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#1 Re: English Forum » Anyone have something highly unusual happen recently? » Yesterday 08:38:09

I was away for a few days - a change of scenery, I guess. Most of the time was spent in Glasgow, Scotland's biggest city, but I went 'offline': no internet, no 'news', no television, no Cosmic Agency, nothing. The only exception was checking every other day my 2G museum piece for any 'important' messages - there weren't any.

Something that I have found bizarre, but seems to have been little commented anywhere, is how quickly and completely the convid restrictions have disappeared in the UK. Very few people masked up in Glasgow - mainly Chinese and Japanese, and some rather elderly ladies - but most people seem to carry on as if nothing has happened. While of course a lot has happened. This I have found surprising - as if the fear etc hasn't really penetrated very deeply, especially among many younger people.

Yes, while 'nothing seems to have changed', it has. The 'vibe' seems different, the atmosphere seems different. In a good way, as if a new era is emerging after two years of a wintery hellish hibernation! It's not what I expect to feel at all. I suspect it's not what the cabal wants either. To begin with, I wonder if it's the shots turning people silly, but that notion doesn't feel right. In fact, although plenty of people are getting ill and dying as a result of the shots, I wonder whether they've backfired in some respect.

One morning after walking I sat on some steps to recover and relax. It was quiet around me, next to a large green park. I looked at the trees and the sky, and tuned into the feeling that had accompanied me recently. As I did so, the words went through my mind - "The matrix is dissolving." Whaaaaat?? But the words came again, insistently, and they seemed to describe what I felt happening all around me. At that moment I could actually see it happening. It's as if this limited and limiting simulation wasn't getting what it needs to sustain it, and was just, well, falling apart.

They were all still there, the addicts, the alcoholics, the faces full of distortion - marks of weakness, marks of woe, as Wm Blake put it. Some - many - aren't going to recognise any change, and will continue until they just dissolve. But for others, I really felt that something big was happening. As said above, the revolution won't be televised, so we rely on ourselves to distinguish it, and for mutual support. But yes, I'm with you, Microvirus, magic is in the air! I am surprised and I am delighted.

#2 Re: English Forum » Forgive the cabal? Letting go to move on » 2022-05-18 18:14:04

microvirus6 wrote:

I don't think it's that complicated or confusing. On the outer level of practical strategy and action, we keep it up, take it to the next level even. Keep building the ascended timeline every day, keep spreading awakening in small ways, keep organizing, keep being an absolute nuisance to any trying to herd the sheep.

On the inner level, we treat the cabal (tulpas, ancient family members, figureheads) as OUR OWN SHADOW. Because that's what they are. What do we do with our own shadow? What do we do with those disowned parts of ourselves? Heal, forgive, balance, reintegrate. Say "I know that you're a part of me. I birthed you for a reason that made sense at the time. It's OK, I accept you're there, but you're just not serving the reality I want to create anymore, so I'm making something new to take the driver's seat."

Maybe I'm deluded, but what's going on in China feels very Hitler-in-the-bunker. The old powers are on the ropes, they see that everything they do backfires and wakes up more people, credible professionals in every field are calling them out openly and clearly. So they hole up in their greatest stronghold and try to extract one last surge of suffering, hoping against hope they can turn the tide.

I find this a pretty good summary of some important points, microvirus6, thanks. One of the things I've had to learn from Yazhi especially is that 'things look different from above'. Not only do they look different from above, but from many different 'levels' or perspectives. learning to live with different truths simultaneously without falling into 'either/or' has been a skill that I am still working with. I think it's an aspect of expanding consciousness beyond a simplistically dualistic experience.

#3 Re: English Forum » Is Mt. Taygeta in Greece the so called Mt. Olympus? » 2022-05-18 18:06:22

Agreed! I feel uncommonly excited by this topic. For many many years I have been fascinated by the Greek 'gods', and this fed into a love of Italian renaissance art and stuff. Western 'civilisation' is clearly strongly influenced by them and the myths - a focal force in shaping this world we live in. It always seemed like a mixed blessing and, while I read loads of ideas and interpretations about who the gods were, where the myths came from etc, nothing quite resonated. The gods/goddesses seemed to manifest all kind of qualities: power, love, jealousy, brutality, knowingness, the lot.

#4 Re: English Forum » Double Edged Sword: The Warrior's Paradox » 2022-05-17 08:53:21

One of the quotes from the CA material which I am happy to have repeat itself frequently through my mind comes from the video on karma: 'Just do your best and get on with your life'. (probably slightly paraphrased). Bear this in mind and life becomes a lot simpler. It's one of the best quotes ever for me!

#5 Re: English Forum » Forgive the cabal? Letting go to move on » 2022-05-17 08:46:56

Good conversation here, and I think mitkob's recent contribution is an important ingredient in the mix. As an example: would you want to wake in the morning to be the Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates consciousness? I don't think so. And they are nowhere near the top layers of the cabal, it seems.

Anyone who cares will probably be able to find another thread from a while back on 'forgiveness'. It's something which I have found confusing, but less so after getting a little help from my friends in that thread. It's a word which comes so loaded with religious associations, which ultimately are intended as mind control devices.

#6 Re: English Forum » Why are we called "broken shoes"? » 2022-05-15 21:29:45

Very good point, Brahman, thanks. And quite a moving post, Wooof. By the way, do you know how scary your avatar is???!!! To me, that is.... Maybe because I feel more affinity with cats than dogs (as a generalisation, and one which refers mainly just to this life....). Nothing wrond with being confronted with a bit of scariness from time to time!

#7 Re: English Forum » How Did You Find Cosmic Agency? » 2022-05-15 08:43:32

Good to hear from these new members - welcome! Look forward to hearing more from you.

#8 Re: English Forum » Why are we called "broken shoes"? » 2022-05-12 21:43:39

I'm fine with being a broken shoes. As Dablin says, I've been called far worse. It happens on a regular basis, in fact. To be a broken shoe amongst other magnificent ones is a privilege.

#9 Re: English Forum » What is behind the over the top Chinese zero covid policy?? » 2022-05-12 18:41:04

One reason why 'they' are doing what they are doing in China is because they can..... There is actually nothing so remarkable about this. We probably all know people who try it on; I call these people 'tryers'. They will attempt to get a bit of an advantage over you - maybe tell a white lie, see if they can work a situation to their financial advantage, misuse your hospitality, whatever. And they will keep it up, moving in small increments, until you either overtly set limits, boundaries, to their behaviour; or tell them where to go....

Not so extreme, but another example, is that of Chile. Chile is just about the most papaya-ed place in the world. Official stats say so, and it is confirmed by somebody I know who comes from Chile. "The people of Chile are slaves. They do not think for themselves" she tells me. "What! Are they worse than the people in Scotland?" "They are worse, far far worse." Oh dear.....

Many countries are 'relaxing the requirements' for international travel. In an increasing number of places in Europe you don't need a test or a shot or anything. But check out the requirements for entry into Chile, and it's a dystopian digital nightmare. Shots, tests, 'mobility passes', more tests. It made me feel bad just reading about it.

The lesson from China and Chile concerns compliance. It is a huge huge mistake for people to think along the lines of 'If I just do what I'm told, then they'll leave me alone, and I can get on with my life.' No, No, No. The opposite happens. It just encourages the cabal to try it on more and more. As those with a few functioning brain cells (as David Icke says) have pointed out, mass disobedience is the key, the focus, the only starter. Compliance is fatal. So the (until now) majority compliant Chinese have contributed to their own hell. Only one way out - but in China it won't be pretty, I'm afraid.

#10 Re: English Forum » What is behind the over the top Chinese zero covid policy?? » 2022-05-10 09:06:13

Just wanna say thanks to Gomba for introducing this subject. I had been peripherally aware of it for a little while, but was hoping it would just disappear...... a strategy which never seems to work.....

I agree with your initial analysis, Gomba, that it is a surprising escalation, and from a certain perspective completely unnecessary from the cabal's point of view. I wonder whether sometimes they try things to see how far they can go without meeting serious pushback. this was my suspicion last autumn, when 'mandatory papayas', no buses or croissants in cafes without the papaya were coming in very quickly in parts of Europe. Not to mention what they were trying in Austria (another pilot experiment, I suggest). They went a bit too far too quickly, in my estimation, created too much unrest for comfort, and in Austria the totalitarianism didn't work, just confirmed to the papaya hesitant that it wasn't about 'health'. Then Trudeau gave the game away in Canada, showing how easy it is to shut down people's bank accounts just because they don't agree with you. Too many people were beginning to see what's going on - and too much awakening = game over.

So maybe they're doing the same in China. Testing, testing....

#11 Re: English Forum » Your questions / suggestions relating to videos » 2022-05-07 17:14:36

galacticjoel wrote:

Full moon and new moon, do they have something special about them.  Are they suitable for meditation.

There is, in my experience, something 'special' about new and full moons. Before I knew what I know now about the Moon, I thought it was great, a kind-of portal into the mystical world. I associated it with 'the feminine' which, as a male, I was eager to explore and integrate as part of my own unfoldment, integration, whatever. It was the doorway into mystery, magic, and out of being a lop-sided entity who was identified with the rational.

I used to suffer from regular and sometimes intense migraines. They were sufficiently violent that I feared they might give me a stroke. Nothing in the normal world of migraine 'triggers' seemed to be of relevance: diet etc. Then I tried correlating the migraines with phases  of the moon, and I was astonished. The correspondence was amazing. Full and new moons, and the two days or so previous, lined up on nearly every occasion with these vicious attacks. I didf a statistical analysis, and the chances of these correlations being random (now i know that nothing is random, anyway....) were literally thousands to one.

So I know very well that the new and full moons can mess with our energetic body (migraine seems to be largely that, a disruption in the energetic body). As I have succeeded in manifesting a more consistent high-frequency existence, the migraines have largely disappeared, and I am glad to be more outside the grip of the moon.

Many 'alternative', 'mystical' etc groups look very positively on the Moon and its phases. They will use the full moon especially for meditations, rituals etc. It was a big turnaround personally to see the more nefarious and manipulative aspects to the Moon.

#12 Re: English Forum » Exopolitics with Alenym of Temmer » 2022-05-05 18:58:55

Yes, Gosia, there are those of us who appreciate you and what you have done hugely. You describe the forum exactly with the analogy of the tea party. If you're feeling burnt out, I'm sorry to hear that. maybe take a break - go to the forests, the lakes (before the summer comes and the insects'll eat you alive! heh heh!).  xx

#13 Re: English Forum » Exopolitics with Alenym of Temmer » 2022-05-04 10:04:05

I agree with Robert369 on this. Gratitude and being thankful are in order; everything the Taygetans and Swaruunians do is from their own free choice, and if they hadn't done anything none of us would even be here to discuss it!

I sense that there is a subtle yet distinct hero-worship and god-thing put onto our ET friends from some members of this forum. When Crystal writes of finding HRH Alenym's words 'disappointing', this assumes a bunch of expectations that has been established in the mind, and which has not been met. Where do these expectations come from? Whose are they? Are they justified?

As a bit of a giveaway, I don't see the same criteria applied to consciousness that has appeared in terrestrial form. Take David Icke. Quite a bit of his info overlaps with that on Cosmic Agency, but I don't come across people treating him like that. "You're a bloody hypocrite, Icke. Sitting all day in your comfortable little flat on the Isle of Wight. What? You're writing another book! You should be out on the street, man, not just watching the show go on." No, he doesn't get treated like that; because he's in a human biosuit, and doesn't get the same (projected, fantasy) expectations dumped onto him.

'Interestingly' Icke, like our ET friends, has seen clearly that 'mass non-compliance' is the key, the only one, to bringing the shithouse tumbling down. This, plus doing whatever we can to build a true alternative; not just on the physical plane, but personally, emotionally, energetically.

#14 Re: English Forum » Watch The Water - Debunked! » 2022-05-02 18:11:11

DarkOwl wrote:

I watched Watch The Water tonight because everyone is talking about it... (there's your first red flag!)

Thankfully I don't need to point out the ton of obvious psy-op red flags because Amandha Vollmer has brilliantly done it for me (she's awesome!!)
I couldn't have said it better!
This is a brilliant psy-op targeting Christian programming (which even non-Christians can fall prey to).

Amandha explains … -truthers/

Man, you can't believe how much I love this video! Just the first 5 or 10 minutes is all you need to watch, really. It's something that I've passed on in several places to 'truthers' who seem to get bogged down in alternative-world-fear-and-sensationalism, and who end up (surprise surprise) feeling a bit crap at the end of the day. I await any feedback from them with interest. So if I'm feeling a bit fuzzy about anything, I'll just watch a few minutes of Amandha, and I'm good again. I don't know how much she intends it, but I find her very funny at times, too. Many thanks.

#15 Re: English Forum » New video: "They Want to Vaccinate Everybody" on odyssey » 2022-05-02 10:11:32

Regarding Cosmic Sea's question about how some of the 'characters' here are young/childish, yet much of the information is 'super advanced', I'd suggest that this is a scenario that demonstrates terrestrial human characteristics and associations, no more. That is to say: for terrestrial humans, info about quantum physics etc may be super advanced, but can we extrapolate this to other beings, other races? It is quite possible for Taygetans to be emotional, and to go through a certain process of emotional change as they get older that may be parallel to what humans do. While at the same time having a far greater mental understanding from an early age. I think you are generalising from the specifically human situation.     

In the bigger picture, I suspect that terrestrial humans may be regarded as intellectual/mental dummies. They are in essence an emotional race, but fail to recognise and honour that. This is part of their problem. Instead, they are in awe of 'science, statistics, etc', all of which they are rubbish at. In fact it is because they are so hopeless at them that they worship them!

If I wish to be 'conspiratorial' I'll say that this situation has been deliberately played by the manipulators. To use Jungian terminology, the 'thinking function' has been raised above all other functions in western cultures over the past couple of centuries especially. The superior human is one who is based in 'mental' activities, and looks down on the other functions: feeling, instinct/intuition, sensation. In this way humans have been cut off from their direct connection to Source and Higher Self, and search for truth among figures and microscopes instead. The fact that most of them worship 'reason', 'statistics', 'data' and 'science' while being rubbish at them, means that the cabal can float phrases like 'Just follow the science' in front of them, and they'll follow like enchanted stupified rats after the pied piper. All the time being deceived by fake stats etc etc etc.   

So, there is nothing weird about Taygetans and Swaruunians being young, Yazhi playing with dolls (I don't know if she still does....), and at the same time being whizzkids with high tec stuff, quantum physics, understanding of densities etc etc.

#16 Re: English Forum » New video: "They Want to Vaccinate Everybody" on odyssey » 2022-05-02 08:41:43

Just a little penny's worth from me... I was involved for many years in what some people will consider to be a soft-core kind of cultish organisation. And I have known people and am otherwise familiar with real religious cults. Without wishing to analyse as such, I'll just say that my experience on the forum here is not really like that at all.

There is a difference between Mari's maths and the 'maths and statistics' used to justify the convid bullshit. Firstly, if Mari has made some errors, they have been made in all honesty and sincerity, from a standpoint of integrity and wishing the best. The convid stats have been knowingly distorted, misrepresented,or faked, all with the intention of deceiving and manipulating people. So there's a whole world of difference. In fact they come from opposite ends of the spectrum.

I agree with Dark Owl about the tone being the  thing. It's one thing to say 'I think somebody may have got something a bit wrong; let's have a look at it' - nobody will object to that. In fact, anyone making an error will be happy for it to be pointed out. But it needs to come from a position of respect and, dare we use the word..... love.

#17 Re: English Forum » Athena Swaruu's comment on the Ukraine-conflict » 2022-05-02 08:27:52

mitkobs wrote:

Do you know that in the region which is now Ukraine once were the kingdom of Khazaria. Nowadays in Ukraine there is reasonable number of Khazari Jews. Khazari Jews are not authentic Jews, they are converted to Judaism and do not look like Egyptian ones from Akhenaten time, they look like white Europeans. Their religion is not really Judaism but Satanism. Judaism is for cover. And to blame the real Jews for what the fake ones do.

Yes, thanks for that, mitkobs. I know a little about this subject: David Icke writes about it a bit. Generally speaking, the region that is Ukraine today, plus the land stretching south-east to Georgia, northern Iran etc, seems a real melting pot, not to say hornet's nest, of things good and bad that have gone to create the world we now inhabit. Some knowledge about that is very helpful in understanding the modern world and the current mess...

#18 Re: English Forum » Athena Swaruu's comment on the Ukraine-conflict » 2022-05-01 12:03:05

Genoveva wrote:

Very good video, indeed. The Russian minority from Ukraine is liberated at the moment by the Russian army, and it's the right thing to do.

What is missing from the video, is the fact that large territories of several neighbouring countries have been tyrannically added to Ukraine cca 80 years ago, and they too are considered as minority, exactly the same as the Russian minority: tortured, discriminated against, brutally suppressed, decimated, forced to live in their basements.

Russia is liberating their own regions. But the other regions that belong to other minorities continue to suffer the abuse, the nazi tyranny. And since the governments of the neighbouring countries are totally cabal captured piovras, who is going to jump to their liberation? Who is going to stop their being used as human shields?

Your contributions such as this are valuable, Genoveva, one reason being that you provide a perspective from a non-totally-western viewpoint. It is to the cabal's great advantage that nearly everybody based in hard-core 'western cultures' knows absolutely nothing about the history and geography of eastern Europe. How many people waving Ukraine flags can actually pinpoint the country on a map? "That's it, isn't it." "Er, no, that's Namibia." Some, undoubtedly, but....

From the little I know, the history of that region of the world is rich, remarkably complex, and goes back a long long way. Ancient illuminati/cabal/whatever systems have a lot invested in the area.

So, are there Romanian minorities in Ukraine? You mention other persecuted minorities there, and Romania has a border with Ukraine.

#20 Re: English Forum » New video: "They Want to Vaccinate Everybody" on odyssey » 2022-04-29 08:46:47

Interesting comments here, thanks folks. Plenty of comments on Odysee too, questioning Minerva's maths, and the assumptions on which she bases her views. I'm not going into the maths myself - the very prospect brings on a migrainey feeling! But it seems a bit dodgy.

Having said that, I agree with the other members here who point out that the vaccine statistics have been inflated. The idea that 'the world has been vaccinated' is far far from the truth. I know personally of a number of people who said 'no', but are not 'members of the resistance' or anything. Probably even wore masks, but smelt a very smelly rat when it comes to the shots, and quietly get on with their life under the radar.

In the UK, a 'chief govnt adviser' said there were 5 million people unvaccinated (subliminal message 'you are a tiny minority if you've missed out so far, the naughty 10%. You don't want to be different, do you, to stand out from the crowd, from all your friends and family who've had it.' The Daily Expose recently ran a report demonstrating that this was completely untrue, the figure was more like 19 million. So it's a psyop.       

I suspect they have realised that the refuseniks aren't going to have the shot whatever threats and coercion they try - I mean, they've tried pretty hard, and just ended up with a bunch of folk who would rather die than have the shot -, so best to move on with whatever they've got.

I don't think I've added anything new to the discussion here, but anyway.... x

#21 Re: English Forum » Dear forum members and visitors » 2022-04-28 07:45:53

I agree too! If a thread becomes a head-bashing exercise, or begins to smack of intellectual one-upmanship, I'll generally let it go. I like Eldon's suggestions about specific video threads made into more of a standard feature of the forum. It might help to bring more shape to the currently rather sprawling nature of the forum. It's good to hear from some of the 'not-very-frequent posters anymore', to see what they're up to. Greetings Bigfeet and Eldon!

#22 Re: English Forum » Dear forum members and visitors » 2022-04-27 12:19:32

Yes, I really like your posts, Dablin and Dark Owl. Partly the content, but just as importantly the tone of them. Constructive and appreciative. I have only one reservation: I'd really like to know about the channeller Joe Bloggs! Ha Ha!

The wiki /reference system, or sub-forums, would be a help to negotiate the info that has accumulated on the forum. There are many times when there's something I looked at a few days ago, then wish to revisit, but spend ages trying to find it (OK, I know: get yourself organised, WideEyes....). The Lisa Renee site is a good example, and David Icke's forum, which receives a monster number of posts good, bad, ugly, is also useable because of the system in place.

Two things I try to bear in mind. Firstly, of course there will be imperfections, mistakes. This is the human world, folks, not an angelic heaven. But on balance I find the forum a fantastic place. And secondly, when people complain about this or get disgruntled about that: we are all here out of the 'grace' of Gosia. She set up the forum, none of us would be in contact if she hadn't bothered. If she said 'They're all too much of a headache, I really can't be bothered' that would be her choice. I certainly hope she never does that, but there is a lot of love involved in what Gosia does, including the forum, and I hope any dislikes about this place may be tempered by this recognition.

#23 Re: English Forum » Religion: Enslavement? » 2022-04-26 22:04:28

DigitalCowboy wrote:

From the best that i can find online/books, is that Religion (it's the same as banking) was startin in 225 ish AD, to enslave the humans.  Has no other real purpose.  Does anyone innerstand or agree?

Yes, from what I innerstand, this date is more-or-less the time when the christian branch of mind control or enslavement began. It's as if the matrix control over (most of) the population, which had been in existence for quite some time, began to get thicker and heavier from that time on. The topic of religion as mind control of the masses is discussed in quite a few videos. You could use the search function to find some of the references. And we can contrast 'organised religion' with 'genuine spirituality', which is the route out of the slavery.

#24 Re: English Forum » Dear forum members and visitors » 2022-04-26 08:53:17

Greetings, Dark Owl, from the other side of this potato-shaped planet! I think your initiative is a good one. I just have a few thoughts...

First up, I greatly appreciate this forum. It feels like it's my 'spiritual community' if I have one. Though I know some more 'awake' folk near to where I live, many of them don't have anywhere near the whole picture - there are things that can be said easily here that are off the radar for most humans. Here, the 'esoteric' is the norm, and I love that.

I can echo much of what Mr Yang says about this place. I personally have no problem with the bans, but I think it can be difficult, and even discourage, some folk who are newer to this place. As Gosia patiently points out, most of the bans are of an extraordinarily extended family of lukalikes. When you've been active on the forum for a while, you get to spot them pretty early on, and have a 'here we go again' mental event, before getting on with the rest of your life. I feel that it is a problem, however, possibly deterring more people from involving themselves in this place. There seems a recurrent confusion about the difference between 'banning' ('this is not appropriate for this forum, go and say it somewhere else') and 'censorship' (you are not allowed to say this, and we want to eradicate this notion from the collective unconscious, and we will punish you if you don't shut up').

I too would be interested to hear what some of those who are now quiet have to say - their reasons. There are some excellent beings who are silent, but some at least are still very much into the CA info: they may comment on telegram, or YT, for example, I've seen them!

Tigerhawk's suggestions about a 'lighter-hearted' or more introductory section are worth considering, I feel. Especially as the forum has been in existence for a while now, there are some members who are completely at home with the deeper and weirder topics, and it may appear a bit daunting to some people who want to participate. For some, it's a big step, I guess.

As for avatars, I'm with Tigerhawk again. Mine might crash the whole site....!  xx

#25 Re: English Forum » The Health Sphere » 2022-04-26 08:32:32

Edith_S wrote:
07wideeyes wrote:
Genoveva wrote:

For the most painful areas, place two powerful magnets with the north pole towards your skin. It is recommended to use a plasture to fix a magnet on the skin, but this is not very practical. A better method for keeping the magnet over the affected area would be to sandwich the two magnets on the clothing, in the desired position (the magnets would have the fabric of the shirt between them). When the pain subsides in that spot, you move the magnets in the next painful spot, and so on. Each magnet should be of minimum 1000 milligauss. Although there are too few sources of info about the magnet therapy, it would be helpful to do some research in order to understand what this is about.

A miraculous remedy for arthritis is the root of tamus (Dioscorea Communis). The fact that search engines do not find relevant info about this plant, indicates to me that it is the enemy number one of the zombification toxicity that is implemented by the cabal. My guess is that it's more efficient than the cannabinoids. It is said that it's poisonous and that it should only be used on the skin. Even so, when used externally, it is still highly efficient.

I know next-to nothing about magnet therapy. However, I have an hour-long introductory consultation or whatever with a practitioner this coming weekend, to find out more. If I have anything worth reporting, I'll do so next week!

HI 07wideeyes,  here you can find info about treatments with magnets and pulsed magnetic fields

Thanks! I'll have a look when I've got through my current backlog of things to do (I proceed slowly....). Especially since my magnet therapy session's got postponed!

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