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#2 Re: English Forum » Swaruu Oficial [sic] youtube channel » 2022-12-12 16:18:54

ro2778 wrote:

I don't know why I was suddenly subscribed to this channel on YT

It claims to be Marie Swaruu, going direct. I have a hard time believing it, but just making the community aware! And to see if anyone else was subscribed to this channel? I feel like the AI took a bunch of CA subscribers and dumped us there. Also, dunno why they called themselves Taygetians... cabal games definitely seems the most likely!

It's real my friend, Gosia should confirm it soon. I already found her confirmation on the Spanish Forum, you can search for it.

#3 English Forum » Clarifications on the situation in orbit and on Earth. » 2022-10-15 21:28:27

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I know we have much more to hear from Yazhi, but since it's been two weeks (ish) since she got back in contact, I wanted to pose some questions that I think can be answered by Gosia one way or another.

In the live announcing that the contact was back on, it was said that the Federation has made contact rules stricter because things are getting worse on Earth (paraphrasing), is that the only reason? Then why make things stricter because of that reason? Why now? This seems strange to me.

Yazhi has said she doesn't see much happening on Earth currently other than the economy worsening (I'm sure she is aware of the ongoing injection damage), then why all the commotion from the Federation when things have quietened down?

This is suspicious to me, like it's the quiet before the storm and the Federation knows something is about to go down on Earth in the near future.

If you get the chance Gosia, I know you have had about a million questions put forward, but I'd be curious to know what Yazhi or any of the team thinks about the CSRQ whistle-blower info. I disagree with some of their key points and Christian undertones, but I feel like the whistle-blower part could be legit. They say the financial collapse and reset is coming by next year, which could explain why the Federation is acting like this, they know the Earth is going to go through a major shift in how it operates.

PS. I am in a news blackout and blackout of anything to do with cabal agendas, my only source is Yazhi and what she passes on. I'm tired of the noise out there and even though I want the positive outcome, I am at peace with whatever happens, all they can do is kill ya folks. I wanted to inquire about this since the contact is back and I had some curiosities lingering.

#4 English Forum » Selfhood, individuality and uniqueness. » 2022-05-24 11:24:50

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Integration is what our friends in the orbit teach us. To see all as valid, even if they seem contradictory on the surface. This takes an open mind, to see many different perspectives at the same time. To do this is loosen our grasp of self that we cling to so strongly. Not to surrender it completely, but to honour our individuality and uniqueness while knowing that our sense of self is ever evolving and growing and morphing with our experiences. I see self love as paramount on the path of Integration. Shadow work, following your bliss, empowering yourself, having self esteem and self respect, all this and more makes up a person that is whole and strives for wholeness within themselves.

I also see that we have different tastes and preferences and we all are on different journey's, because we have all had different pasts. That is what makes us unique. This is what makes Earth so intense. The matrix, the lies, the amalgamation of different races and past lifes all converging, trying to fulfill our incarnations, to find personal truth in a world of lies.

I believe like Yazhi does, that the true value of this incarnation is not in whether we win or lose in this war for our survival on this planet, for the human being with as we know it. It is not about that. It is about our inner experience as we fight our personal fights, which are all unique to each person. It is about the journey of integration and self love and connection with life itself, with nature, with other human beings, with animals, and with our imagination, our shadows and darker parts we dare look at.

Facing our fears and living our bliss, becoming authentic and true to ourselves in a world of lies and insanity is the true mission. Every other mission is secondary. Even our survival is secondary, because our body will die while our ideas and experiences and trauma's are part of us and are taken with us.

Empathy is the true test of this life, with empathy we understand ourselves and others and no longer fight for our own beliefs and ideas so strongly, we realise we are all where we are meant to be and honour that. We offer our ideas but we do not get lost in arguments of what is true or false, because that is not for us to dictate to anyone.

I write this to clarify my own feelings, it is no doctrine or announcement of authority, I struggle myself, I get confused and lost, i feel powerless, but I follow the trail of personal truth as best I can and with open mind, knowing there is much more for me to learn and integrate...for eternity. That's the fun of it. So I ask people to only consider that the focus should be inward and on meeting the needs of this incarnation, instead of being lost in the drama going on today, because that will pass and you will endure.

My questions for myself and to you is, if I knew I would die in a week's time, how would I live my life for my last week on earth? What would my priorities be? Would all the matrix BS matter? Would my survival matter? Would quality of life matter? Would inner peace and inner bliss, wholeness matter? Or false hope and speculation of what is to come, saviours and everything ending in peace and rainbows,  or with dystopia, dread and powerlessness? I know I wouldn't care about any of that, I'd life for today, knowing anything can happen, and I will endure. No hope necessary, no dread, just simultaneous detachment and also total presence for life, in the moment. That's the idea anyway lol, work in progress, something to strive for that feels right for me personally. I respect everyone else's philosophy's and approaches, because I am not you and you are not me, while the opposite is also true lol.

Rohan out!

#5 Re: English Forum » Exopolitics with Alenym of Temmer » 2022-05-06 13:46:47

I'm glad you'll continue and that you still feel the spark. I agree, it's important that it's shared, too profound not to be. It for sure has been seeded, it's left an imprint on humanity whether they know it or not! The legacy is there, filtering into the collective unconscious, through those that listened, and just by existing. That's my take anyway.

#6 Re: English Forum » Exopolitics with Alenym of Temmer » 2022-05-05 20:08:41

Gosia, sacrificing your peace and joy isn't worth it. I love this contact. It's not been easy that's for sure. Worth it though, the truth is always worth it. It's opened my eyes and I'm so grateful.

It all comes down to our personal truths. Fighting the good fight as best we can in whatever way we can, or detaching from it all and only ensuring that we leave here as the beings we want to be, taking those ideas part of us that we desire to experience as ourselves. Knowing our time here was well spent and that it enriched us and our cosmic identity.
There's no right or wrong here. I've looked at the situation we find ourselves in and personally, I will only do that which I feel is worth it. If something starts weighing me down and I'm in self sacrifice mode, time to call it quits. I only want to enjoy the time I have left and do my best to heal, integrate and expand so that I leave behind the pains and limitations of this incarnation, those are not ideas I want to take with me.

The collective drama, I don't want to be involved in it anymore. Earth is as it's supposed to be in my opinion, I don't agree with it, but I'm done fighting against the reality. Let's take care of ourselves and do what we feel is best for our own joy and fulfilment and take it from there, without the pressure of martyrdom. I feel like all of this can get very serious, and that's valid. There are so many lies and so much suffering as a result of those lies. But are we really doing ourselves or those we want to help any favours by getting lost in that nightmare?

The antidote is always what we bring to the table as individuals, this is our dream, so let's make it a beautiful one, no matter what crap is going on in the fake ass matrix, we endure, for eternity, so let's not forget that. Victimhood is valid but let's create art with it and not dwell in it. Let's go inwards instead of pointing the finger. Let's go out in style with light hearts, letting the pain of this mess move through us and thanking it greatly for the contrast it has provided us.

These are words of motivation for myself too, kind of turned into a poem lol. I just want us all to lighten our loads. What we focus on shapes our minds, paraphrasing Yazhi, I think! Rohan out!

#8 Re: English Forum » Introductions / greetings » 2022-02-12 15:50:55

Hi to everyone,

I'll keep this intro short. I've been following the contact since the beginning of the English channel, recently I've dived into the threads here and have been observing for a while. Happy to be here and to connect with you all. I would change my username but I would have to create a new account, just after putting the finishing touches on my profile. So I'll say to Robert369, I noticed how similar our usernames are! I'll embrace that we are 12 base math bro's and leave it at that lol.

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