'I don't pretend...' one is!). But I did read about Venezuela, and it does appear to be a harbinger of the future. And even I can see that here in the UK the misgovernment continues to dish out money - this time so that half the population doesn't freeze to death this winter - that it hasn't got. As it did with furlough payments a couple of years ago. The unspoken attitude seems to be 'Well, we haven't got any money, we haven't for a long time. So we might as well give some more (non-existent) money away'.

The parallels with last-gasp Rome are not only economic, but social, cultural, psychological and the rest. And I find interesting your assertion that they won't get their bloody reset. My instinct is that you are correct, and in the longer run that is indeed good news...

#7 Re: English Forum » Petitioning the 5D Federation & Federations above them! UPDATED » 2022-10-05 13:34:19

Manifest Girl, I'm sorry if I appear to have been inconsistent. That was not my intention. For the record, I have very much appreciated (no, that word 'appreciated' sounds a bit distant....) - I have enjoyed your contributions, and I hope you aren't put off by this episode. I think you have indeed discovered a bunch of exceptional folk on the forum here, but we all mess up a bit sometimes. And 'all' includes me.

Personally, I think people need to be very careful before calling anyone out as a troll or shill or controlled opposition, whatever. We should at least ask a few questions or do a bit of detective work beforehand. It's very easy to do, when what's really happening is that we just don't agree, or don't like what they say, or don't like the shirt they're wearing. Just about anybody with anything worth saying has been called a shill or controlled opposition at some time. In your case, Scott stated emphatically who you are, and I left it at that.   

On the positive side, he was mistaken, but Bucegi was looking to protect the integrity of this place.

#8 Re: English Forum » Yazhi is back in communication » 2022-10-04 11:36:44

Yes, great great great. And I'm very happy for Gosia and Robert, having their close buddy back.

#10 Re: English Forum » Ronin » 2022-10-04 08:42:02

Crystal Dragon expresses very well and clearly what I have been trying to put across about duality; the difference between a 'natural' duality and a thickened reinforced one, designed to be toxic and with a lid sealed firmly on top.

#11 Re: English Forum » Changes in the world - News » 2022-10-03 13:28:59

Hey man! That was a successful leg pull. Congratulations!!

#12 Re: English Forum » Changes in the world - News » 2022-10-03 11:51:57

Scott Summers wrote:
07wideeyes wrote:

Ha Ha, don't worry. I've been on the forum nearly every day for the past month, but I'm totally lost too! And not just regarding this thread, either..... heh heh.

Because you lack understanding, I have no choice but to take you off the list...

You’ll have to ask Wahini’s permission to get back on it. It’s a shame. And to think it was you that gave me this idea. sad

No disrespect or offence intended, Scott. There are times when my humour is not easy to detect; or just plain suspect.... Anyhow, maybe you also picked up something in the tone of my little intended-to-be-harmless comment... That of a being (ie 'me') considering taking a step back somewhat from activities on the forum, in order to..... consider...!

#13 Re: English Forum » Changes in the world - News » 2022-10-02 22:21:57

Ha Ha, don't worry. I've been on the forum nearly every day for the past month, but I'm totally lost too! And not just regarding this thread, either..... heh heh.

#14 Re: English Forum » Changes in the world - News » 2022-09-29 22:22:41

Yes, thanks for the quotes, Jupiter. I appreciate you digging them out. I understand the idea of the game, and the suffering, and the rest. My point, though, is that, from where I am at the moment - and that's the only point I can speak from, and arguably the only valid point - the whole thing sucks! 

There you go - the Englishman has said it more directly than the Romanian. Who said miracles can't happen???!!!!

#15 Re: English Forum » Ronin » 2022-09-29 18:20:20

Thank you, Crystal Dragon, for your heart-warming and inspirational post. It has been a great tonic for me today. In terms of your overall approach, you can count me in!

'Souls come to Earth for the experience.' 'Earth is needed as a place of intense suffering for the wholeness of the Universe'. We are very familiar with this kind of thinking. Today I would like to call it out as nonsense, and justificatory bullshit.

If you need suffering as part of learning, there is plenty on planet Earth in a more 'normal' state, without the extra layer of relentless beating that humanity takes at the hands of the cabal and its associates. Illness, growing old, dying; the same for loved ones. Accidents, the pain of getting things wrong and inadvertently hurting others. Let-downs, betrayals, your lover going off with the neighbour. There is more than enough suffering to learn from without the extra thick treacley layer of convid, fake wars, manufactured economic and food crises blah blah blah, which seem to dominate on the collective level at present.

Ones attitude here has deep consequences. In the 'Come to Earth for the experience' scenario, what occurs here is taken as 'natural', 'normal'. It's kind-of OK. I do not see these excesses as natural or normal at all. They are aberrant, artificial constructs imposed on (an already artificial) matrix.

As described by John Lamb Lash, the Gnostics were onto the same phenomena long ago. They talked about the archons (roughly equivalent to what we sometimes term AI) as impostors on the scene. They are not part of the natural order of things, but are negative parasitical inserts. They are humanity's enemy.

Gnostic metaphysics I find tricky to understand. But significantly they speak of a 'two-source duality' in the Universe. 'Good' and 'evil' do not come from the same source, they say. Humans commit 'error', but it morphs into something else, which we call 'evil', as a consequence of another influence, that of inorganic hive mind archons. 'Good' and 'error' emanate from God, as the Gnostics term it. But 'evil' is the result of something else, related to how Gaia/Sophia fell from the heavenly aeons. For their pains, the Gnostics were hunted down to extinction by various early Christian groups, for whom, of course, good and evil both come from God.

So the more psychopathic qualities on Earth are aberrations. And I agree with you, that personal detachment from them is the way to go.

#16 Re: English Forum » Changes in the world - News » 2022-09-29 08:20:13

Thank you for your report and the links to the Belgian site, Bigfeet_E. It was a far clearer exposition of the latest episode than anything I found on my own go-to sites in the UK, though one has caught up since then.

This left me in a dark mood (also compounded, it must be said, by the time of year. Maybe I should just curl up in a crumpled ball and re-emerge mid-December).

I doubt that much of the 'alternative world' is aware of the depth of 'evil' that now roams around human life on this planet. I would like to call out any notions that 'planet Earth is a special place, where souls can come and have a unique kind of experience' as erroneous bullshit. There is no difference between this idea and justifying extreme battery farming of hens, all their lives cooped up in cages and never once getting to see the sunlight or stroll around outside, as 'well, that's chicken consciousness for you. They asked for it'. Here's a novel idea: why not let the humans decide what kind of life they want, instead of external entities, be they human-masquerading psychopaths like Schwab and a host of politicians, or reptilians or some form of AI?

I have just read Crystal Dragon's post 'Ronin'. I find much to resonate with there re. human life.

#17 Re: English Forum » Kim Goguen Disclosure Post » 2022-09-28 11:55:12

microvirus6 wrote:


Yes, and this reminds me of something crossing my mind lately. I'll try to explain it.

If Earth is to wake up and become free permanently, people NEED to wake up to the scope of the deception, manipulation, enslavement, malevolence, etc. which have predominated up to this time. There's no way around this. If positives could swoop in and magically fix everything, still we would be extremely vulnerable to regressives doing the same thing to us all over again. We simply must learn this lesson. We must as a planet understand the regressive playbook to become truly free and stay that way.

But how can people, average people, the whole globe come to understand this?

Now, when I look at the world today and the events of the last 3 years, it's as if it has been one giant orchestrated demonstration in how the world REALLY works. With it gradually becoming more and more clear that every single Earth institution, every external authority, has been captured by forces who are dedicated to enslavement and maximizing suffering.

I don't know if you're American, but Joe Biden is a great example. How could a more convincing demonstration be made of the fact that presidents are the puppets of hidden masters behind the scenes? Trump talked loads about the deep state, but Joe Biden just by being as senile as he is, makes the point in an almost undeniable way.

And science... that was the one thing that the modern Westerner could rely on. The one "objective" external authority. And now it's on display... "Follow the science", Fauci proclaiming that he IS science. Again, in this sector too, revelations abound that we've been lied to every step of the way.

Some of the showdowns between Joe Rogan and the media are pertinent here. CNN lied and called the Ivermectin Joe took a "horse dewormer" and then Joe confronts Sanjay Gupta about it on his show and the lie is so undeniable that Gupta is completely dumbfounded and forced to make a quivering apology. The recent Rogan with Zuckerburg also had some moments like that, where Rogan puts the whole technocratic utopia on trial and Zuckerberg is literally lost for words.

It feels biblical, the whole thing. Just peeling back revelation after revelation. The darkness being revealed. And even cranked up to an extra degree of absurdity and blatant psychopathy just to tip the balance in favor of more people catching on.

My guess is that the plans of the dark ones have been anticipated and played against them. Not that anything we've been subjected to is good per se, but rather like it's been subsumed by a larger more intelligent design that uses all the evil to teach our whole planet this necessary lesson.

It's interesting too how the Taygetans leave right around this time, when confusion abounds because every external authority is shown to be corrupt. Almost as if they couldn't be here for this part because it would be cheating in a lesson on discernment and self-responsibility.

Microvirus6, greetings. I am from the UK, not American. However, what you have written will apply equally to pretty much any western country. Just change the names of the bit players, and you'll have Britain or France or Canada or Germany, wherever.

And here's a true story. A few years ago a rather elderly couple lived just around the corner. My wife and I would sometimes see the man working in the garden as we went for a walk. His wife was especially frail, and really looked as if she wouldn't be around for very much longer.

One day we walked by and an ambulance was parked outside. We looked at each other with a knowing glance. It didn't seem good. Just a few weeks later we passed by again (we spend a lot of time walking....) and a 'for sale' had been erected outside their house. Our suspicions had been confirmed. The only question was: he or she? Or maybe both.

No sign of life was detected in this house around the corner. Some more people moved into the house. One day some time later we were surprised to be walking (again....) in another part of town and saw the old man, who was probably dead, working in another garden. "We are both fine" he told me. "We just moved into this new flat next to my son. He can keep an eye on us more easily like that."

So this is my tale of miraculous resurrection. Its relevance to the 'Where are the Taygetans?' question is obvious. Minds (or at least mine) will run riot in an information vacuum. We want to know, and we want to know now. Otherwise insecurity looms. 'How can I understand things, how can I be in control, when I don't know!' This is the pathetic cry of spiritual ignorance that tries to claim its place. I don't think we should indulge it at all.... It goes completely counter to living in the singularity, which seems to require courage, and needs us to let go of all hopes, fears, and assumptions about the future.

As for our Taygetan and Swaruunian friends, personally I don't have a clue. I will take seriously anything that Gosia or Robert may have to say about it, since they are in a far better position to venture what is possible or likely. Otherwise, I'll just get on with life and see what happens....

#18 Re: English Forum » Markets » 2022-09-26 22:21:06

Yes, Scott, it seems that we are always different here!!! As for me, I haven't even joined any social media sites to be banned from in the first place....

#19 Re: English Forum » Markets » 2022-09-26 18:14:42

Scott Summers wrote:

Today, ECB Chief Banker Christine Lagarde: “The outlook is darkening.”

But, but.. Christine, don’t you know that’s RACIST?!? Why must it be “darkening”?! Why not “whitening”?

If the Taygetans have to put up with questions like “why are you all white”, why does Christine get a free pass?

Instead, please say: “The outlook is CLIMATE CHANGE.”

(There. Fixed it for you.)

I trust you will be reporting Ms Lagarde to multiple agencies who deal with these things!!! The least they can do is chuck her off all silicon valley social media sites. Isn't that what happens to folk who utter such scandalous, hurtful, and deeply offensive stuff??

#20 Re: English Forum » Kim Goguen Disclosure Post » 2022-09-26 18:10:44

Thanks for your comprehensive clarification, Genoveva. I didn't know what you mean by 'toxicities' but now I do!

I have not been sure how far the convid-it's-all-above-the-surface-now card has been played because of (over) confidence on the part of the cabal; and how far it is a case, as some people have suggested, that increasing numbers of people have been waking up to the grim reality of what's been going on, so it's 'now or never' for the cabal. Maybe it's a bit of both; they are not mutually exclusive.

There seems to have been a sense of the dark forces rushing things, making strategic errors, and making it up as they go along (within the limits of their non-creative, following-a-programme sphere). An example seems to be how, one year ago, western misgovernments were pushing the papayas like nothing, threatening that you wouldn't be able to do a thing without taking the mark of the beast. Then, come early spring, it all just died away, without explanation. It's as if they want to pretend it never really happened. I have come across nobody who has adequately explained this to me. I am left with the impression that 'they' pushed too hard, came up against a brick wall of non-compliants and the danger of too many people seeing what's going on. And when people see, they don't forget.... So 'they' decided that they had better just back off and have ago at Putin instead.

A lot of it remains subliminal, subconscious; most people have no idea of what's been going on. But in many western countries a lot of people are very tired and fed up with it all. I get this from people working in shops and offices in the UK, people who cut your hair, and so on. They probably won't admit it, the cognitive dissonance is too much, but they are starting to realise that they are being beaten up, made to suffer, and it's relentless. Maybe it's that relentless quality that's coming through, and which may be a crucial factor in the war. First it's lockdowns, then it's masks, then it's dodgy shots, then it's Putin, and then it's food prices, then it's energy prices, and there's no end in sight. "I'm not taking any more! I don't care about your bloody climate change! You can stick your net zero carbon where the sun doesn't shine (to quote David Icke and Yazhi!!!" That's what I want to hear...     

The exercises on 'is this mine?' are good. Something to incorporate into every moment of the day.

#21 Re: English Forum » Kim Goguen Disclosure Post » 2022-09-25 21:07:54

'When the fakedemic started, they already had us all connected to the borg. This was done through chemtrails and other toxicities.' Do you actually know this, Genoveva? I don't know - it may be so, it may not. But this is a big statement to make like that, since it impacts.... everything. We are, of course, all affected by chemtrails, by this, that and the other. But the precise results of much of this.......???

#22 Re: English Forum » Have some Fun just for the H'of it !!! » 2022-09-25 18:03:08

Jupiter wrote:

Gary the racoon

"Haha suckers there's no racoon federation."

Hahaha big_smile LOL

Ha Ha ha indeed! Er....... where do you folks find this kind of thing? Do you put it into a search engine: ferret federation, rhino federation, grasshopper federation, until.... bingo! Racoon federation??!!

#23 Re: English Forum » Second vid. about history » 2022-09-25 12:26:35

So, after video two we had video three. That's how it works in 3D at least....

I don't find some of this info easy to understand at all. Hadrians Wall and the Renaissance.... My consolation is that Yazhi says that from the perspective of human perception on planet Earth, it can't readily be understood.

Whatever my limitations at this moment, it seems that the fruits of the discussion are correct: Athena and Warrior Bishop are both right! One from a more linear perspective, the other from a more 'plastic' sense of time.

The loosening of the vice-like grip of linearity seems to happen more in humans who raise their levels of consciousness through the increased awareness/experience of synchronicity. They seem like two threads running parallel in my life nowadays. Yes, two follows one, tomorrow will most likely follow today etc. But events taking place synchronistically are not an occasional occurrence any longer. They shape much of what is going on daily. Linearity: a line of dominoes falling one after the other. Synchronicity: a kaleidoscope.

As for the added (or not) 300 years, my best bet at investigating it lies in the history of western art. Had you met me 30 years ago, you would have found me immersed in this, especially Italian art, esp Renaissance art. I was Buddhist, and even gave illustrated talks to Buddhists about this art and its meaning for spiritual life. Must have bored them stiff! Anyhow, I could always look back at the medieval and pre-medieval art, and see if anything 'interesting' turns up.

Bigfeet, if you'll exsqueeze me, you did a good job in getting to grips with the topic in your posts, thank you!

#24 Re: English Forum » Taygetan Sex Life » 2022-09-24 17:22:44

Yes, that is a good quote from Gosia, isn't it, Brahman! Sometimes simple little quotes are the best. They bring us back to the basics.

#25 Re: English Forum » Taygetan Sex Life » 2022-09-24 14:22:02

Anyone interested in this topic - if you go to the beginning of this thread, about 18 months ago, you will find links to various videos on the subject of sex and Taygetans. Plus a forum discussion that has its humorous moments....

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