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#1 Re: English Forum » The Forum's Multi-Density Jukebox ♫ ♫♪ ♫ ♫♪♪ ♪ » 2023-01-28 12:01:41

Today's selection i'd like to dedicate to Release. A good soundquality headset for immersion works wonders.

Hard to choose a favourite from this lady, but today i picked : Oceans

As the sun interacts with ocean, it unlocks a : Sea of Vapours

Rising above whatever wounds released, you observe over the : Fault Lines

Rising further, a gem i came across that generates some bliss, concluding : Theta Binaural Beats

#2 Re: English Forum » Changes in the world - News » 2023-01-28 10:40:00

Phreakazoid Pfizer CEO Goes BERSERK When Confronted by Project Veritas Over HIS OWN Claims About Virus Mutation Research And Vaccine Profit : Link Contains all video footage

Edit : forgot to mention language selection top right.

#3 Re: English Forum » Neptune, Ceres, and other planets - Solar System - Swaruu of Erra » 2023-01-28 08:55:23

I find myself deviating with the shared attraction many have about 'the stars'.
It is something that remains on a casual level on one hand, most likely because it is so far from my personal sphere of interaction.
Hardly ever look at them, because most of times i just can't see them in this cloudy country or sleeping through the nights when they are more visible. I feel more drawn to the astrological side than the astronomical one. And even that seems like an insurmountable study to sink my teeth in. Time is another limiting factor in to where i should devote it to.

So i watch these series, yet not much sticks to me. I know near to nothing about it and the raw data approach doesn't linger.
So much to learn still, and regarding the cosmos i haven't fully catched the thrill of exploring it from the 3D pov science.
When qualities in influence are attached to it, it feels more something to associate with. I guess in this day and age the relevance is missing personally. Although i've always been a space sci-fy fan in that regard, the lack of real interaction in a physical sense tends to hold it at an infancy level.

Not sure what to do with this series, but to put them on a shelve ... for now.

#4 Re: English Forum » Mari Swaruu: Why Minecraft, Pool Area and Main Garden (English) » 2023-01-28 00:46:48

Even tho it is minecraft, i do can appreciate the artistic vibe they brought creating it, showing your card.
There is that 'zone' you enter when building, the inspiration with any type of art.

And it brings a sense of accomplishment when you dot the proverbial i, nuancing it with details.
I can imagine the fun the group effort shared with eachother, and Yahzi's trolling, funny winds in the sails.

Perhaps a last message, with respect for the temporary value for 'rules' and learning,
there's a time for everything, lets not get too stoic so we can keep the flame burning : Let the children Play

#5 Re: English Forum » Canine Races? » 2023-01-27 09:22:57

Lyran wrote:

My friend, that channel has interviews with members of ASHTAR Command........
And channeling "Jesus"

I did not brought those to the foreground, now have i.
I listen to the words, the message, wether or not the Swaruu's have other pov's on the form of messenger, i don't care.
Taking everything in consideration, i LISTEN and make my own decisions, thank you.
Do not mistake me for a fanboy for anyone or another, that is not how i roll.

#6 Re: English Forum » Canine Races? » 2023-01-27 09:05:37

Sunflower wrote:

I am very interested to find out about canine races. I imagine there are these races but I haven't heard anyone talk about them. I've heard of wolfman and others on earth. I'm interested to find out about those races on other planets or stars. Have the Teyetans talked about them? I did several searches on the youtube channel, but nothing came up. Thanks!

As you requested, i can provide some good interviews :


These are obviously not from Cosmic Agency or anything Taygetean or Swaruu source-related, but in my crossings of whatever comes on my path, this channelers work became of interest. He has more on his tube channel, other races and representatives. His connection to SSP comes in to play and his relation to K9 races. But the most qualitive channelings has to be those with the being called "Kal". At least, that's my pov. Enjoy!

#7 Re: English Forum » Changes in the world - News » 2023-01-27 08:27:50

Edith_S wrote:

Good news for New Zealand ! … ton-m.html

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced a sudden resignation from office. Why now? Is it because the writing was on the wall or is there something else? A shoe about to drop? We go through how she went from media darling to globalist cautionary tale.

Making room for another : … ineerden/# (choose language translation on top)


Scott Summers wrote:

The Cabal is retreating to regroup. Then they’ll be back ‘in the near future’.

“Davos2023... they say it to your face: we must establish a new world order.

They acknowledge that they may not be able to establish a NWO at this time due to "hyper-partisan and polarized" times, but hope to be able to establish one in the near future.”

Along that line, one of their hot topics : … emonitord/ (choose language translation on top)


And as it has become a story in the background, almost forgotten, yet links up quite obviously: … ekentenis/ (choose language translation on top)

in addition, some older but directly related: … -pandemie/ (choose language translation on top)

#10 Re: English Forum » Mari Swaruu: The portals we all make, prelude (English) » 2023-01-16 23:49:59

Jupiter wrote:

They have been throwing that AI accusation for 4/5 years now, and Gosia has been doing the voice over and wasn't using a text-to-speech voice. Mari has been using a text-to-speech voice for only a few weeks. They believe there is AI behind this contact(movement is not the right word) most likely because this information creates cognitive dissonance in them and they are not ready to face the truths being shared, so they get on board the AI narrative so they can stay in denial and not have to face the painful red pill truths.

Yes, i know. My point was towards their judgement of the form, 'judging the book by its cover'.
Originally they tripped over the means of transmission, namely the earth tech chat program.
That is what made them miss the words, not even paying attention to them. Presumption.
I fear this new 'method' isn't making this any better in terms of getting ppl past that gate, that's why i said what i said.
I still stand behind listening to computervoices.
Doesn't mix organicly for me and if the goal is to bring knowledge to the people i see it only thickening more of the presumptions and closing of minds willing to listen.

#11 Re: English Forum » Mari Swaruu: The portals we all make, prelude (English) » 2023-01-16 21:38:28

Prefering the texts over the video, sorry to say. The monotonic narrator ... sucks. There, i said it.
It is unnatural, tries to mimic intonation but fails at it, lacks emphasis pauzes, lacks the reverberation of personality and intimicy.
It sounds artificial because it is AI. It can not mimic the genuine range of emotionality.

I can appreciate the work in creating the video's, the creative effort, yet reading it still gets the overhand in this matter.
It even sends out a fallacy towards the content of the words spoken, the essence of the message.
It matters, quite litterally, that both needs to be in synchronistic appliance. The "gravity" or magnetism qualifies with both inspiration and expression.
No wonder why many think this movement is being 'duped' by an AI.

Not seeking to burn the work down here, mind me, i need to say this in all honesty as i do NOT want to lie to myself and others.
We all work hard in our own lives, no matter wich form it applies to, here on earth's physicality. Well, perhaps some more than others. If for anything, this attempt at anonimity or bypassing GF regulations, might be better achieved in written format all together. The reader then applies its own attention and imagination allready in execution in the moment.

Regarding the content of this perticular prelude i might report that this is ... good repetion, for i came across it before. But that is ok , because it will always be new to another, and therefor of deep importance. And sometimes i learn something new aswell. Always nice to hear someones perspectives that align, as she mentions. And for that my gratitude smile
I'd like to see the topic of "Portals" expanded in its many meanings in forms of expression, microscopicly and macroscopicly, further.

Yes, please !

#12 Re: English Forum » The Forum's Multi-Density Jukebox ♫ ♫♪ ♫ ♫♪♪ ♪ » 2023-01-15 12:55:59

A couple of musical journeys, as i would call them, full albums in the form of playlists.
Taking you through all sorts of emotion-realms with a fusion of Rock and roll and Latin American jazz from Santana and a mix of
psychedelic rock, progressive rock, space rock, jazz fusion, electronic music, dub music, world music, and ambient music from Ozric.

Carlos Santana : Caravanserai

Ozric Tentacles : Erpland

#13 Re: English Forum » MED PODS » 2023-01-11 20:46:01

StarDeity wrote:

I wish I could live long enough to see the day ETs make themselves known publicly and that we can make "official contact" with them...
I wish I could meet them...
I wish I could live long enough to see the technologies that could help humanity heal and live longer too..

I wish I could live as long as they can too...

This all adds to the 'existential crisis' I am experiencing...

sigh.. u__u

Give it a good cry and let it loose, i'd say.
I've long accepted this is a pipedream. Won't be around to see it either.
Better to see at what you have today, glass half full way.
Dwelling in the past or the future makes you miss the present.
So , gather yourself up again, sis. <3

#14 Re: English Forum » From Pleiades To Earth - Experience Of An ET - Aneeka - NO VIDEO » 2023-01-10 12:13:59

Yankee wrote:

This among other talks is valuable to convey that the higher vibration does not solve all problems and make everything great. The exaggerated idea that they're pure love and light does get tossed around a lot. I liken it to how when I meditate, even though some things are better in that state or added, I don't feel weird, I feel like it's normal and don't notice a big difference until I lose it and am back more in 3D and remember how different it was. Perhaps the word "ascension" is causing a misunderstanding.

This comes around to the assumption that one is either/or , wich is the opposit of the notion of balance.
It is that projected idea that 'the beast inside' needs to be exterminated, rather than cultivated and mastered.

Bashar (the Sassani) said it simplified and beautifully : "It is never this OR that, but always this AND that"

With that he explains that for example that, as you grow in awareness, you see more of everything. Both love & light AND the darkness and lack. Yet with the path on self mastery you get to gain the clarity in order to choose your action.
The ascending means that higher vibrations expands the reach of ones capacity and vision. Responsabilities grow along with.

"With great power comes great responsability."

Darkness hold great potential to invoke power, yet if focussed in a unresponsible manner, it will self-destruct eventually.
Light holds great potential power, yet if focussed in an unresponsible way, it too will reach a ceiling of lethargy and self-destruct.
Therefor there is a new understanding of unification of both that work balanced in harmonious ways, in the moment appropriately, on how the balance is to be 'adjusted'.

Good and bad can have expanded concepts this way, along with other words that hold such concepts.
Everything expands and then transcends, unifies. That is the principle of movement in what some call "the cosmic egg".
The result or reward is greater consiousness. I hope i made the gist of the meaning somewhat clear.

So it's not the word that causes misunderstanding, its interpretation of the mechanic is.

#15 Re: English Forum » The Forum's Multi-Density Jukebox ♫ ♫♪ ♫ ♫♪♪ ♪ » 2023-01-10 07:33:46

Loved that bunch from Paul Izac, Lyran.
Thanks smile

Morning winter Qi gong session accompanied with the sweetest melody :
Shaolin Qi Gong with Shi Heng Yi

#17 Re: English Forum » Mari Swaruu: Extra-terrestrials living among you, video 2 » 2023-01-09 18:51:59

That's allright, let yr imagination fly for a while, hahahah.
I would almost ask, what have you been smokin' , it reminds me of mindtravel times back-in-the-day.

#18 Re: English Forum » Mari Swaruu: Extra-terrestrials living among you, video 2 » 2023-01-09 16:14:22

The mental picture of her interaction with other kids bursted a good laughing to me.
Trying to impress each other by the size/nature of their parents vehicle and then met with envy and disbelief,  lol.
That's spontaneous childlike honesty is adorable and i can picture such encounters and have a good chuckle.

Nevertheless , the culture clash for young ones having a leg in both worlds is recognisable even amongst earthlings aswell.
At these ages the adaptability of young minds is very malueble and open to absorb everything, except martial arts with 'elders' , lol.
I mean, we can see these behaviours within our own societies (yes multiple).

I remember, when going on youth camps, how the meetings with kids from all over the country with the same language yet different dialects were met with flexibility and spontaneously adapt & adopt each others tonality, forming our own little collective with likes and dislikes, friends and no-so-much friends. After 14 days of interaction i talked differently allready.

In her case the uniqueness made the gap somewhat larger, but i'm sure she made some friendships along the way.
In any case this is a nice tale of an almost nomadic story, the psychology of growing up amongst said circumstances, i'd agree it would fit a good Sci-Fy movie. And i do love the genre.

Now i see Gosia mentioning all this happened on a different timeline ... wich begs the question :
Why are we seeing a convergence of many Swaruu's in this timeline ? What's so special about this one that made them flock together here ? And come to think of it, if their ship navigation uses non-locality frequency jumping, how does that relate to 'timelines' in general ? I suppose the cropcircle topic comes in to play here in terms of timeline navigation.

#19 Re: English Forum » Tarot, readings, crystal pendulums » 2023-01-04 13:27:00

These practitioners can be accurate  or not, or even frauds.
It sort of depends on your own choosing who you think are best.
I wouldn't call them new age tools by origin, they do have deep rooted valueble use and insights they can provide.
I'm not sure about the pendulum value other than that they can provide a 'yes or no' answer to questions.
The mechanics eventually refer to translating ones own energy status within the moment.
Revealing patterns of the flow, extensively described wich then create the story of past, present and possibles and probables of futures.
Many (good) tarot readers have a connection to the oversight of higher self and/or spirit guides that help in the process inspiring the readers intuition. It is not only used for 'oracle' service to others, but also a tool for the reader themselves sharpening their insights skills. I do respect tarot and other like creations. But it is prone to deception like anything.

#20 Re: English Forum » Mari Swaruu: Yazhi and child’s play (English) » 2023-01-03 04:23:28

Scott Summers wrote:

Bigfeet_E, your ideas are cool. Maybe you should instead launch your own YouTube channel, implement them... and see how the response (if any) goes.

I do understand why children would like the playtool minecraft provides, and personally i feel the funfactor of building with blocks since my own childhood. It was pretty much my only toy i can remember from  early age, a box of wooden blocks.
That first indie game i mentioned is much the same, building with all sorts of shapes of blocks, yet adds a more pleasing-to-the-eyes factor, adding more components to the mix aswell, painting and texturing amongst them.
I used to spend hours designing, think i clocked around 5000 or so, mostly building.

As for having my own YT channel, everone that is able to subscribe has to create one by default. I just don't feel inclined to be a video content creator in any shape or form, by any means. Don't even own any type of camera for decades.
But to give a couple visual presentations of older builds i made with EGS, i used to be part of a builder community that showcases monthly build challenges.(example 1 set it to 1080p , and 2) Consider myself as an average builder, as there are way better artists.(3)
Anyway, defo an upgrade to minecraft in terms of creative possibilities.  Wich still falls flat to that second building game.(4)

Can't say i never secretly wished to be able to build a representation of the Toleka or Suzy for that matter.
But i guess those pesky GF rules would prevent such 'disclosure' yet again.


Coming back to Yahzi's story, i can relate to a slight level. She has to deal with fullblown memories of 'older' self stories.
For us we can relate to its energetic pattern we carry over. Not to long ago i ordered a read from a channeler, who gave me brief summeration of lives from over 10K years ago, give or take, describing many things i recognise today.

Listening to the story above the major thing seems to be 'attachements' that still linger on an emotional level.
I suppose vivid memories can stir these back up way more easely.

#21 Re: English Forum » Mari Swaruu: Yazhi and child’s play (English) » 2023-01-02 18:30:43

A small anecdote of story. The computervoice as narrator doesn't do it for me in terms of storytelling.
A mismatch of trying to implement emotion with a digitized version doesn't fit.
Together with minecraft visuals makes it a bit cringe aswell. I'm sure she means well and all, the execution feels a bit meh.
Not sure how she could replace the narrator voice, perhaps Toleka's AI could be of help there.
And for the visuals i might recommend some more interesting earth building games out there,
for example Empyrion:Galactic Survival or even better Dual Universe for higher res quality, she might even like it nevertheless.

If forgetting is the goal for Yahzi through play, it seems that there is an inner conflict underneath the surface brooming ?
Perhaps i'm projecting much here, but the condition we humans undergo of the veil of unknowing is sort of a blessing in disguise.
On the one hand the statement "ignorance is bliss" has its positive effect values, yet on the other it harbors profound limitation.
I can only imagine what this could mean for a mind experience such as Yahzi's. I can also imagine this isn't such a big deal and is able to handle it within her own capacities quite succinctly, given the scope she has under her proverbial belt. I wonder how the path of mastery has even more in store for her.

#22 Re: English Forum » Mari Swaruu: Taygetan spherical drones » 2022-12-31 13:34:52

Happy wrote:

Anatomy of a Taygetan spherical drone

Taygetans use three main kinds of drones; all are spheres and they vary only in size and capacity.

The smaller ones are hand-held and are usually used by an operator on a field for situational awareness of a 'special-ops team', in human terms.

They are used by ground personnel and are the approximate size of a baseball, although some can be as large as a basketball.

Mari Swaruu

Reminds me of the series of Stargate Universe where they find a small drone on board of the "Destiny" , wich they called the Kino.
Really enjoyed that series, best of all stargate series in my book.

#23 Re: English Forum » Mari Swaruu: Important thoughts after 5 years of contact (English) » 2022-12-26 16:04:57

Taking up the role of a teacher, a tudor, a knowledge sharer isn't an easy task. Many factors and realisations of self acomplishments are required to fill such a space. A teacher needs to know that it is a student still, for starters. For one can only become a teacher after having lived it and grown from the bottom up themselves through trial and error. Besides the passion, fueling its determination, there are several other basics to found upon. And it is closely related to ones own skill of tapping in to the knowledge-pool that is Source.

By knowledge i don't only mean of having a notion of it on a mind level, especially when dealing with it on a 3rd to 4th density vibratory realm, wich is the earth condition we percieve on default by incarnating within this Ma-trix. It is to be lived, experienced, tested and succeeded by trial in order to earn the laurel of achievement, before we can Act-ually call it knowledge. Hence the call for 'proof' many demand for on a side note, wich is in many cases misunderstood. Rooted in an out-of-context belief, yet combined with the need for self preservation (or survival mindset as Mari calls it). Fact or proof becomes when the experience is lived by the participant themselves. And then still higher pov's can change the previous results.

Mother Earth, as an intermediate so to speak, holds great knowledge in what some call the Akaschic Records. And we, as tennants or children of Her, are linked with it through our ancestral lineages on the one hand, along with our 'previous' lifetimes experienced in other realms. And i think that lies in line with what Mari was getting at here.

But there is always a common denomenator to be found the deeper you dive or the higher consiousness rises, wich is to say exactly the same. Because in that respect there are many levels of Earth being One at the same time. Important here is to recognise the qualities of our tether, our root connection in this subtle system with that of our own. Personally i feel well described by the studies of human's subtle body, the chakras as the information was bestowed on my path through teachings of Sahaja Yoga. Amongst the numerous others i could say, as Earth has been seeded with many high quality knowledge. Many bridges can be drawn throughout the ages and cultures in all sorts of patterns.

Anyway, the point here is that all the qualities of the harmonic aspects of the higher chakras within the range of the human presence are depended on the strength or stability of the lower ones. Pretty much like the structural integrity of a house for comparison. In terms of an organism way more complex of course. The balance in everything is depended on its foundation.

As a teacher it is important to abide by the approach of souvereignty, that each student picks up the reigns of responsability of their own growth. Ask any form of parent how difficult this task can be. The master is the student of tudoring along the way.
In many traditions it is found that the teacher chooses the student as much as the student chooses the master.
The task involves alot of patience, love, nurturing, discipline, scrutiny, respect, guidance, and then some ...

I can only applaud those that cary the burden of such dedication. Many of us students are at the stage as a flock of squeecky beaks in the nest pointing their needs towards mother bird. Others are trying out their wings for the first time following the lead of father bird, manouvering, getting provisions and the lot. In terms of humans the complexity expands in all directions. And now the treshhold of current collective level humanity reaching out to the water of the Aethers expands exponentially.

So let us all individually take account to the relevance of our own journey at that moment in time, seek and honor the teachers we meet in any shape or form, and remind ourselves there are numerous ways to climb the same mountain, so to speak. Look at what is been given and give what has been taken to those that are asking. Seek balance in everything and let loose in what you can not change. The collective changes through the individuals, not the other way around.

My god, i've been yapping at this far too long now, although alot more could have been said, haaahahahah.

Thank you Mari , an appropriate name btw (Mar = ocean).
Thank you Yahzi, Athena, ... Swaruu lineage.
Thank you Taygeteans, for being who you are.

Signing off, Bigfeet.

#24 Re: English Forum » Happy holidays! » 2022-12-25 12:03:55

Jupiter wrote:

Thanks a lot Bigfeet, you had to go and be a party pooper. Why couldn't you just let me forget and be a normie for a second?

Now that was the opposit of my intent.
I just mention a preference of focus towards the nature of an internal celebration that is part of winter solstice.
The part that is Light, as it is originated in germanic 'pagan traditions' from northern hemisphere.
A time of the longest night and the shortest day, especially the more north you go. As a preparation of harsher external conditions, less external Sun-light and the natural sequence focus on the internal sun-light.

People brought a tree in their homes to honor the spirit of Ygdrassill, the tree of life. They came together in the warmed houses and exchanged presents and sustenance and rekindling kinship. Pretty much the actual origin as to what we see it has become today. On a personal level it means a time of healing towards wholeness, slowing down, time off from the over-pressure countered by de-pressure. More like saying to balance it out. Not to sink in to depression of hopelessness, wich is a possible side-effect if one doesn't know what they're doing, hence the healing.

Now this kinship is also both external and internal, i merely focus on the last one, wich is closest to our origin. There's much happiness there aswell if one hasn't much kinship external to celebrate with. Both are interwined anyway. What does the tree in the forest experience this time ? They look like hibernating, but the action on the inside is very much alive in the network of the forest, just more on the astral plane if you want to call it. That is their nature that doesn't differ as much as our own. Looks are decieving.

Being a warrior, a light warrior, a warrior of heart means many things. Not looking for war, but prepared for its appearance. Creating a good balance between motion and rest, internal and external, above and below, light and dark, and so on ... always needs that key to its unity. So the old feast of 'Yule' is nothing else than other celebrations on multiple levels. Traditions have more value if we know Why we celebrate, otherwise i feel they have lost their purpose, place and consequently positive effect.

So its all about the energetics below the surface, and if it pleases you i'll wish you all good blessings and Wholy-days !
Just re-member who you are, Light warrior wink

#25 Re: English Forum » Happy holidays! » 2022-12-24 12:05:27

I hear you , Happy.

Yet we can not discard duality from the wholeness of the subtle system. It is part of the structure to begin with.
Just as much our bodies are part of self. To rephrase it like Bashar: It is never this Or that, yet always this And that.
Without this structure there is no motion, e(nergy)-motion, ex-pansion, ex-pression.
The only opposition remains from the falsehoods, the harbinger of those detrimental effects you spoke off.

Of course i do understand the action of choise each individual deems best for themselves.
And if any collectiveness is to be found, it lies with-in each choise of action or non-action (wei wu) as Lao tsé preached like.

The assosiation of the very word "holidays" allready reverberates its distortion, people ask me what i'm 'doing' at this time.
As i respond my plan to do nothing, they feel distanced as i don't reflect their choise of action, that is ok.
I make my own tradition according like a tree in the forest midwinter. That is what is relevant for me and rekindling my own connection within the cycle of the seasons.

So don't mistake my apparantly de-pression make it seem as an act of dispair, for it is just part of the process.
The idea of upbeat all the time is part of the problem that leads to imbalance. Therefor i see duality as part of unity, and the assosiation of the word only holds more perspectives than the downward one. Just like a digital displayed soundwave bends up & down from its center.

Still, the world as a collective is in a imbalanced motion, and so i reflect, dissect, recluse, diffuse. Rough seas ahead.
Instead of merry wishes i choose to sit by the bell like the monk in the 2012 movie.

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